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Engage or stop me...!!!

Engage or stop me...!!!

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Hi, again I am with my life new concept . This time hope is less then as the time when I was in relationship. As you read the engagement in the title got the idea that time soon to get breakup..

You read lots of stories regarding the love breakup as because of caste reasons ,family and all. My same caste and family but except my sister no-one knows about why I am not sharing my relationship to my parents... I had posted the story related it you people can go through that.

At present I meet to him and decided to talk him till something not happened from my end. I know it's time to get move on but believe me harder .. you can't let person to being in fire whom you love a lot. And I too .. I dont know what I will do when he will not with me ...

Today when I was driving scooty he told me how he is managing in job. The work hours are very long and he missed two time to pick up

. But this time we make efforts and make a day out with each other. We went to Kathgarh and have fun time their. He shared that how he want to get soon to success and how he manipulate his senior to get best position in the job.

I know he will love smart too. But at one time he said only one thing not good in this job and he stop for a while ...I.said I am there for you Gugu...but he. Continue that he have to manipulate his senior at any cost to get position... I thought he will tell that I am missing that I can't able to see you, to pick up you as we live in same city...

But as same storymirrior is the platform where I am sharing. Not with him. But I think that is good for him, I think he will soon forget me when he will continue to his work .

As I may get engage on this October and I don't I will continue to write or not but please stop me from getting engaged Gugu. I know he never go through storymirrior but please find what my heart saying to you.

Ok I have to stop my feelings and let him to focus his career.. not to talk any bullshit...wao now my feelings become such things ...stop stop ok guys hope you like my one break moment

Stay being loved as life is one

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