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Sita Sai


Maid In India

Maid In India

4 mins

That is out of question, said Anu to her parents Maya and Manu.

Maya: Your sisters didn't take that attitude. Look how happy they are. Do you have to always contradict me?

Manu: In your mother's world happy is synonymous to wealthy.

(He rubs the top of his thumb with his index finger). The expensive brands of cars , an army of domestic help.

Maya: You keep your opinions to your self Manuji . If it was not for me they would be married into mediocrity living middle class lives, travelling those local trains and living in pigeon holes.

Her words ricochets off Manu to hit Anu. Maya limps towards the kitchen mumbling. She did that when she faced confrontation.

Manu: Let them come and see you , maybe you'll like them.

Anu: But Papa, I am not a piece of furniture for people to 'view'.(Makes air quotes. Manu looks defeated.)

Alright... only for you but am not marrying the first person I see.

Manu: Deal.

(Maya presses Anu to deckup as her sisters had, like a Christmas tree. Anu is bent on keeping it simple and wears a humble salwar kameez. Soon the Mehtas arrive, the potential groom( who blinks more that required, with the parents)

Mrs Mehta: You have a lovely home and a splendid view. We recently bought an apartment in Cuffe Parade. It's difficult to maintain properties and he keeps adding.

She throws a loving glance at her husband and giggles after every sentence.

Maya: Oh ,Cuffe Parade must be frightfully expensive. We too are looking for something but after our Anu's wedding.

Mrs Mehta : Shernaaz sends her regards.We met at the club the other day.

Maya: Shernaaz is the one we should thank for this meeting. By the way I love your's so chic!(She mispronounces as 'chick')

Mrs Mehta : You obviously mean chic.. (Sheekh)

Maya: Yes yes yes

(Manu coughs to disguise laughter )

The potential groom stares at the wall opposite him.If he were not blinking the way he did, he would be mistaken to be blind.

Anu enters holding the tea tray with the maid Suja ( also in a salwar suit) with the a tray of snacks.Mrs Mehta rises to greet the girl.

Mrs.Mehta: Oh look at her, such a chiselled face, she's so lovely and... so simple.

Maid: Nai Nai Memsaab 《No no Madam》

Anu guffaws, and as the tray trembles with her hands the samosas seem to jump in mirth and the chutney dance like jelly.

Maya: No no..THAT's NOT Anu!

(Suja, a shade lighter than Anu, dumps the tea tray on the coffee table and retreats as quick as a mouse.)

Maya whispers to Manu: I told her to wear something nice, I have never felt so humiliated.

Manu looks away and Anu continues to laugh, only louder. Mrs Mehta frowns and nudges her husband to leave while the daughter and father make no attempts to suppress their laughter.

Silence prevails for the longest two minutes.

Manu to the Son : I am very sorry for all the misunderstanding.

(The Son looks at his mother then at Manu.)

Son: It's alright Sir, It's not the first time I have been awkward. But it's the first time I have been apologised to.Thank you. It's always about me but it's never about me.

He starts to follow his parents out then stops to turn around.

Could you apologise to the other lady for us. None of this was her fault.

Maya shuts the door and leans on it to catch her breath. She returns of her spot on the sofa.

Maya: You sabotaged it!

(She points at Anu)

You get your act together young lady. At this rate who will marry you?

Anu: Sameer will.

Maya: Who? That one who works in Papa's office?

Maya to Manu: Arre Deva, knock some sense into this girl!

Manu: She is the most sensible one.

Maya: But he lives in Ghatkopar!

Anu: Yes a lot of them too live there.

Hints at the fact that her mother lived there too.

Later that day on the balcony. Manu and Anu sit in a pensive mood.

Anu: I swear I did not mean to hurt Sujata's feelings. I did not anticipate what happened. She's like a friend to me. I was laughing at the whole circus that was taking place.

Manu leaning forward: I believe you and I need you to take care of her. Your mother just wants the best for you.You can't blame her for that.

Anu: I guess not. But did you see the son.I would rather marry a lamp-post with a blinking light.

Manu looks at her sternly.

Anu : Sorry Papa...He was sweet. I did go to Suja to talk but before I could begin she asked me if I was alright and then apologised for having appeared worthy enough to create the misunderstanding. I saw elation in her eyes. I believe she felt sorry for me!

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