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Love Me Or Use Me Understandin

Love Me Or Use Me Understandin

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I feel blessed when someone shows care, love. OMG alag hi feeling Hoti hai.

But when you realise that he or she just to use you then. Hi I am here sharing my little experience and if grammar mistakes sorry's written through mobile.

There was a time when fully used by my friend , as we all for little things now I am that position where when someone become kind to me, inside my love yes I am understanding what you are upto.

Let's share a small incident with you all readers. I self employed and have that mindset that no one allowed to pay for me but what with our boyfriend girlfriend.

Wha to kuch or hi chal rha hota hai.

My boyfriend birthday and I was super excited used to buy whole market to make it happy..But paiso se khushiya kha khridi jati hai...vese wait boys are always interested in one thing only and I don't want to do now after marriage ...yes Indian village girl.

So with all my efforts I bring him a denim jeans which he loves it but not allowing me to buy because expensive. But kese Jane du jeans Ko Ko usee pasand aa gyi.

I buy and he wears. And he was happy to spend time with me ...we go for KFC I was dying to eat but he want to go room but I insist him so agree to go ..have our billing and we out for go our rooms.

He started trying to choosy with me. I said its market what you are doing. He said ok let's go in room. I was like why always you make me realise that I'm in your life just for that only.

I said no and he makes his face. I was broken from m inside. I ask him is only thing you want in our relationship. He saw me and said majak ke rha hu chal.

I kissed forehead, hold his hand and hug him tightly and said ."" Itna hi kar skti hu""

He smiled and we go to our rooms. Girls love to being cared by her boyfriend but never want to forget their limits. Yes when people get intermediate then both are agree but after that what blaming each other. End of relationship. I love my boyfriend but want to get choosy when no limits.

So you love me or use me ..I'm understanding

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