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Dr.Shweta Prakash Kukreja

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Dr.Shweta Prakash Kukreja

Abstract Inspirational Others

My Gender, My Choice

My Gender, My Choice

2 mins 232 2 mins 232

"Oh mumma!how severely I hate being a girl. I wish I could change my gender. "cried Aeshna clutching her abdomen.

"Really?Do you wish to be boy?"I chuckled.

"Please mumma, don't make fun. It is not possible. You very well what people consider those who intensionally change their sex. "Aeshna said holding water bag close to her belly.

"Have you ever thought why do they transform themselves?Come I will tell you something. "I flutteted my fingers through her hair as she rested her head on my lap.

"It was my first trimester when I was travelling in metro. I saw this girl with male features. She noticed me staring her. She got up and sat besides me.

"Which month going on?" She asked

"Third month completed. "I said shyly.

"What do you want boy or girl?"she winked.

"I don't know, it's not our choice. It's HIS wish. "

"So true. But what if your child is not happy being a girl or a boy?Then?"

"I know why you're saying this?"

"Oh really!Tell me. "

"I know what it feels having no gender. "I hesitated.

"Wait. I do have a gender. I'm not a transgender. I was born as a boy. But gradually I realised I love being a girl. I felt suffocated in my body. How can a specific genital decide my state of being. What's wrong if I love to apply lipstick and not shaving cream. We have one life and why to waste in being someone that you don't like. But I was considered a blackspot on masculinity. So I underwent transformation. But that too in vain. "She laughed.

"Why in vain?"I was confused.

"Well, I'm still a blackspot marginalized from the society. People consider transgender and persons like us as weeds. But even we are humans just like you. It's just I made different choices. "

"Thank you. "I said with teary eyes.


"Thank you for giving me a new vision. You are a diamond. It's our blind society that can't see the shine. "

She bent and kissed my abdomen.

" Just give her or him freedom and do understand what true happiness is for them. "she waved and stepped out.

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