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Chattanathan D

Abstract Others


Chattanathan D

Abstract Others

Innooyi the Female Parrot topples Ninnooyi the male parrot

Innooyi the Female Parrot topples Ninnooyi the male parrot

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Aghast the parrot Kingdoms are!


Innooyi the Female Parrot topples Ninnooyi the Male Parrot


Ideate was a small parrot kingdom which had more than a thousand years of history. Over a period of time in the last few decades it converted itself into a federal democracy. It had a population of 10 crore parrots which was federated in 10 states each having a parrot population anywhere ranging between 50 lakh parrots to about 1.40 crore parrots. There were different colours of parrots but green colour parrot was the predominant one with about 70% of population, next in order was the yellow colour parrot which had about 20% population, followed with multi colour parrot with about 7% and residual parrots were about 3%.

As it was a federal structure each of the geographies were again manned by the respective state units. But for the central representation for each ten lakh of parrot there was one representative in the centre there by for the 10 crore parrot population was represented by 100 representatives.

The main objective of the parrot administration while ensuring various health and hygiene of parrots was to maintain the granary at least equivalent to 1.5 times of the yearly consumption. Three matrices mainly measured the governance,

No of months for which the food at granary was availableNo of fresh yielding trees which were getting added as a percentage increaseNo of parrots which were trained and employed incrementally each year percentage increase

The Head of the Ideate Kingdom was the elected King or queen whoever got the majority in 100 member representative. For a long period of time Ideate kingdom was managed by Sanooyi or lineage of Sanooyi. There was no name to the parties and parties were Identified by the names of the leader parrots each year. So it was the responsibility of any leader parrot to ensure that they have their representations across the 100 seats.

All the green parrots were identified with names ending with Nooyis the Yellow parrots had Sooyis and the multi colour parrots the Mooyis and others had various …ooyis.

A decade and a half before Ninooyi the male parrot talked about various matrices declining. He thought that the Kingdom could be improved and made better by bringing better governance and reforms. Ninooyi had his own charm,but to climb the ladder Ninooyi identified himself as representative of green parrot, even before Sanooyi and others could realize what had happened Ninooyi became very powerful, Sanooyi lost the election not only at the centre but even in 8 of the 10 federal states. Ninooyi was very charming, he could win the hearts of the various parrots across. Fact of the matter was when various factions were getting developed within the coloured parrots Ninooyi thought that the best thing could be is represent and Identify himself for green parrots as they constituted around 70%.

Ideate kingdom was a very ideal kingdom hence irrespective of the colour of the parrots all parrots lived happily. However Ninnoyi thought that he had won elections because of the identification with Green parrots, but fact of the matter was Ninooyi never got even 50% of the votes though green parrots constituted 70% of the population.


Ninnooyi was very intelligent, could see the signals emerging in advance. Because of the power and the majority he had Ninnooyi could do sweeping reforms, for example earlier the national granary used to get filled only after the states completed their own segments, but once Ninnooyi came he made a good reform to centralize the granary and redistribute to the states what is required, this was required to address any anomalies due to season etc. The name of Ninnooyi was all pervading, there were a few who were liking him to the core and there were a few who were hating but both of them were uttering Ninnooyi.

Everyone was thinking that there is a need for someone to come against Ninnooyi. There was some level of dissent within Ninnooyis cadre but none had the courage to oppose Ninnooyi as they felt their seat was secured under the charm of Ninnooyi..they were better of with that than getting lost in the battle hence they kept quite. Ninnooyi had promised that the granary will be atleast 1.5 times the requirement when it was falling and was at about 1.25 times, the percentage of fresh yielding trees which were growing about 5% he had promised 8 to 10% growth each year and the no of parrots trained and getting employed which was at 3% growth he assured that it will be at about 6%.

For one and half decades Ninnooyis rule continued.

Innooyi was a lady parrot, with Ninnooyi , she initially was against Ninnooyi but later joined Ninnooyi. Innooyi was a really brilliant and charming parrot; she had the capability to tide over things. She was very aspirational. She felt that she could take over Ninnooyi but she did not want to oppose directly now itself, as the next elections were after two years, as the no of years one could remain as elected representative was 4 years in the Ideate parrot kingdom. Innooyi thought that the matrices have worsened further, but having been with Ninnoyi she also knew that elections are fought on emotions hence indicators alone would not work in her favour. She decides to now play the female plank, as she could see that 48% of the Ideate Kingdom across all colours of parrots was female parrots. She figures out from across all leaderships the female parrot representatives, she touch bases with the representatives of the Sooyis, Mooyis and Oois. Now she feels that she has the magical number, for she feels that if Ninnooyi could win with identification with Green parrots and get about 45/46% to win the elections, she feel that 48% female parrots +17% of yellow parrots + 7% of others would be a whopping 72% there by giving a right winning combination for her.

The matrices on which Ninnooyi was talking about worsens , but his charm keeps working, all the federal states come under the control of Ninnooyi party. His bold reforms get appreciated not only at Ideate Kingdom but also across parrot kingdoms. Innooyi had to beat this charm.

Innooyi announces just one year before the elections that she is parting ways with Ninnoyi. She opens up and tells for the first time in the kingdom a female parrot is going to contest the election in the male domain, she also tells all the earlier female parrots were out of lineage, for the first time a female parrot is coming out on her own. She says 50% of the seats are being given to female parrots. Female parrots have been managing well and she feels confident that the matrices will improve. She also starts telling that the matrices during Ninnooyis time have worsened further. The granary stock levels drop to 1.15 times and the growth of yielding trees drops to 2% and the working parrots growth drops to 1%

She takes a sacred stand that Identifying with green parrots alone in the country is not good for the Kmgdom, she knew that the reforms were bold and will definitely give a great benefit, and hence she remains silent on the reforms.

The Ideate kingdom’s election date starts and Ninnooyi starts speaking about all the bold reforms and how things are looking bright and how the situation is going to improve and the matrices are going to look bright. Ninnooyi after seeing victory over victory rubbishes and does not get bothered about Innooyis coming in to contest, he pulls lot of crowd as Usual charms around.

Innooyi prepares for the elections even before she quit. She reads the demographics , she sees that there is vengence by Sooyis, Mooyis and Oois on Ninnooyi. She knew that she has to capitalize this too. Her aspirations of becoming the Head of Kingdom was getting increased day by day. She could see some animosity in the existing ranks of Ninnooyi camp, she wanted to pull them too.She travels extensively across the country to understand various parrots, she used to tell that all will be treated equally and for the green parrots she also used to say I am one among you all. Sooyis and Mooyis now feel happy that there is someone to dethrone Ninnooyi. She goes speaking how important it is for female parrot to vote for female parrot as she only can understand the problem of them. She fields 50% of the constituencies with female parrots

The day of election happens, voting percentage increases substantially. Lot of female parrots too come out to vote in huge numbers. Ninnoyi and his party feel that they will win the elections again.

 Ninnoyi gets about 40% of the votes and Innooyi gets 42% of the votes. Out of the 100 constituencies 60 comes to Innooyi and 40% goes to Ninnooyi. Innooyi gets declared as the leader of the Ideate Parrot Kingdom. All the parrot kingdoms stand aghast for everyone across the parrot kingdoms always felt that Ninnooyi was unbeatable.

Innooyi laughs out loud on how she managed the combinations right.


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