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Chattanathan D



Chattanathan D


The Other Soul And Me

The Other Soul And Me

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The other Soul and Me


One day I was sitting in the garden at my house and having a sip of coffee at about 8.30 am in morning. The cloud was overcast and it looked like it was about to rain. I felt like drenching myself, hence I thought let me keep the mobile in the house and come back to the garden. As I was getting up I got a message from an unknown number, the message read, if you are my assistant John, please keep the documents ready, I will come and pick them up I am on my way. While the number was unknown in the caller number the name came as Trisha. I was curious to understand who is who has sent this message and why. How can someone go wrong on his or her assistant's number, or is it that he or she has typed the number while messaging and has typed the wrong number? I just save the number as Trisha and as it was on Whatsapp that I received the message my curiosity to see the DP ( Display Picture) increased, I was lucky, yes it did not bar my number from seeing the DP. I was thrilled; the DP was of a beautiful girl perhaps in the age of 25 years or so. She was fair in complexion, wore a slimy frock, had thick dense black hair, half of the hair on one side was drooping from the shoulders in the front and the other half at the back. The smile was exquisite, The frock had an open cut shoulder which looked very fashionable on a young girl. If I had a daughter of my own, I thought perhaps this is the way she should look like. It would not be an exaggeration if I said she looked incandescent. I could have just evaded or could have said the wrong number and kept quiet, but after seeing the picture, she looked like a little angel to me, mind said why not just message, with some pleasantries. I just texted Hi Good Morning. I'm not your assistant, perhaps you have messaged it to the wrong number.

I just left the phone on the table and went to the garden and drenched myself. I was in my early fifties, enjoying my retired life in a small town called Guntakal, After having toiled all the years I thought let me take early retirement, made a big house with a garden around with full of flowers of all kinds. The Garden was such in nature that once you step into the garden you did not feel like coming out as the fragrance of Jasmine Rose and lilies enchanted you. Drops of water started falling from the air, as I was getting drenched the picture of the girl started appearing in front. As the speed and intensity of the raindrops increased, I just closed my eyes and the water was flowing through my body, I felt like she was standing in front like a little angel asking me to take her in my arms. I open my eyes to see myself in the garden fully wet in my clothes and come to reality.

I forget this incident, and a few days pass by, I get a message from the same number, thanking me for an immediate response, it also said

“ Acquaintance is a kind of fate, my name is Trisha”

 I replied, Ok Trisha God bless

We end the conversations just with these two lines.

She does not ask my name, nor I ask what she is doing or where she is. I just knew that she definitely cannot be from Guntakal from the dress she wore, or maybe too, was not sure.

After a few days, I receive a message

“God let us experience suffering so that we can understand the suffering of others, help others, tolerate others, and God loves everyone including you and me.” She this time asks me what my name was to store in her mobile. I tell to her Nathan. I also add a few words take care. As I felt that the words, which she was writing were not gelling to the age, where one would perhaps joke laugh and enjoy the environment. I thought perhaps she is depressed. After a few days, she again messages me,

“God gave us light, so we no longer feel afraid or confused”

I could not understand what she meant by the same, I still felt she is in trouble mentally. I write to her

Relevance of Light is only when you have darkness, the inner self of thy is more experienced in darkness. A peep in dark will be a revelation more than in light. Movement in light does not reveal the self.

She does not keep quiet, she again messages after a few days, but human beings crucify the same God, which is the original sin of all the human beings, both of you and me too. We are all guilty and they are all sinners.

I for sure now felt that something is drastically going wrong at the other end. I was worried that if something goes wrong my messages will be popping at the top. Hence I write to her, let us end here. And I write to just give her further confidence that

No one on earth is a sinner, circumstances, beliefs, upbringing, make us what we are. No action on earth is a sin.

I just wanted to end the conversation there, but somehow the belief she carried is somewhere in her mind she was getting relief.

One midnight again I receive a message, Are you the real self? Do you know what is real and what is false, you think you have everything but the fact is that you don’t have anything. No matter where your soul will go, you cannot take anything.

I just wanted to reinforce again, so that she is not depressed stating that Truth and False is an unsolved mystery. Truth for one is false for others.

She immediately responds if you don’t face reality, you won't be able to give your children a better life, because you are a mess.

I write back to her, sometimes mess is beautiful as it keeps you engaged when you have nothing to do. It does not allow you to ponder or brood on unknown things.

She asks me what is my job. I just write to her, I keep writing what comes to my mind.

She closes the conversation by stating that you are awesome.

A few years pass by, she keeps texting me something or other, I do not respond fearing something wrong, nor I block as I keep enjoying the conversation. Once she wrote to me, writing can keep your soul in this world, many ancient people have passed away, but nothing remains. Ancient people used patterns and stone tablets for lettering and now we resort to writing.

I resist replying to her, but she again messages me we can use more and more books now. I write to her again

“Ideas ancient may or may not be relevant to the changing context, but yes it definitely builds perspectives. The dynamism of the world is that every other generation feels theirs was the best. For example, you are young, your thoughts are right in your context but I may not concur. Similar would have been with me and my father. I did think that I was conversing with a young girl, I the DP. I wanted to end the conversation again.

I write to her, Hi soul thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, moving towards nothingness is the most difficult part, which I think you are heading to. Sometimes some conversations entangle you and remain etched and perhaps the conversation which I had with you was of the same order.

The beauty was in the entire process neither I asked her who she is nor she asked who I am and where do we stay.

Our conversations end after some time, a few years pass by suddenly one day I get a call from this number, saying that is you, Nathan. I say yes. She says I am Trisha daughter of Nandini the Tamil family film actress. She passed away, but she has left a gift for you that I need to give, are you in Chennai. I tell to her I am at Guntakal. She said I would personally come and give the gift to you.

Trisha arrives, it looked like my little angel was again in my presence. Trisha comes to our house in a Benz Car all the way from Chennai, it would have been a hectic journey, she had not minded doing the travel. She was the same who was there in the DP. 

She comes and says thanks uncle; my Mom has survived a great depression. Thanks for being with her. When I said I had not met her, she was perplexed. She said uncle this is her signed autograph for you, which she did before death and she has a written will giving the land at the outskirts of Chennai to you. Thanks once again. She has been speaking very highly of you.

I take her to the Garden where I was sitting when the first message dropped, put a table and Chair and we have dinner together with the Angel. Angel departs the next day. I gift her back the land and retain the Autograph with me.

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