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The word 'generation' tends to be defined as: 'All the people of the about same age who live 

within a society or a family.'

In this world of rapid civilization and developing industrialization, many factors can be

considered to be responsible for creating a huge gap between the older and the younger



The generation today has achieved more edification than the previous one,

consisting of this newfangled technology ranging from the internet, smartphones, android

television sets to Machintosh computers, headsets and laptops.

The younger generation especially takes delight in making use of these comfortable aspects

available to them.

According to an estimation, most of the children of the current generation prefer using

internet connected devices for various purposes which include gaming, researching, 

studying, communicating with each other, and much more. They have limited screening

hours per day and parent controls which makes the use of the internet safe.

However, this may not be the case with everybody. Misuse of the internet takes place by opening up fake accounts on social media apps like Facebook, displaying false information and thereby teasing girls and exploiting them, mobile phone addictions, economic losses as well as

loss of concentration occurs which can prove to be extremely fatal.

However, the scenario was completely different back then


People of the older generation that is our parents had a very contrasting experience.

They always share their golden memories of the past by quoting, 'Yeh Unn Dino Ki Baat Hai' (It's a matter of those days...)

It's indeed very interesting to know more in detail about the generation that ruled before

us. Our parents who used to be kids at those days didn't have any gadgets to play with and

neither any grudges to complain about. In spite of having nothing in hand, no technology, no

refinement. They still like to regard their generation as the blessed one. Creativity, productivity, simplicity as well as love and affection from the society was their ultimate key to satisfaction.

Thus, technology is the main dividing line between yesterday and today.


India is a culture-oriented country from the very beginning itself. Our parents had a lot more

admiration and respect towards their traditions and rituals as well as a great dignity was pursued by our moral values. There was a difference in work ethic, political views, attitudes

toward different races, and religious beliefs which did not seem to do justice to everybody.

Certain modifications were also made by keeping this point in mind.

Apparently, the ancient norms and beliefs such as sati, child marriage, untouchability,

human sacrifice has been eradicated and eliminated by India which is a

good sign. The younger generation having attained better educational qualifications seem

to do their bit in creating awareness and making the right choice for the betterment of

others and themselves.

 There is a divergence in the younger as well as the older generation regarding wisdom and curiosity. The older generation gave wisdom to the younger  generation to make wise decisions whereas the younger generation gave the curiosity to the older generation of learning new things and having an open mind which very well  helped both of them to assimilate into a new era.


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