Riya Jain

Abstract Crime Tragedy


Riya Jain

Abstract Crime Tragedy



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What is feminism?

The belief that women should be treated equally as men are termed as feminism. Don't worry, I googled it and that left me thinking, will it always be considered as a belief, a myth or more like a mission impossible?

Will it ever become true?

According to me, I don't really think that we need to have separate words just to understand that human beings should be treated equally!

But when you come to know about a word then you start carefully observing the things around it. When I came to know about this word then I started to recall everything about my past. My birth, my birthdays, and everything that had left its traces on my memory. For a moment I felt a lack of something, a strange feeling and suddenly I was surrounded by the air of melancholy. Something had just made me feel very worse and I knew that something very well.

I knew that my parents did not wish to have a daughter, I knew that they never considered

me to be equal to their son who does not even exist. They try to compare me with their

imaginary son in everything that I do or that happens around me. It's not like they don't treat me well. It's just that the right dignity and respect that I should receive from my parents is always missed and all the credit is given to their so-called non-existing son. Whenever I think about it, a bolt of thunder and lightning struck my spine and I feel lost. This inappropriate inferiority haunts me and I am completely sick of it.

I try to divert my mind by reading books but as it is said, ''reality never changes.''

And we meet again!

Gender discrimination and I.We both share a very unique bond with each other. I get to witness all the problems faced by women.Stuff related to domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, a crime against women, insecurity, dowry deaths, female infanticide, honor killings, an insult to modesty, human trafficking, forced prostitution, sex-selective abortion, and all that shit written in my political science textbook. Sometimes I feel that why do they really have to mention all these things again and again. It's completely fine to read about it once, twice, and even thrice but the fourth time I see I get mad.

The time since I started to learn political science I have seen the same thing on every page

and every line. Every chapter in my book repeats the same thing every time which I really

cannot tolerate because it's irritating. Because it makes me think that I am small and not

worth of anything. And then after a lot of thinking, I try to imagine that day of that world

where there won't be any worries and grudges regarding human beings on the basis

of any topic possible!

That refreshing, bright and gratified sunlight of that aesthetic morning when everyone will

wake up with humbleness, modesty, and tenderness in their eyes.That morning where there won't be any kind of anguish, jealousy or agony among people.

And then I wake up from my dream with a sudden jerk. I open my eyes and hear the noise

coming from the television. No sooner did I get back to my senses than I saw the news of

 PRIYANKA REDDY playing on the Zee News channel.

And that very moment I could see my hopes and dreams getting shattered into pieces.


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