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Sonam Thakur



Sonam Thakur


Lost In Crowd

Lost In Crowd

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He left and I waited patiently for his call hours passed by and I couldn't wait for more. He had told his family about our relationship so I gave his mom a call.

Aunty: Yes dear, how are you?

Me: I'm good aunty, what about you?

Aunty: Good good, so missing my son already

Me: Yes, aunty I do, did he reach properly

Aunty: Yes, he did and he'll call you soon. We are shifting to another place our ancestral home that's renovated now. So we'll be moving in 15 days

Me: Good congratulations, take care aunty

Aunty: You too dear, bye

I was relieved to know that he reached safely there but I never got his calls. I tried calling his family but all they said that he's very busy and working hours are too weird, he's not even getting a day off. All the time they assured me that he'll call me. All this time I was just thinking about him. All sorts of thoughts came in my mind. I was not able to concentrate on anything. It is said that college days are amazing but I wasn't able to enjoy those golden days because my mind was completely lost in his thoughts.

21st Feb afternoon around 2.45 pm I was in my drawing room reading a book suddenly my home landline rang. I lifted the receiver and after a period of six months this was happening

Me: Hello

My bf: Hi baby

(I recognized his voice and before I could speak my eyes were wet and I was crying. With squeaky voice I asked)

Me: I missed you so much, how are you

My bf: I'm good, missed you too, how are you doing?

Me: How could I be without you, give me your contact number so we can stay in touch. I love you and I can't stay away from like this without even talking to you. Do you still love me?

My bf: Of course I love you, and I don't have my own cellphone everything over here is expensive so I have called you from my workplace. Don't worry so much

Me: Ok, but when you'll call me next now you don't realize how tough it is to live alone like this. You're miles away from me. At least call me once in a month

My bf: Yes, sure I'll call you every month now but please stop crying and take care of yourself. Now I have to go rush up for my duty. Bye love you lots

Me: love you too...

I was relieved after his phone call at least now I had somewhat assurance that he's still in love with me. I was happy and smiling again now I was able to concentrate on my studies a month passed but I didn't get his call but all the while I was just trying to make my mind understand that maybe he's to busy he'll call once he gets time but that never happened. Later that year during my college vacation. I moved to London at my uncle's place for good 3months I thought that a new atmosphere will make me miss him less but I was so wrong. I now missed him more seeing so many lovely couples all over now even if he calls me I won't be able to receive his call. I instantly called his brother from there. I told him I was in the U.K and gave him my email Id and asked him to convey it to my bf. Even then nothing happened no calls, no emails, not any news from him.

Soon my wait ended it was the month of June and it was raining heavily so I skipped my college and choose to stay at home my landline rang and my bf was on the call he told me he is in India my next sentence was are you at home? I wanna meet you now to that he told yes and he's coming to meet me at my place in a few mins as he's surrounded by his cousins. After nearly about an hour he was at my place the next moment we hugged each other and I cried in his arms a lot he too hugged me right and comforted me. As there was no one in the house we got the chance for being away from the crowd after years. There were many questions which I wanted to ask him but at that moment I just wanted to be with him in his arms.

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