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In-Dependent to College (I)

In-Dependent to College (I)

5 mins

"You and I are perfectly fitting Yanvi"

Saying this I stroked my fingers on her head gently as she closed her eyes feeling the gentle warmth of my hand and realizing the love that is blossoming between the two

"People in a relationship are always not fitting and vice versa, but the later one can come in a relationship, who knows" saying this I pulled her cheeks a little and smiled. We both were not aware of what it was. She was my crush but even I never knew why it felt so good to talk to her. Everything felt so perfect with her. She was my golden ratio and she actually never realized it. Very innocent and apart from giving confused expressions on things I used to say, she never ever treated me differently than her friends. As a matter of fact, she used to hang out with her other friends more than me. Well, today was a little bit different. Today the Yanvi I knew was not present. Today she was more of the feminine Yanvi I wanted to see. I was on cloud nine but was hiding my feelings. She smiled, got up for her room, and said good night Armaan with a wide smile on her face. It took me a few seconds to respond as I was awestruck by the beauty and elegance which she naturally possessed. I said good night Yanvi and we both went into our rooms.

"What do you think is fitting between us Armaan, we are not in a relationship ?" Said she with her melodious voice which makes plants blossom and makes a shady day sunny. She was right. We are not in a relationship but it’s something different than friendship too. It was evolution. Caring for each other. A symbiotic relationship turning into a proper relationship. We lived in the same flat but in different rooms. She trusted me enough to let me stay. Truth be told she was afraid to stay alone because of the stigma attached to women living alone and all vulnerabilities attached to it. I was also looking for someone to live with. It was perfectly fine for both of us. After much thought, we moved into a place near college somewhat in a good place. She is a nice girl and I have a huge crush on her. She does not know this but there goes no day when I don’t write her name in my personal diary. She is caring and has her own aura which I love to be a part of. She gives me a sense of hope in her words and talking we had been good friends.

The lights were closed. But the light of love was shining.

Heights were not the same. But enough to be otherworldly defining.

I tried hard to sleep that night. Yanvi being so happy and cute at the same time was the only thing I could have asked for. I really don’t know how it was on the other side of the door but I assumed something good was there. “I love you Yanvi" I said while trembling down in the sweet dreams of us being together.

Fresh morning awaited.

It was 6 in the morning.

I woke up a tad bit earlier than I usually would do some exercise. Yesterday’s event motivated me to improve my physique. Did try some push-ups, squashes, crunches, and got crunched as well. Maybe this exercise was not for me after all I thought and I hit the bed. Before any second thought sleep hit me and I overslept. It was 9:30 already and we had a class at 10. I got up and due to the exercise my body was aching and my body was stinking. I needed to take a bath but I had a little time to spare now. Still, I decided to take a quick bath and was ready by around 9:50. Till the time I got ready Yanvi had made sandwiches for both of us. Usually, we both skipped breakfast, and even if either one of us was hungry they would prepare something for themselves. This was different.

"How did you know I was hungry ?" I asked happy from inside but was surprised too.

"When I got up the whole hall was stinking from sweat and you were sleeping like you were sleep-deprived for months. I sensed you got up to do some exercise and that is why you were sleeping more than you usually do. I thought you might be hungry so I made sandwiches for you too. Consider this a return treat from me for the head massage you gave me yesterday" She said with a bright smile on her face showing the pride she had seeing my surprised face.

I was surprised, not because she was not intelligent, but because she was too innocent to even care about these details let alone do something out of reciprocity. As much as I wanted to think about this, time was against me and the second’s needle was ticking fast. “Be quick Armaan, they are waiting for us”. She said while double-checking everything she needed for surviving college, i.e. one register, pen, and a whole bunch of chewing gums with some chocolate candies. Oh, she is a foodie, coming from outside of Delhi, she still needs to discover a lot of new flavors. If we ever come in a relationship I’ll take her out to taste every taste of Delhi, I was thinking while tying my shoelaces. We left our room and went down to meet our friends who were pretty pissed off because we, actually I, was late. “So, what is today's excuse ?” asked Raman.


( Will be continued in next parts)

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