Shraddha Gauhar

Drama Tragedy Inspirational


Shraddha Gauhar

Drama Tragedy Inspirational



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Born and bought up in an orthodox family of Rajasthan, Mangla has never experienced a normal life like her brother Madan.

While Madan was sent to school, Mangla stayed back and helped her mother and aunt in household work. But Mangla wanted to be free, playing under a shade of a tree, running in open fields, studying in her village school. She dints not want to follow what she was forced to.

Many times she would sneak into Madan's room and read his books. The story of freedom fighter, lessons of history, heritage, and simple science would rush adrenaline in her body. 

Once her father took Madan to a nearby town, it was a kind of vacation for him. Mangla pleaded to join too but was denied bluntly by her father. This really hurt her deep inside. After two days Madam had Chickenpox and Mangla's mother also went to take care of Madan.

Her aunt and uncle were to take her care. Meanwhile, her aunt had monthly trouble and was secluded from the house. It was Mangla who had to do all the work. 

Alone, sad and dejected Mangla wanted to bring the change that very day. 

She packed her few things and was about to collect some money from her father's room. Suddenly she was grabbed from behind. And within no time his uncle started to touch her. She could not resist due to her young age and little stamina that's when her uncle utilized the moment.

She sobbed and cried for hours.

Wiping her tears she took away all the money, few clothes, eatables, and left the home. And decided to earn her freedom and find a life.

It was for the first time she stepped out alone. Clueless about the next step, she decided to head towards the village teachers' home.

In the dim light and terrible condition, Mangla kept walking. The headmaster was shocked and shattered to know Mangla's story. Their family offered her food, water, a warm bath to relax her body bruises. 

The next day headmaster sends Mangla along with his wife to his sister's house in Jaipur. 

And from here started a new beginning of Mangla. She studied there, was a part-time help to headmaster's sister as she was in her last trimester. Mangla never looked back, never shed a tear for her past. 

She missed her mother at times. But still, she had a fire inside her. About being treated like an animal, about being bad touched by her own uncle and mostly being abandoned by her own father. just because she was a girl.

 Mangla took out all this frustration by playing kabaddi. In the game, she would collect all her power to get her freedom. This made her a shinning player. 

Soon world eased for her. She got a government job.

After 15 years she decided to visit her village.

While walking down all she could realize that still, only boys were in that school, ladies carrying pots on their heads with a veil as long as possible. And her mother filling hukka for her father. And far away she could see her brother playing marbles. 

With tears in her eyes, she heard some whistles at a distance. It was the same old shameless uncle.

And immediately she rushed back to catch the bus back to Jaipur. This visit made her wounds fresh.

On her way all she could think if ever that village will be free by their thoughts, approach, and rules.

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