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There are many kinds of thoughts which always occur in our mind. Thoughts are categorized into two types that are, unwholesome thoughts and angelic thoughts. As per human tendency, our mind is always surrounded by unwholesome or wrong thoughts especially, at those times when we really want to avoid them.

Thoughts have an inherent capacity to materialize. The Buddha said, "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy  follows like a shadow that never leaves."


Our character is determined by the thoughts we think and it is our character that decides our destiny.

Thinking of angelic or good thoughts will help us to build an exemplary character.

To create a positive temper around ourselves we need to think 'positively' first.

Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones and you will start having positive results.


The biggest omission that a man does is to make wrong interpretations about himself. He thinks of himself as a devil but fails to perceive

that it is his thoughts which make him an atrocious person. Every human being is born with a seed of goodness. It is just important to nurture and nourish that seed so that it enlarges and turns into a magnificent tree, one day.


"A mind which thinks of positive thoughts is a HAPPY mind." In other words, "A mind which thinks of positive thoughts is a HAPPY and HEALTHY mind."


Our brain is considered to be one of the most fantastic creations among all the living creatures existing on Earth. Though the brain is

certainly about the size of a grapefruit, it consists of a large capacity of storage of information. This data can be stored in the brain for many years and it is inexhaustible. So, use your brain to ruminate righteous thoughts and it will

gradually lead you to a felicitous, radiant, and contented life ahead.

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