Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Vigneshwari Natarajan

Abstract Drama Thriller


Vigneshwari Natarajan

Abstract Drama Thriller

Life is a Boomerang

Life is a Boomerang

7 mins

Hey there, 

" This is Tasha, It's nice meeting you" 

"Well, I never asked you that. Why do you ever bother me? But by the way, you are just a maid here now. Mind your own business or else I will have to take the effort of ripping you from your job. " said a young man with a disgusting look that I couldn't digest.

I had to disappear from that location with my face turned blue. Why would people behave too coldly to one another? I am a charwoman at Mrs Parks and she did pay me more than enough to rent a roof above my head. She was generous enough to give me her leftovers to eat so that I could have better dining. I know that you might drift into thoughts thinking that she literally feed me garbage but that would be unfaithful to say so. She is really cautious about not wasting the things she is gifted with and tries to donate things that are more than what she needs to the ones who really need it that's me. I have been working for Mrs Park for about 6 months and do know more than enough about her attitude and acknowledgement over different situations put in front of her. She feeds me alright but considers workers and those below her social status as garbage and unfit to survive.

Mrs Parks is blessed with an abundance of wealth and education. Her husband Mr Parks Peterson is one of the essential and very dignified members of the noble classes. Her son Jonathan Park is definitely a spoiled brat. This young man is well educated and good-looking but really has a bad heart as black as a crow. Jonathan went abroad for his higher education. Well, he is not a studious fellow but his mother sure did have the wealth to buy him up a degree. He literally used to go to his college and do nothing worthy. He arrived at the Vest hills (Mrs Park's residence) today morning and I greeted him with a wide smile and what he told me pierced my heart so deeply and intensely.

Let me tell you something, Jonathan is actually my cousin. "What? Tasha have you lost your mind" would be the first and foremost question that might strike up in your head but let me proceed and you would come to know the rest. I am Tasha Wilson, daughter of the Chairman of Telson Groups which is the best fashion groups in Gird hills, Texana. My dad died due to some fatal disease of which to date I am not aware of ( the name). People speak different things about my dad's illness but I never generally put it in my head. It is their opinion and I cannot literally carry a big brush to wipe specks of dirt related to me and my family in their head. I am a really studious person. It's not mentioned to brag about me but generally, I get good grades and most of the times top the class. I am in college now and guess what my mom died due to chronic disease.

The relationship between my mom and me was not really intense. She never shared her feelings and opinions about anything with me. She considered me to be an outsider in case of safeguarding her emotion and problems and that weakened our relationship. She paid my fees, gave me the best treats and definitely gave me everything that could make me live like a queen but what she didn't tell me was that she was a very exuberant spender and because of which she was in great debt. The only solution that was put in front of her was to sell her fashion group to another successful entrepreneur, Mrs Parks. Mrs Wendy Parks is my mother's sister and they never talked to each other much. Yup! You're right. That spoiled brat Jon is my cousin. And as my mother died I turned out to become their maid that too they agreed to pay my college only if I worked 10 hours a day. I received an amount as a salary and I had to give it back to them as an accommodation fee. Luckily, my mom left me with clothes and I got leftovers from Mrs Parks dining every day.

I am very lucky because I am the only maid given this many privileges from Mrs Parks. I always believed getting myself educated could rise my status high. My mother left me not a penny. She lived to the fullest and died knowing that she would agreeably but I have to live. I am just 19 and what I experience every day Is literally hurting me a lot. I feel so tired and feel like I want to retire from this entire world. I feel like closing my eyes forever and go to sleep with my mom and dad. I was the daughter of one of the richest folks in the town but never got to enjoy my life with my near and dear ones. My dad retired from this mortal world while I was only 2 and I don't even remember seeing my dad. My life was filled with the only luxury and not even a pinch of love especially not even a pinch of compassion was shown by my mother to me. I feel ignored and isolated by my family which hurts me very intensely and threatens me to death. Well, I am not dramatic. I am telling the truth that I had buried deep inside my heart as nobody around me measured one's worth by his/her talent or heart but by the money in their wallet.

My friends, Natalya and Mensi are the two iron pillars of my life. They helped me to look at life very positively and more importantly they helped me to squash the lemonades given by life in the best manner possible. I am neither pretty nor zero-sized and to sum it up all I am poor but I have hope, confidence and determination to succeed in life. I am a professional speaker and my main aim in life to liberate people with my words. Words are powerful and would like to make them even more powerful. I want to paint people's life and add colour to their life with my words and build hope in their minds but........

Yes, Yes you have guessed it accurately!! I am discouraged by everyone around me to follow my passion. They say that I need a proper career. I am a very studious person and it will be easy for me to build a successful profession. Whatever they think and speak about me. I always believe that nothing can stop me from building my career and in following my passion. I usually write up in a website called story mirror and speak in many gatherings and my words have definitely inspired many people around me. Everyday I meet one or the other coming to meet saying that I have brought some light into their life. This thrust is the only hope that pushes me to move forward in life.

It was at one fine day when I was sitting in the study room lost in thoughts, I received a call from the Speakers Forum, London. They invited me to join their Board of members and offered me to attend their final interview. I remember submitting a few registrations to Speakers Forum but I never knew that I would be nominated to the Boards. My heart was filled with unending joy 😂. I was really happy about it. 

Going there I came to know something weird and let me briefly explain that.....

I am Tasha Telson and My mom is Wengie Telson. And my dad passed away when I was 2. But my records clearly showed that Telson Harington was still alive and was also the head of the Speaker's Forum in London. 

Who is this Telson Harington? Why do I feel like I have seen him somewhere? Is he related to me? Why did mom hide this from me........

Stay tuned for Part 2 

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