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Fight As A Warrior

Fight As A Warrior

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Hi to all folks, hope you like my own story. As with title you take estimation like there is a love story where there were blood , fights no guys you are wrong.

It's very different love Story but yes it's love story.

I and my sister have their love relations so Himalaya mountain like that only we are the person who can broke up

But who want to broken up . Yes but what happened when you have to just leave your love just for your loved ones.

My sister have 15 year relationship where she face so many legations and from our family only I was the person who understand her feelings but some of the time I also force to leave and let get move on and married.

But she was warrior .she fight for his love ..she sacrifice lots of things but at last she successful.

And when these all things are happening I was surrounded with my papa tears and lots of their questions like why your sister did such to us.

Lots means lots and now is the time in this October my ring ceremony with someone and my sister getting married with his bf on October.

I was like shut my own love story with my own hands.

As I told that what to do with our relationships are only we how to proceed and for my family I back-off but to move on is getting impossible

My bf talked to his parents they agreed but I don't even talk about my reaction because I don't want to table again them

Because I saw my parents in tears and only for those I am ready to get to hell to make haven for someone else.

I am fighting with my own.

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