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Bharath Kumar



Bharath Kumar




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We all crave to be a successful person but not all can become one. Becoming an inspirational figure is not a child's play. Loads of hard work, sacrifices are inevitable to become successful. I'm going to share a story of a woman who goes through a lot of hurdles before becoming successful. It is a fictitious story.

The Sun God was obfuscated by clouds on a cloudy morning. A dark-skinned girl named Ankitha opened her tired eyes to the ringing sound of an alarm. She gets ready to go to college. She wears a helmet, starts her Activa and drives it to her college. She stops her vehicle at the parking, takes out her helmet and slowly makes her way to the class. There was a girl named Sujatha who had fair skin. She always took pride in her fair complexion. She looks at Ankitha stepping toward the class.

'I'm the most gorgeous girl in this class. Oh sorry! in this college. I'm blessed with fair skin.', she speaks loudly.

Her friend Rohan nodded his head.

'Few girls are cursed with dark skin. Thank God! I don't have to go through that pain. It really sucks.', she had a touch of sarcasm in her tone.

Ankitha being humble and down to earth girl didn't retort. She thought it is better not to raise her voice against arrogant people.

As Ankitha didn't respond, Sujatha got irked. She didn't stop there.

She sat next to Ankitha.

'Hi Ankitha!", she said.

'Hi', Ankitha replied.

'Why are you so dark Ankitha? Look at my skin. I'm literally glowing. All guys run behind me. Look at your pathetic skin. Don't you feel ashamed of yourself?', she said.

'Why should I feel ashamed of myself? I'm happy with my skin. Black and white story is created by people like you. It doesn't matter what color is your skin. You should feel comfortable under your skin, that actually matters.', Ankitha gave a befitting reply.

'Oh, Ankitha! If you are fair and beautiful, you get all the facilities. You can become an actress. You can become a beauty queen. All men in the world will be after you. You know something people always support fair girls because they can't talk against them. Fair girls are very attractive and intelligent.', she taunted Ankitha.

'Calm down Madam! You are delusional. Even dark-skinned girls can become actresses. Intelligence is not fair to people's assets. It is passionate people's asset.', Ankitha replied.

'Oh, Ankitha! You seem to be in your fantasy world. Aren't you? It is our face that has value. Scrap faces don't work well Madam.', Sujatha said.

'Everyone has their own perspective. We can't do anything about it.', Ankitha said.

'I feel so sorry for you Ankitha. Bye.',

In the evening time, Ankitha wore a helmet and started her vehicle. Sujatha and her friends looked at Ankitha and laughed at her. Ankitha felt very bad.

After reaching home she knocks the door. Her mother Sheela opens the door in a jiffy. Ankitha had tears in her eyes. Sheela was taken aback.

'Why Ankitha? What happened? Why are you crying?'

'Why am I dark-skinned? Why people make fun of me?'

'Why dear? Who made fun of you?'

'Why dark-skinned girls have to get embarrassed every time? Why are we cursed with dark complexion?'

'Don't say like that dear. We are not cursed. We should be happy with what God has given us. Few people who are fair have ego problems. They think they are the most beautiful people on earth. Mocking others and taking pride in themselves is what they do. We should not care about such people. They will say a lot because mocking others pleasures their sadistic nature. Do you know Lord Krishna is a dark-skinned God?

Tennis superstar Serena Williams is a dark-skinned girl.'

'Sometimes people test our patience.'

' Dark skin, fair skin is absolute garbage created by useless people. What matters in life is passion. If you have passion, no one can put you down. You will be well respected in this society.'

'Yes, Mom. I do agree with you. Your words are sounding musical to my ears.'

Next day Ankitha, as usual, goes to college. She looks at Sujatha and gives a smile.

'Oh, Ankitha! What I said yesterday is making sense right. People like you are always our followers. You people should work for us. We are beauty Queens and you people are dark slaves.'

'Come on Sujatha. Slaves are those who don't have any work to do. They always waste time and they can't grow in life. They end up becoming slaves. '

'Cool Madam! Drink milk, probably you might become like me.', she laughs sarcastically.

After a couple of months, it was time to announce the exam results. All were waiting with bated breath. The result sheet was displayed on the notice board. Ankitha was moving towards the notice board and she was pushed behind by Sujatha and her friends. Sujatha searched for her name. After some time she came across her name and was shocked by the result. She had flunked in four subjects. Ankitha searched for her name and was amazed by her result. She had scored the highest marks in the class. All were congratulating Ankitha. Sujatha was embarrassed.

'Hi, Sujatha! I told you right. What matters in life is your passion. I hope you have realized your mistake. Rather than making fun of others, work hard and try to succeed in life.', Ankitha said.

Sujatha was pissed off.

'This is not happening. How can she secure the first rank? She is a dark, ugly girl. How can she become a topper? She must be taught a lesson.', Sujatha says to herself.

She couldn't sleep for a few days as she was ruminating over the incident. She makes a plan to get rid of Ankitha. She hires a few miscreants and asks them to terminate Ankitha once and for all.

One day Ankitha was returning home in her Activa. She was stopped by a white car. As she stared at the car, two guys clutched her arms. It was a heart coming to mouth situation for Ankitha. She screamed at the top of her lungs. One of them took out a machete from his hand and inched towards her. Ankitha was panicked by the sight of a guy who is trying to kill her. Fortunately, police people who were patrolling the street turned up at the right time. They nabbed all the miscreants who were trying to flee. Ankitha thanked the police.

Cops started their interrogation and were able to figure out the name behind the plan. They arrested Sujatha and she was put behind bars. Ankitha was apprised about the accused. Ankitha went to the police station. She was talking to the police. Sujatha looked at Ankitha. She didn't know what to do. She hid her face. Police asked Ankitha to move towards the cell. As Ankitha neared the cell, Sujatha moved to the corner and put her face behind her laps. Police asked Sujatha to show her face but the latter rejected. Eventually, she was made to show her face. Ankitha was stunned looking at Sujatha.

'Sujatha! I can't believe. You tried to kill me. How can you do this?', she said.

Sujatha didn't reply. Tears of grief rolled down her cheeks.

'I'm sorry Ankitha. I shouldn't have done this. I'm guilty of what I have done. I deserve cruel punishment.'

Ankitha being humble in nature took her complaint back. Sujatha was released.

'I'm deeply indebted to you Ankitha. You have indeed opened my eyes. I was drowning deep in my arrogance world, not knowing the consequences of it. I always took pride in my complexion. I have embarrassed you a lot but still, you are showing mercy on me. You are indeed a gem Ankitha. I owe you my life.'

'This is what I expected from you. Only when we go through tough times we will realize our mistakes. We shouldn't respect people based on their skin color rather should respect them for their nature and for their hard work.'

'Yes, Ankitha. You have taught me a life lesson. I will burn my arrogance to ashes and would lead my life in humble life.'

Over the next few years, Ankitha through her hard work was able to become a scientist. She always dreamt of being a scientist. Eventually, she did succeed in her efforts to pursue her goal. She was well respected for her hard work, humbleness, honesty. Many deemed her as their inspirational figure. She was felicitated with many great honors for her work.

A day can't end without morning and night. There are fair-skinned people and there are dark-skinned people. We should respect people for who they are. Fair complexion doesn't make you successful. Dark complexion doesn't make you a failure. If you have a passion in life, no one can stop you. You are an unstoppable force who will realize your dreams. It is inevitable

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