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dazzle with me

Romance Classics Inspirational


dazzle with me

Romance Classics Inspirational



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 "Look how the saree is? The price is seven thousand rupees. Yesterday, Shubhanil gave a gift on our marriage anniversary", Semanti sent a picture on WhatsApp.

  "You know, we're going to Vizag after Puja this time, we've been dying to see the sea for a long time. My husband Archii is so rude! He didn't tell me anything about the plan, it's all of a sudden! You're my best friend, my stomach swells when I don't tell you anything!" She heard very happy.

  "Look at this",how is it Rinadi?"

 "Good one, is it new,Banali?",

 " Yes! On the occasion of Dhanteras my hubby gifted it ! I forbad a lot, but he was not ready to hear a single word" !

  You know, "Rina Di, what can I say! I want to go out after bath to be ready for the office , but my hubby started being naughty! I couldn't handle him, so naughty he is! ", she could not suppress the joy behind these words. I use to hear all these lovely moments of a family life from my friends and collugues. A deep sigh come out from inner me. 

  Eighteen years marriage journey, Vinay has never gifted a single cotton sari to me. I have to pay the cost of his smoking habits also! After so many years of marriage, the sea, the mountains are far away, not even the average field, not even a movie we watched together! The jewellery which I used to wear, brought from my father's house. 

 My parents wanted to give a lot but I didn't take it because my sister in law said, "Hey,Rina ,if you want to be gifted with a lot of jewelry, you have to get married with a ceremony agai!" I married Vinay without the permission of my parents, because I was working that time also but he was jobless. 

 My wandering means father's house, sari means three hundred to five hundred bucks cheap ones, I bought only one sari of very high price after marriage, with eight hundred rupees.That's all. 

 In fact, I am the only earner in the family of mother-in-law, two children, Vinay, a total of five people. Again, I have given a lot of money to make different businesses at different times,for my husband.I have also spent a lost of money for his own shop twice, needless to say, all of them were lost. At the end I said, "Spare me, please. You don't have to do anything , you eat, drink and walk around, hope it won't cost extra. Otherwise, thousands of hassles!"

 My daughter and son still are students. So, I have to pay their school fees, the private tuition fees also. Vinay was not ready to sit and help the children in their studies at all. 

 Vinay spends his time just by watching TV, and his mother is the source of two thousand eight hundred and eleven diseases, I have to pay for her treatment also. Every moment, I hear the words ,"You are not my perfect match" ,from Vinay. 

 Love is a prehistoric word to me., Vinay never react nor respond as well against any word of mine.Bowing his head just listens to me! He used to quarrel few years ago, but now he doesn't! 

  Suddenly I woke up in a morning and felt severe pain in my hands, throat, fever, and dizziness with them. Seeing me getting up late, Vinay came to the side of the bed and put his hand on my forehead. The beds were different from a long time . Still, feeling my forehead warm, he said in a domineering tone, "Lie down quietly, you won't get up at all", I laid down, I didn't have enough strength to get up. He called our daughter and said, "Don't bother mother, don't go near your mother's room! I was scared,was it a corona infection?

"Don't be silly!", you go out to the office every day, maybe you are infected", Vinay consoled. 

"You don't come here", I forbade Vinay to come closer to me. 

 As soon as the report came out, it was seen that what I had feared had happened,.For the last fifteen days at a stretch I have been ruled by Vinay what is literally called love, deep love.

 Medications, diet are absolutely clockwise, with as much caution as possible was taken and that was all well maintained by my husband.He looked after the children, even the mother-in-law, cooked and fed them perfectly.

  I am pretty good now, I haven't been able to think well for the last few days, it's as if something terrible has happened in my head. I have been thinking since this morning. I have no need of sari, jewelry, parties,tours .But what Vinay had done for me is enough! 

After a long time, after about seventeen years, I called it in an affectionate tone, "Vinu, Vinu ..." .I understood that love means not just sari, jewelry, toures,parties, love is much bigger than that.

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