Kitu And Stars

Kitu And Stars

4 mins

Kitu opened his eyes and tried to see inside the room through the darkness. The moment his eyes could adjust with the dark he found his mother to be fast asleep on the mat with his sister Kajri. He thought how they could sleep so soundly in such hot weather. He planned to go outside. His father must be sleeping in the courtyard on his charpoy. He silently opened the door and peeped outside. Yes, his assumption was correct. His father was there fast asleep. He tiptoed near and silently lied down beside him. As the charpoy rocked his father opened his eyes and said in sleepy voice “So, it’s you, Kitu. The weather is very hot today but still the outside atmosphere is much soothing than inside our hut. You’ll fall asleep quickly. So close your eyes immediately”

Kitu just nodded his head and found his father has started snoring again. But he didn’t feel like sleeping so he looked up at the sky and found numerous stars to be twinkling. Some were very bright and some were dim. He remembered some of their names and what the science teacher of their school taught them about the stars day before yesterday.

It was Wednesday and the students of class four were playing in the classroom and howling on top of their voice. It wasn’t games period but of science. The students acted carefree as their science teacher wasn’t coming to school for last fifteen days. They had heard science sir had got transferred to some other school in the district and new teacher was yet to come. Suddenly the head master of the school entered. The moment he said “Students!” everybody sat at his place and pin drop silence hovered in the class. Kitu saw another person standing just beside the principal. Who may be him, he wondered. Head master Mr. M. Singh announced “Meet Mr. Suresh Awasthi. He is going to take your science subject from today”

Everyone stood up and wished him “Good morning Sir”

Awasthi Sir replied “Good morning and please sit down”

Mr. Singh gave him a thin stick and said “Keep this with you or otherwise they won’t be in control”

He replied “Thank you Sir”

After head master went away he said “Today is the first day in your school and your head sir gave me a stick to keep you in control but I personally feel it would be of no use to me. OK, Students please open your science book and go to chapter number eight. This is the chapter I’m going to start from today. So before starting it I would like to know what do you know about stars?”

Most of the students answered that they have seen stars shine at night but not more than that. Then sir started saying about the stars. He discussed about them so vividly that every student was engrossed listening to him. After the class ended and sir went to take another class every student said that they had understood the whole chapter without any problem.

The last bell was yet to ring when science teacher came in the class again and said “Students do you wish to come to the football ground beside the school today evening after dusk sets in”

Sunil, the class monitor asked “Is there any reason sir?”

“Yes I’ll show you something”

Everyone agreed and Kitu too. He ran back home to say about his new science teacher and that he will show them something after evening. In the evening he came to the ground and saw most of his classmates have arrived. Sir said “Now students look above at the sky” The sky was full with shimmering stars. They looked so beautiful. Sir gave out the names of some of the brightest. Then he asked “Now can you tell me which one is constellation?” Kitu asked “What is constellation Sir?” He explained what a constellation means and asked him to find one. Everyone looked but nobody could. Sir showed them each and everyone.

Kitu looked at the sky and tried to find out where is Leo right now?

Suddenly he remembered what did Dadi used to tell him. She used to say people who die here goes to heaven and shines like a star in the sky. Kitu used to ask why? She used to say they keep contact with their near and dear ones from there. Dadi had left them a year ago. Kitu looked above and tried to recognise his Dadi looking down to them from heaven and whispered “Dadi I miss you very much. Do you too? Then shine more brightly and help me recognize you”

Suddenly Kitu felt the star in the north is really shining brighter than the others. He smiled and said “I’ve found you out Dadi. Hope you are good” Suddenly he felt very sleepy and couldn’t make his eyes open wide. He said “Dadi I’m feeling sleepy. Good night” The morning star shimmered brightly and seemed to whisper “It’s Good morning Kitu dear but you sleep. The brightest star of earth will wake you up in time” 

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