Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!
Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!

Oleen Fernz

Action Thriller


Oleen Fernz

Action Thriller

Thakur And CID

Thakur And CID

5 mins

27-11-2020 - In the place of Jai and Veeru, Thakur calls Team CID to capture Gabbar Singh

“CID, this is Thakur Baldev Singh calling from Ramgarh. I want you to capture the dreaded dacoit Gabbar Singh,” came the voice over the phone. After agreeing, ACP Pradhyuman, head of Mumbai’s CID (Crime Investigation Department) replaced the receiver.

“Daya, kuch tho gadbad hai (There is something wrong). Gather the team and let’s head to Ramgarh,” he said to Inspector Daya, one of the main police officers of the CID team. Soon, the CID team was on its way to Ramgarh. The team comprised of ACP Pradyuman, Senior Inspectors Daya and Abhijeet, and Sub-inspector Purvi. Ramgarh was a small town at the foot of a small mountain range and Thakur’s haveli was on the outskirts of the town.

Thakur welcomed the team and made them comfortable in his home. Lunch was served by his widowed daughter-in-law, Radha. Thakur narrated the sad story of how Gabbar Singh had killed his two sons, a daughter-in-law and one small grandson. Only Radha had survived as she had gone to the temple that day. Thakur had completed his posting as a policeman at a nearby city and returned to find the dead bodies of his family members. Losing all reason, he had confronted Gabbar, who had captured him and had both his hands cut off. Hence, Thakur wanted to see Gabbar brought to justice but was helpless without his hands. He told CID that they had to capture him alive as he had to be tried in the court of law, and sentenced to prison for the rest of his life.

The CID team considered this a challenge as they had never faced a dacoit before. Thakur knew that the dacoits hid in the mountains, but did not know the exact location. He also told them that every Wednesday, two of the dacoits came to the village to collect hafta(money) from people. Wednesday was the next day and Team CID made plans accordingly. 

The next morning, Inspector Daya disguised himself as a tourist and went to the village around the time the dacoits were expected. He wore a colourful shirt, a hat, an expensive watch, and had a camera around his neck. He walked around clicking pictures and talking to the villagers. A few minutes later, the two dacoits rode in on their horses. They were dressed in dark clothes, carried guns, and had bullet belts around their waists. They immediately found Daya and started harassing him. Daya pretended to be scared and handed over his camera and watch to the dacoits who went away happily with their loot.

As soon as Daya got back to Thakur’s Haveli, ACP asked him, “Kaam ho gaya kya (Is the work done)?” Daya nodded in the affirmative. ACP smiled. They had installed a GPS tracker in Daya’s watch and now they could track the dacoit’s location. They headed out in their car and hid at a little distance from the dacoit’s hideout. Inspector Abhijeet then rigged up a drone to a video camera and flew it on top of the hills where the dacoits were. The video footage showed about 8 dacoits sitting on guard in a large circle on top of the hills. In the centre, there seemed to be 3 people talking. There was a ferocious-looking dacoit, whom they guessed to be Gabbar Singh and the other two were showing him the loot that they had picked up from the village. Suddenly, one of the guards shouted and pointed to the drone flying above them. Gabbar immediately took his rifle and shot it down. The drone broke apart on impact and shattered into a few pieces as it landed on the ground. The uneducated dacoits had no idea what it was and after checking it for a few minutes, left it alone. But the CID’s work was done. They had found out the location and knew how many dacoits were there.

Now came the most difficult part of how to capture Gabbar Singh alive. Sub-inspector Purvi came up with a solution. She was a skilled dancer and she would use her dancing skills to distract the dacoits one night. The CID team could use this time to disarm the dacoits and capture Gabbar Singh. ACP thought it was a brilliant plan and praised Purvi. Purvi and a musicians' troupe from the village pretended that they were a travelling group that was visiting Ramgarh. They performed a show at the village square and as expected, Gabbar sent his men to kidnap the group as he wanted to see the performance for himself.

The dacoits took the musicians group to their hideout and checked all of them for weapons, but luckily they did not think to check Purvi. She had a knife hidden in the waist of her skirt and a gun strapped to her ankle which was hidden under the skirt. That night Purvi and the group performed dance and music numbers for the dacoits. There was a lot of food and drink being passed around and all the dacoits were happy and unaware of the CID team creeping up behind them.

One after the other, ACP, Inspector Daya, and Inspector Abhijeet disarmed the dacoits and tied them up. The job was made easy by the loud music and drunken state of the dacoits. Soon, Purvi indicated to Gabbar that he should follow her into a tent. He happily complied. ACP and team quickly caught the other three dacoits who had been sitting close to Gabbar.

Inside the tent, Purvi aimed her gun at Gabbar who was shocked. She asked him to drop his weapons and as he did so, he suddenly swung his gun belt towards her and knocked her gun down. He lunged at her, but Purvi was too quick for him. She turned around and aimed a karate kick at his chin. Gabbar fell and crashed into the tables and chairs placed nearby. He grabbed one of the chairs and threw it at Purvi, but she got out of the way. Before she could use the knife that she had pulled out, ACP and the two inspectors burst in and overpowered Gabbar. Soon he was handcuffed and lying on the tent floor.

ACP intimated Thakur who arrived with the local police force and arrested Gabbar and his gang of dacoits. The triumphant CID team returned with Thakur to his haveli, where Thakur thanked them profusely for capturing the dreaded dacoit and making the village of Ramgarh peaceful again. 

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