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I have always been fascinated with many things such as flying, northern lights of Alaska, nature, sky filled up with those amazing floating lights, golden color (weird, right? I know), galaxies, the universe, the milky way and most importantly......STARS.


Stars are candescent, stars are glorious, stars are wondrous, stars are magical. I know I sort of sound quite obsessed with them but the truth is that yes I am. I love the stars.

During my childhood days, I used to sit in the terrace which was right above my apartment and stare at those luminous stars. I used to talk with them for hours. They are my best friends Oh...sorry they 'were' my best friends. You don't actually see them now. The difference between now and then is just that I grew up, the stars died and my terrace key just got lost. Today, I call the stars 'cheaters' because when I was like five years old, the stars and I had promised something to each other. We kind of had made a deal and it turns out that the stars just broke the deal. I don't know what the reason is.

But actually that's not true I know...I know that it is because of that asshole light pollution which the scientists always talk about. They say that we live under light-polluted skies.

It is a so-called artificial illumination that basically overpowers the natural sky luminance and many desperate people like me have lost the ability to see the stars. Since the stars just got disappeared, I decided to peep out of my window and look at the starless sky. It looks quite dull and lifeless by the way. Today also I remember those empty promises and those unfulfilled wishes I used to ask for when I used to look at those shooting stars. They were like a good luck charm to me.

But then they also got upset and left. I felt alone. Losing the stars felt like I have lost my identity, my peace of mind and my joy of life. It felt like the sky was so beautiful with all the stars in it but then baby the darkness just kicked in. I try to explain to myself that it's gone but this shit doesn't really get out of my head. It afflicts me every time and every day.


I seriously want to relive those days, not for once but many times.

I recently just heard some news about that artificial night sky thing.

Japan wants to create fake meteorite showers, China wants a moon for street lightning and all that rubbish.

Yeh toh aisa hi ho gaya na ki kisi purane gaane ka remix bana diya ho.

Par phir bhi...phir bhi wo baat jo puraane gaano mein hai use koi bhi kabhi nahi badal sakta.

Those old songs have their own authenticity and melody.

And similarly, the stars cannot be replaced either.

I miss them and they will continue to exist in my life forever and ever and ever.

Kya hua agar aaj woh taare nahi dikhayi dete toh par woh yaade jo woh chood kar gaye hai unhe kabhi bhulaya nahi jaa sakta....

And I believe that they are still there....somewhere....hidden.

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