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Kumar Archita

Abstract Drama Classics


Kumar Archita

Abstract Drama Classics

Light in the Bottle

Light in the Bottle

5 mins 284 5 mins 284

A tear in the eye

like a silver shooting star

Into the future we will be

connected as one

I give you my love

bound, joined, to never hate

we melt into one soul.

Hilarious Dr. Warwick blacksmith is arguing with considerate author and Professor Susan Barker. Warwick tries to hug Susan when she shakes him off

Warwick says Susan, please don’t leave me

Susan replies, I'm sorry Warwick, but I'm looking for somebody a bit more brave. Somebody who faces his fears head on, instead of running away.

Warwick replied, I am such a person!

Susan frowns.

Susan replied I'm sorry, Warwick. I just don't feel excited by this relationship anymore.

Susan leaves...

Warwick sits down, looking defeated...

My dearest Susan

I shall always love you

entangle, in a minute

I starve for your heart,

bound together, I offer you

your lips, a love through the universe

my soul, my Susan.

Moments later, admirable a gorgeous mid height woman comes in, She is Emilia

Warwick seeing her face, he asks..?Goodness, Emilia ! Is everything okay. Emilia said, I’m afraid not.

Warwick replies What is it? Don't keep me in suspense...

Emilia replies, It's... evil... I saw an evil man catching and shooting a bunch of fireflies!

Warwick exclaimed, Defenseless fireflies?

Emilia replies..Yes, defenseless babies!

 Warwick horrified exclaimed, Bloomin' heck, Emilia …We've got to do something.

Emilia softly replies I agree, but I wouldn't know where to start.

Warwick said,You can start by telling me where this happened.

Emilia replies I was...

Emilia fans herself and begins to wheeze.

Warwick exclaimed and shouted.. Focus Emilia, focus! Where did it happen?

Emilia said, it was 3am midnight yesterday at the Central Park,New York! That's right – Central Park, New York!

Warwick looks at his watch and said, only ten minutes left to 3am …

Warwick springs up and begins to run.

Warwick rushes along the street, followed by Emilia. They take a short cut through some back gardens, jumping fences along the way.

 Warwick and Emilia reached the Central Park at sharp 3:05 am Upon reaching, Emilia pointed towards a man wearing a black jacket and a red hat and said that he is the man I saw here yesterday’s midnight. Warwick look at the pointed fingers of Emilia and Warwick saw with his own eyes the truth of Emilia, As described by Emilia the black jacket Red hat man is jumping haphazardly catching the fireflies in a jar and shooting them there afterwards.

 Warwick slowly walks behind the man and uplifts his left leg’s feet and kick him at his back. the man flies at first and then falls on the ground and lay flat and unconscious 

 Emilia spilled water on his face, he regained conscious and got from the ground and introduced himself as George Parker and he is fishermen by profession 

He further told he comes here usually to catch fishes from the lake and sell them to the local market place at high rates

 Emilia ask but fishing at Central Park is strictly prohibited government of New York has declared few months ago that anyone caught red handed fishing in the lake of Central Park will be jailed and punished for 4 months

 The man admits yes she is right but…. 

she is right that's why I came here at midnight to catch fishes

 Warwick interrupts and said, Mr George but I have seen you catching Fireflies in a jar and shooting them later it would be better for you if you tell us the truth… 

 Yes you have got it right, I previously came here for fishing but now I came here for catching fire lights and shooting them I did this because I had some dark past lurking in the back Gardens of Central Park.

 What dark past are you talking about …?

 I had a daughter …..

Yes. It was a long, long time ago...

A young Hannah is sitting in a park listening to some drum and bass music, when suddenly a dark shadow casts over her.

She looks up and sees Charlotte. She takes off her headphones.

Charlotte asks, Would you like some barley sugar?

Hannah’s eyes light up, but then he studies charlotte more closely, and looks uneasy.

Hannah terrified said I don't know, you look kind of ruthless.

Charlotte replies Me? No. I'm not ruthless. I'm the least ruthless alien in the world.

 Hannah exclaimed Wait, you're a alien?

HANNAH runs away, screaming 

Suddenly Hannah stops by the picturesque beauty of the western part of the lake, the bunch of Fireflies flying here and there with their light scattering everywhere their tiny bodies seemed like a 

 String of fairy LED lights which is continuously going blinking on and off It look like the lights are flying 

 The young girl overwhelmed with the beauty of the place slowly taking little little step moves forward to catch the fireflies in her hands She suddenly got slipped and fell in to the lake it was hand here and there trying to swim but she didn’t know how to swim… she tries to grip anything inside the water so that she can climb up but she can’t find anything to do so 

 She continuous shouting till she got drowned in the lakes underwater 

 When Charlotte reached for help hannah already drowned 

 She slowly murmurs in her mind I was just joking hannah… 

 The cops came and took out the body from the central lakes water Hannah’s body turned pale white because the body was under water maximum above 4 hours … I lost my daughter for those Fireflies… I understand Mr George Parker Warwick interrupts again I understand your pain but the accident was very unfortunate and unbelievable it’s predestined it’s not your daughter’s fault neither the Fireflies fault the Fireflies are naive creatures they can’t kill anyone your daughter Hannah can’t sense the upcoming danger and got felled into it. Emilia replies the Fireflies life are too short you know that ,they can live up to the night when the sun rises they dies… the man looked at Warwick and Emilia’s face, Later he leaves the place.

   Emilia sits on the ground and begins to murmur the rhymes… 

The fireflies, 

They say, all good things must end 

time burns the body

say goodbye

your voice torments the mind

time is precious, but in its place,

loneliness is my only companion

As I clasp my hands and grieve

 a dream faded by life's constant toll 

the grief plagues 

for the hopelessness eats away 

But I am still here 

the fireflies,

 I am but a lost soul 

I shed a tear for darkness 

I am but a wilted flower 

as I clasp my hands and cry 

Time is precious, 

tick, tock, 

don't weep for me 

I cry for your presence 

I am not a perfect person 

I am not who you thought 

Now, I am only your feelings. 

the fireflies

I am but a wilted flower 

as I clasp my hands and grieve

 bound forever, you said 

Now, I am only memories. 

the fireflies.

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