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Lura Ibman

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Mom Can Fix Anything

Mom Can Fix Anything

1 min

*** Little Champ Logic ***

Mom gave biscuits to little Champ

Champ: Started eating happily. Suddenly started to cry very badly. 

Mom got panicked and rushed

Mom: What happened? What happened dear? 

Champ: Biscuit broke. My biscuit broke.

Crying continues

Mom: No problem dear, you can eat it.

Not accepting and still crying. Mom trying to explain telling that anyhow when you bite biscuit it will break. But champ does not listen and continues to cry.

Mom got an Idea, got the biscuits from him and pretended to stick it. Then hid the broken piece of the biscuit and gave him the bigger piece. She told him that she fixed it.

Champ was now happy with his biscuit and continued to eat. He thinks his mom can fix anything

Mom: !!!!!!! 

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