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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Oleen Fernz

Comedy Fantasy


Oleen Fernz

Comedy Fantasy

Krish And Potter In Wonderland

Krish And Potter In Wonderland

6 mins 257 6 mins 257

25-11-2020: Harry Potter and Krrish lost in Wonderland

A Quidditch match was on between Gryffindor and Slytherin and the competition was fierce. Harry Potter bent low on his Thunderbolt VII broomstick, as he zoomed behind the snitch. He was about to snatch it when the snitch slipped from his grasp and flew high again. Harry followed in hot pursuit. The snitch flew high and low and suddenly flew out of the Quidditch pitch. Harry, being a seeker, had to follow. The snitch kept flying over fields and mountains until they came upon a forested area upon a riverbank. Here the snitch seemed to head straight towards something on the ground. Harry, intent on catching the snitch, followed.

A little away, on the ground, Krrish scanned the skies for unusual activity. The villain was in the area and Krrish was on the lookout for him. He suddenly saw what looked like a boy on a broomstick zooming in the sky. He rubbed his eyes to make sure, and when the boy did not disappear, Krrish took off to catch him and see who it was.

Harry was shocked that the snitch seemed to be headed straight to the ground. He was wondering if he should change his course when somebody caught him from the side. Surprised, Harry lost his balance, and all three of them, Harry, Krrish and the broomstick went tumbling into a hole in the ground into which the snitch had disappeared.

They kept falling and falling and falling but found to their surprise that they could talk. “Who are you ?” asked Harry. “ Krrish,” came the reply. “And who are you ?” asked Krrish. “Harry Potter,” said Harry adjusting his glasses which kept slipping off his nose.

They still had many things to ask each other, but the most important thing on their minds was reaching the end of the tunnel. And suddenly they landed at the bottom in a tangle of arms and legs and broomstick. After a bit of shoving and pushing, they managed to stand up and found themselves in a long hall with doors leading off from it. “Dear God! We are in Alice’s wonderland !!” exclaimed Harry disbelievingly. “What’s that?” asked Krrish. “Haven’t you read Alice in Wonderland at school ?” asked Harry. “No,” said Krrish, getting irritated.

As Harry said, they were indeed in Wonderland. And like Alice, they found themselves in the Great hall. There was a cake saying “Eat me” on the table and a bottle which said “Drink me” next to it. Harry Potter tried to recall what he had read in the book about the cake and the drink, but he could not remember. So he handed Krrish the drink and he took the cake and told Krrish that it was perfectly safe to have it. Krrish ate and Harry drank and they waited to see what would happen. To his surprise, Krrish saw that he was growing taller. Taller and taller and taller. The roof of the hall had disappeared, and Krrish kept growing till he was as tall as the largest tree in the forest next to him. Suddenly he felt a bee buzzing in his ear. He tried to shoo it away but it kept coming back. The third time he thought he could hear the bee say something and when he paused swatting it, it came flying right in front of his eyes. It was not a bee, but it was that boy Harry Potter on his broomstick. As the drink had made Krrish grow big, the cake had completely shrunk Harry. So he now was as tiny as a bee on a broomstick. Harry managed to shout into Krrish’s ear that he was going to look for a caterpillar who would give him a mushroom. Krrish thought that the boy was completely crazy but shrugged as if to say okay. Harry flew away on his broomstick to search for his caterpillar and its mushroom.

Krrish took a big step out of the Hall and found himself on a stage. There was a huge audience sitting and watching him. “Dance, dance, dance…,” they chanted. Krrish was happy. He had no idea where he was or how to get out from there, but he could dance. So he started with his signature hand moves from the song “Ek pal ka jeena”. “Boooo…,” the crowd booed him. “Ok, how about this ?,” he said and danced to “Ghungroo thoot gaye..”. But the crowd continued to boo him. Finally, Krrish danced to “Dil na diya..” and the crowd was happy and cheered him on as he danced. As his performance came to an end, he saw that the crowd had disappeared and he could only see a path leading out into the forest. He walked on it.

Around the same time, Harry had found the caterpillar and eaten a piece of the mushroom, and grown back to his normal size. He walked around a pretty garden wondering where to go and what to do. He could hear a familiar voice shout out marching instructions and to his surprise saw Hermione come marching in front of him. She was followed by six small girls who looked exactly like her but had curly red hair. They marched behind her in a straight line, the tallest first and the shortest bringing up the rear. Behind the last girl came strolling Ron Weasley. “Hey there, Potter,” he said. “Fancy seeing you here !”

“What on Earth are you doing here Ron and who are the girls ?” asked Harry. “Oh, you know my wife Hermione. And those are our daughters, Lara, Cara, Mara, Sara, Tara, and Fara,” said Ron, pointing to the girls who continued marching ahead. “Time to go, see you around,” said Ron as he ran to catch up with his family. Harry stood stunned. He was sure that he had left Ron and Hermione on the stands near the Quidditch pitch and now here they were, married and parents to 6 girls !! It was indeed wonderland, Harry thought.

In a minute Krrish came out from the forest and Harry flew up on his broomstick to pop a piece of mushroom into Krrish’s mouth. Soon Krrish had come back to his normal size. Both of them were tired and hungry and were pleasantly surprised when they got a whiff of tea brewing and could smell hot cakes being baked. It seemed to come from the direction of the house whose chimney they could see at a distance. They both headed that way and then knocked on the door and could hear a “Come in,” from inside.

They entered and to their shock found Snitch, sitting on a little table drinking tea. Opposite him sat another snitch, but she had golden hair cascading down her head. “Meet my wife,” said Mr.Snitch. “ I was bored and tired of being chased around by everyone during Quidditch, so decided to take a short vacation. Why don't you both join us for tea and cakes?“ he asked.

Harry and Krrish closed their mouths that were hanging open in shock. They did not know what to think or say, so they did the next best thing. They sat down to enjoy hot tea and cakes with Mr.Snitch and his lovely wife.

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