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Chattanathan D



Chattanathan D


Yes! She Is Just My Daughter

Yes! She Is Just My Daughter

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I was fast asleep, it was in the wee hours, I started developing severe pains across the belly, and sometimes there was a pounding feeling in the Uterus. I did not want to take the risk, as I was all alone. I take an Auto and rush to the hospital. I was not sure if it was labor pain. I reach the Maternity Home where I was getting treated, I call for doctor Susane, she was at home and not in the hospital. The duty doctor admits me and puts me into a special room as requested. She says it looks like a Labour pain and says I have already informed doctor Susane. I was in the bed in the hospital, thinking about how important this day was in my life. I had long cherished having a daughter.

I was born to a very decent family. I was a bright young boy, completed my engineering from IIT Mumbai, and was employed in one of the top four-consultancy firms drawing a fat salary. I had traveled across the globe. Had all the physical comforts. 

Once when I was sitting on the river banks of Ganges along with my parents in Benaras. I was in trans and fell in love with the Ganges, I was watching her flow, and the pain of carrying the dead for miles together yet giving a belief that she was clean and energetic. The river was flowing at full speed as if it had to catch its destination faster. I go and tell to my parents let me go and have a dip in the Ganges. The speed and intensity of the flow did not deter me from taking a dip. I walked down the steps and immerse myself into the river Ganges, the entire body mine goes underneath the flowing water. As I stretch my legs to stay afloat, I hear a whisper of Ganga, coming and telling me that you are Ganga; you have arrived in this world with a special purpose. I could not understand what it meant, to me; I was a rational guy who had never believed in God Religion, etc. I was hesitant to come to Benaras but I wanted to satisfy my parent’s wishes, and we were there on the banks of the river. My parents were a bit surprised when I said; I need to take a dip. No, it was not any religious fervor, which attracted me, but I could not resist the beauty and flow of the Ganges.

Things changed from then on, I started proclaiming myself as Ganga, and people in the office were a bit perplexed, what happened to this guy. I started developing the ilk of having a female body, accomplished with all the beautiful parts of any woman. I started adoring myself as if Feminine, slowly my behaviors started changing. Chudidhars and Sarees started attracting me more and more. The desire in me to give birth to a child started nurturing. The feelings of becoming pregnant were getting etched and were vibrantly hitting at my brain, causing anxiety, fear, and sometimes depression too. I go and try to consult a Psychologist but in vain, no medicines or physical exercises were suppressing the desire to become a woman and give birth to a child.

I was a hearty young guy with all the sexual feelings and attraction like any other man. In fact, I did have a few sexual encounters too with all its bliss. I did not know how this fetish to become a woman started getting embedded into my brain after the dip in the Ganges. I went to the extent of changing the name from Nathan to Ganga across all my profiles and even the records. I was now being called Mr.Ganga. This was not gelling well. I was becoming more and more and clear that I wanted to become a woman hence one day I decided to undergo gender affirmation surgery, as it was not auguring well for me. Suddenly In a splash, it comes to my mind that now there is a possibility of having my own child without any opposite gender coming into play.

I go and consult the doctors for the Gender transformation, and the necessary procedures for the same. I fix up the date with the doctor for the change, but prior to that, I opt for Gamete Cryopreservation in the sperm bank.

I went and told to the doctor, that I should look attractive, I need special breast augmentation and clean facial hair removals. Dr. Shalini was very receptive to my Idea she gave all the counseling on the process of transformation that will happen once it is done.

I go to the office and request for a Sabbatical, of three years, to undergo this transformation and to bear a child too. Everyone in the office was aghast. They laughed at me and some even said you are a fool. But my intentions were clear and the will to change was strong.

I go and admit myself to the hospital, Dr.Shalini talks about Orchiectomy (Removing of testicles), Penectomy (Removing Penis), and also about Vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, and clitoroplasty, breast enhancement, and facial procedures. She takes all the undertaking required for such conversions. Dr.Shalini was a real expert in this. As she was explaining the procedures regarding fixation of female sexual organs I started getting an innate pleasure even before such a conversion happened. I was just thrilled to get this done.

It was after getting relieved from the hospital post the change I was standing nude in front of the mirror. I could not believe that I was looking so beautiful, the breast tight, with a clean face, and my Vagina looking appropriate in size and length. I could not have been much more beautiful than this I thought. I wanted to become a woman to give birth to a child, but after seeing this I was wondering how any man would have perhaps relished my existence. Once I get normal after all the treatment, my desire to give birth to a child etched up.

I go to Dr.Susane and tell to her, that I need to have a baby, my own baby. She was slightly confused, how is it possible to have your own child unless you get sperms from somebody else. I tell to Dr.Susane I have thought through this and the sperm is already in the bank. She was surprised at my thought process.

Dr.Susane Checks on the fertility of the sperm and says amazing Ganga, I am pretty sure the wish of you having your own child is on. She takes my egg and blends it with the sperm, and fertilizes it in a petri dish. Oh God, the day the fertilized embryo was put into my womb, I told myself the wishes of Ganga is getting fulfilled. It was nine months since then.

The time passed by, I started developing intense cramps, Dr.Susane was already there by my side. Dr. Susane says that you are going to deliver today as your Uterus is getting tightened further. I was turning around, I wanted to be in control, but I feel disconnected. The intensity of the pain increases, the pain in the rectal area starts increasing, Susane says you are in, start pushing, the movement in the bowel starts increasing, I was trying to push and push again, it was becoming tiring. Dr. Susane was shouting I am seeing the head coming out, she says focus and focuses only on the release. I was feeling an intense tear and a severe burning, Susane shouts come on push, I put all my strengths to push and give one final try, the baby gets delivered, I feel a strong sense of relief and was calming down when Susane Shouts OH God as per your wish A GIRL CHILD.

I hold her in my hands and say a Junior GANGA has arrived.

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