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Mother's Love Is Priceless

Mother's Love Is Priceless

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“There you go Nisha, just look on the screen beside you. There you go.” Neeta, her nurse lifted her head with her hands slowly so that she was comfortable to see the screen.

The nurse continued, “It’s looking very healthy as usual, no problems, and looks like you follow a very strict discipline and balanced diet.”

Nisha gently laughed and said, “Well I’m already 8 months pregnant. I want it to be very healthy and fine. So I take care of myself very carefully with full precaution. After all, if I’m fine, then only the baby will be fine.”

This conversation was disturbed by a knock on the door. Neeta went and opened it and a couple stood outside. Her facial expression changed and she gently closed the door and went outside giving a gesture to Nisha that she would be back in two minutes. Nisha could hear some heated argument outside, but the words were not clear to understand.

After ten minutes, the nurse came inside looking very frustrated and was very fatigued.

“What happened, Neeta? Why once in a fortnight, those guys come to disturb you? Is there any problem?” questioned Nisha.

“No, not at all, they just have the habit of creating some fuss.”

After one month, on the day of delivery…..

“Hey, Neeta” called Nisha, “I’m very thankful to you for looking after me for these nine months; I hope I deliver a healthy baby.”

“Of course,” said Neeta, but she was looking much tensed and it could be understood very easily from her body language.

After 5 hours…..

Nisha, who was unconscious on her bed, woke up slowly, but very much disturbed by the fact that she could still hear the baby’s cry. She opened her eyes slowly and looked for Neeta. She did not understand what was happening. She looked for Neeta and she could see that she was holding the baby on her arms. Nisha woke up completely now and sat on her bed. She looked confused.

“How come the baby is here? It should be……”

“They refused to take the baby,” said Neeta in a dark and gloomy voice.

“But why?” asked confused Nisha.

“Well, the baby has a rare disease which affects only one in lakhs, that is, homocystinuria. It is due to some amino acid deficiency in blood and urine. If it is left untreated then it could lead to brain and visual damage also.”

Nisha was in tears. “Just for this simple thing, they refused to take the baby. I being the gestate surrogate mother, I feel very sorry for the baby. I have raised the baby in my womb for 9 months, that to not having any biological connection with the baby, I feel as if I’m mentally attached to the baby.”

“Well Nisha, I have to confess something. I told a lie that the baby was healthy. On the eighth month, it began to show symptoms of the disease, I refused to tell you because I thought that you would go for aborting the baby, since it is not biologically related to you, and when I told it to them, and they were not satisfied and demanded abortion. So, I hid the fact, because I saw how you were caring for someone else’s baby as your own and I didn’t want that bond to be destroyed.”

“No wonder why those people used to come here and create a fuss once in a fortnight. But, I’m very grateful to you. I accept to be the single parent to this child and promise to raise the child as my own, with full care and love."

Neeta was in tears and her joy knew no bounds. She carefully placed the child over Nisha’s lap.

“I will name him as Sam.” and she hugged him.

Sam closed her mother’s diary which he found accidentally while hiding his report card because he failed in his exams and his mother scolded him very badly. Sam couldn’t control his tears after reading this and straight away went to his mom and hugged her and said,

 “I promise to be a very good child and one more thing mom, Happy Mother’s Day.”


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