Sonali Basu

Drama Tragedy


Sonali Basu

Drama Tragedy

Unknown Story Of Juhi’s Mother

Unknown Story Of Juhi’s Mother

5 mins

Juhi is in a great hurry today. She is late for college and so was gulping down the breakfast of not so tasty cornflakes and milk. The mobile rang. She received it casually taking the call to be Kriti’s, her friend. She said “Hello, Kriti, please wait for a minute. I’m coming.” The voice on the other side said, “Hello dear! I’m not Kriti but your Nani (grandmother). I wish to meet you and that too within one to two days.”

Juhi’s mood went bitter she replied, “You are quite aware I don’t want to meet you, so why did you call me up?”

“I know it but a period of time has passed by after that incident and the fact is I’ve come almost towards the end of my time period on earth and I still have something to tell you. I want to share it with you before I take to the grave.”

“So you still have something to tell me? But I don’t have anything to hear I feel”.

“Maybe these words can be of your mother’s.”

Mom! These words created a bit of curiosity in Juhi’s mind. She planned to visit her grandmother once more in her lifetime. 

The dilapidated zamindar mansion looked more like a ghost house rather her maternal grandmother’s home. The building wasn’t so much haunted when she used to come in her childhood days. This property was inherited by the grandmother from her father as they were four sisters; to each of whom, the great grandfather donated a portion of his large property.

After reaching Malti, Nani's maid escorted her into the room where she lives now. She was lying on her bed and looked ill. Nani greeted her with a warm smile but Juhi remained very alert about her words and how she dealt with them.

“Please have the shaarbaat dear. You’ve traveled a long distance. I know you are very tired and hungry too. So first drink the juice and have some rest. After that, you refresh yourself with warm water which I’ve kept in the bathroom. Then Malti will serve you hot food.”

“Firstly, I would like to hear about what you have to say about Ma.”

“Ok... when we are before each other to discuss your mother I would like to know all you know about her”

“Are you kidding... you want to listen about my mom from me when you are a mom of her?”

 “Each and every person may be acquainted with one phase of the same person they know. So there’s nothing wrong with sharing it.”

Juhi stared at her grandma for a while then said, “Maybe there’s nothing wrong in sharing our feeling about the same person after so many years. To say the truth Mom didn’t fit into the image of an ideal mother which we dream and most of the books declare but were somewhat different. I could never understand her love for me, she never displayed her feelings though she was very punctual in everything related to my growing up.”

“She was a bit introverted about her personal life and never shared anything even with me. I couldn’t get to know the reason for her suicide until I got hold of her diary.”

“What! You were the reason behind her suicide and today you’re saying you got to know about it after reading her diary. Ridiculous!”

“No, I wasn’t the reason behind that sad incident though it is true she died here in this house. The main reason was the misunderstanding between her and her love. I’ll give you the diary to read yourself.”

 “Is it? Maybe you’re right. I don’t remember Dad ever coming to our flat and I never could muster enough courage to ask her the reason. The thing I remember is her performances and her students and her screaming if anything went wrong with my daily routine. But why was mom freakish?”

“Your mom loved dancing and I appointed a tutor to teach her though many of my family members, relatives, friends objected; daughters or granddaughters of zamindar families don’t learn art of singing or dancing. This objection and criticism made her self-centered and self-willed. She grew up to be a fine dancer and started performing on stage. This stage performance was the place where they met each other, their love bloomed and they decided to be others for life.”

“If that was the fact then why they separated and even promised not to see each other forever?”

“Though their marriage was the result of love, the conflict between them started when she started attending the stage performances as before. She tried her best to be a good homemaker but not by sacrificing her hobby which most of the married women are forced to do. He tried to make adjustments between her and his family but at last, gave up and accepted his family’s views. This view became stronger after you took birth.”


“She was the same, busy with programmes and workshops as before and so to look after you she appointed Maya, to do everything for you. This idea was unacceptable to them and they started mentally pressurizing your dad by turning silly problems into grave ones. This ultimately ignited an ugly quarrel between the loving couple. Your mom couldn’t bear this for long and they separated. But she didn’t leave your custody though your dad wished to keep you with him. She started her single life again with you and Maya but within that time life had created scares and sores in her heart whose pain was becoming unbearable day by day. She dared to start going alone but he didn’t leave the hope of uniting and went on trying to convince her. But maybe the process was wrong and ultimately she left the world without any prior notice.”

“After mom died, dad took me home but I was told that you were the reason behind her death.”

“No dear. I only supported her when I knew she wasn’t wrong and she needed it very badly. This was not acceptable to your family.”

Juhi held her head down for a while then ran towards her granny and hugged her tight. She whispered “I’m sorry Nani, very sorry. I always thought wrong about you.” Nani stopped her and said, “No dear, don’t be sorry. Here is your mom’s diary dear. Here you will get to know everything about her. Today I am free from every burden. Now I can close my eyes in peace.”

Next morning Juhi got the sad news; her Nani is no more. Tears rolled down her eyes when she saw there on her bed she rested in peace.  

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