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Vigneshwari Natarajan

Abstract Inspirational



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"How do I you look today, Mirri," asked Asha to her Mirror.

"You look like a huge cherry plum"

Yes, it was a Mirror. 

Asha is a sweet little woman. She was as beautiful as the moonlight. Her eyes symbolized two ripened grapes and her hair was always draped with a little amount of jasmine. You can smell her even kilometers away. Such a woman she was, with beauty and a lot of wits. She was surprisingly awesome in Maths and she was a very bright student in her school. She loved learning and even at times when she was sad she would bury her head into a textbook. Reading made her smile and was of the greatest pleasure. She was an awesome singer too.

Everyone in her locality wanted to be like Asha in terms of only her intelligence. Asha was obese. She couldn't nag her away from food and so that fat too never liked to move away from her body. She was criticized and pauperized even by her near and dear ones. She was ignored and at times she was left isolated. You can live like a fool but not like an obese, Asha would groan. As a kid, nothing seemed to affect her. Being fat was referred to as cute for some time and then as a plumpy being and later people ignore them. 

Asha was a very strong person and had done master's in Biotechnology. She never wanted people's judgemental behavior to affect her happiness. She was always right in her assumptions. But as an adult, she had to face different problems. She was not accepted in the majority of the companies were she went in search of a job. For Asha, her education and her career were her two great friends. Even though she was left alone at times, it was learning that kept her going. But what was the point with it now? She decided to hit back those who isolated her and made her feel worthless. But she cannot react to something unless she turns to be perfect.

She decided to lose weight. Yes, it was a tiring journey but she had to do this. Asha was from a well-off family so not being employed in a reputed company wasn't a really big thing for them but there were many other families were kids who are obese are isolated and are made to feel worthless.

She wanted to teach people to get rid of that myth that a girl child in India should look beautiful and should be well in shape.

It has been 2 years now, Dr.Asha has now come out of her bleak shadow to a bright spot. She earns more than enough amount of money to suffice the needs of 10 people in a family. She was honored and was inspired by many. Today she is going to present her first speech in the UN. She would be the first woman to go to the UN speaking about her experience in life.

"How do I look today, Mirri"

"It doesn't matter the way you look, Asha. It depends upon the way you think"

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