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Love Remained

Love Remained

9 mins

Shagun is standing outside the airport with her baggage. Vivan is coming to pick her up. “Hey won’t we meet ever again?” Aman asked. She looked straight at him for a second then said “We will surely meet sometime in the future but when I can’t figure out at this moment. Don’t bother about the date it’s our meeting we should bother about and I know we will” an assuring smile played on her lips.

A smile appeared on his face. And he turned and left with his backpack. Shagun too left after sometime with Vivan but her body went along with him while her mind raced back with Aman.

Shagun worked as a lecturer when she met Aman for the first time as her student. She might have unnoticed him if not she found him staring at her when she took classes. She had just entered a renowned college as economics lecturer and was aware that she is going to handle a bunch of young intelligent generation. So while addressing the students she always remained very alert from within and tried to follow every student’s body language. So finding Aman stare she felt she would ask the reason but backed thinking it won’t be a good approach towards a student. But between this inner strife of hers, Aman himself appeared before her one day with notebook of his. She was sitting in the library going through some reference books of economics. “Mam can I sit here?” She looked above her books to find him standing opposite her table. “Oh sure” He sat and then said in a low voice “Mam I want to clear my doubt in the chapter you taught today” 

Shagun paid a glance on every corner of the library then said “Please come to the staffroom after my classes get over, I’ll see to your doubts”

And that was the way they met sometimes after college classes ended. After few study meets, Aman said one afternoon before leaving college “Mam if you don’t mind will you have a cup of coffee with me?”

Shagun said “I won’t mind to have a cup of coffee with you”

Their relationship advanced from just formal to informal one and now both share their hearts to each other. But within this time period Aman never crossed the respect line for his Mam to declare he is in love with her!

While they shared good friendship, Shagun’s parents were going through the different mediums to find a good life partner for her. At last they found the best one for their only loving daughter. The groom’s name is Vivan Arora. He works in one of the renowned FMCG companies with branches throughout different countries of the world. Vivan’s parents came to see Shagun and gave their consent after first meet. They only wished their son too meet her before they get along with the relationship. Vivan was at that moment in Germany. Shagun saw his photograph and felt attracted towards him. Vivan connected Shagun through social network sites and they started chatting sharing their interests hobbies likes dislikes everything. They even talked through Skype. Vivan said one night “I’ve to admit your attractive personality is pulling me towards you. I can’t delay a day more to see you. I’m landing in Delhi tomorrow evening. I wish to see you at the airport”

Shagun was very happy and excited at this. She went to receive him with his parents. When she saw him she could understand Vivan looked much more handsome than she felt he is through chat.

In between she continued with her college classes. She met Aman in between the classes when she said that she has to apply for a leave of atleast ten days as her marriage is confirmed and it is going to be held within fifteen days. Aman was both sad and happy for his Shagun but still he didn’t express his love for her. He only suggested “You should try to understand how the person is from within. That is the key to your home of happiness”  

Vivan and Shagun got married within fifteen days. The reason is his assignment of Germany has finished and now his company is sending him to Australia. He has to go to Australia within three weeks and here his parents said they wish their son to get married before moving there. In a hasty manner everything was arranged to make them tie the knot. Her colleagues and even Aman participated in their marriage. After marriage Vivan left and so he promised to Shagun that he will immediately make arrangements to bring her to Australia.

Shagun returned to her job and waited eagerly for Vivan’s call. In the second period she met Aman in her class. His always smiling face seemed depressed that day. She was a bit surprised and felt she should know the reason immediately but she had to wait till off period. When they met she asked “What happened, you seem sad today?”

“No, nothing special had happened”

“So it’s the same issue in your home?” (The issue was about Aman’s elder sister Diya’s married life. She had married a guy of her choice two years ago. Her family was happy for her as the groom seemed all perfect. But after few months Diya could understand that she has chosen the wrong person to be her partner for lifetime. But as she always felt weak whenever she thought of leaving her beloved, she tried to adjust with the situation. His husband took the advantage of her weakness and starting doing all the wrongs towards her. Diya would have still remained in her in laws’ home but her parents brought her back. After she came back, her husband warned her that he will file divorce and get into a new life. Now Aman’s family is going through a tough time. Diya has broke down completely after receiving legal notice for separation. Verma family don’t know how to combat this adverse situation.)

“Yeah and I feel there’s no solution to it”

“There is solution to every problem just you have to think clearly and patiently how to deal with it” Then she says about her going to Australia. He said he is very happy for her.

Shagun left for her new destination. Aman did come to the airport along with her parents to see her off. She was very happy to find Vivan waiting for her at the Hobart International Airport. They left in a hired cab and reached their destination more quickly than she had expected. She was quite impressed that her Vivan owns a home near the airport. She was shocked when they landed in a luxurious hotel. Before she could even ask something Vivan said “Darling we didn’t celebrate our honeymoon after marriage. So first we will celebrate our marriage then we will start our married life. Shagun was overjoyed at this. That night passed like a perfect Bollywood Filmy SuhagRaat.

The next morning they moved to the apartment where Vivan stayed. She started making lunches and dinners as Vivan was fed up with home delivered food or outings at restaurants. For the first few days Vivan didn’t speak a word on her cooking and ate everything she made. But after a week he started taking out flaws in her cooking in her way of keeping the house. He taunted that being a working woman she has forgot the real qualities of a woman. Shagun was taken aback. How could he take out flaws in that section of which he has no idea as his childhood was spent in hostel? A sure question appeared in her mind. Did he marry just to enjoy a perfect home life? But Shagun didn’t ask anything more as she felt maybe he remembered his mom’s way of housekeeping. She tried to be more perfect. She went through many cooking blogs and housekeeping sites to be more likely to Vivan. For the next few days Vivan remained quiet and she was quite happy that now she could do as her husband liked.

But she was wrong. Then came that night; the night which will remain disgraceful dishonourable shocking night for her. After dinner when they went to the bedroom Vivan laid cold on his portion of the bed. Shagun wished to get close to him as her mind her body desired his love. Vivan didn’t respond at first then pushed her away saying “You are hopeless in bed too. You don’t even know how to raise a man’s desire to sex. Shaheen is exceptional at this too” Shagun was speechless. She couldn’t think that Vivan was having physical relation with some other woman. How could he? If he loved someone else then why did he marry her? Then what is her position in his life? The moment she felt cornered, she was angry. She questioned him for all the wrongs he had done to her and in return got beaten up.

Shagun never ever expected that a so called educated broad minded man can beat up his wife. She didn’t speak up a word more and left for her country as fast she could.

When she returned home, her parents were first happy to see her, and then questioned her for coming alone. After they knew everything they were anxious about their daughter’s marital status and got disheartened thinking about her future. While her parents were miserable and glum, she had shut herself up inside her room.

At this period of difficult time Shagun received a good morning message from Aman. First she didn’t respond to it but when her mom came to her room to tell her that Aman has come to visit her, Shagun couldn’t remained closed in her room. He just asked how she was, some ordinary conversations and then left. Aman often came to meet her, chatted with her, took her out and at last could make her come out of her shell.

Shagun could understand Aman’s respect his silent love for her. One evening while having coffee at a restaurant, she asked “Aman why do you spend your valuable time with a woman like me?”

His facial expression suddenly was gloomy as if she has just broken his heart. He answered “It’s my love for you which motivates me to be with you in your hard times and I won’t leave you even if you ask me” She felt secured in his love and self-confident.

But after a month of her return Shagun could understand that she’s expecting. She disclosed everything to Aman. Then she said “I wish to be mother of this child but don’t want to go back to Vivan”

He said “You’ve every right to do what you wish. I’ll always be beside you in all your need”

Shagun decided to file divorce. Her parents didn’t object anymore. Aman helped her to find a good lawyer. After receiving lawyer’s notice Vivan returned from Australia and fixed a meeting with her. Shagun didn’t wish to meet him again but Aman said “You should know what he has to say”

Vivan didn’t behave rude during this meet rather said sorry and wished to take his beloved wife back home. He is happy that Shagun is pregnant and he is eager to have his child. Aman was sad but still happy that his love is getting back all that was hers.

But Shagun isn’t sure from within. Her heart now craves for Aman’s love rather than Vivan’s. But Aman said “Your child needs both of yours’ love so you should not seize away his or her need. We are soul mates so no one can erase our love for each other from our heart. Our love will remain till the time we are on earth”

Shagun said “I agree with you. We will surely meet again sometime in future” and they left.      

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