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How Did I Die?

How Did I Die?

5 mins 361 5 mins 361

It was a creepy hollow, I wandered inside the hollow and found two souls walking past me without watching my despair. I wondered where I was and heard weird noises, the loud roar of the lion was deafening, I saw two owls sitting on the broken branches of the shattered tree. The pale yellow leaves on the branches rustled in the wind.

I saw a little girl carrying a bowl in her hand and staring at me gravely, two old men were walking behind her, they looked afraid of something, the reason might be the little girl because, whenever the girl looked at them, they shuddered their shoulders, none seemed to notice me, I was afraid at the same time baffled, “Where I am? What am I doing here, in this spooky environment?”. While I was thinking about this, I again heard a loud roar of lion near my back. I turned and looked, it wasn’t a lion, it was a large elephant like creature which had monkey face in front and wings like a raven, the entire body looked like an elephant. It came near me and whispered something in my ears, I couldn’t decipher what it was whispering and I looked indifferent to its words, abruptly, the weird creature held my hands with its legs which was very flexible and carried me on its back. It started flying with that creature, I looked down and perceived the dark world with fire burning here and there.

There were few women sitting beside the pyres and chanting something. When I looked at them, they too looked at me and faltered their chanting. I tried hard to remember what happened to me? I can only see a lorry dashing my bike from the behind, and I was talking on the phone with my friend that time.

“Whrrrrr…” again a loud thump awakened my spirit. I saw the creature landing somewhere in the pitch black hill. The hill wasn’t looking grey, I looked completely black. I saw mice everywhere in that hill. But those mice where different unlike on the earth, they were big and having sharp teeth like an elephant, while they saw me, they whispered something and glared at me furiously, I wasn’t able to understand why they’re staring at me. They came near me and touched my face with their greasy hands. 

There was a large mirror in front of me, I perceived myself in that mirror after they touched, the places were invisible, I can only see my body, face looked invisible. I was entirely shocked and screamed.

“Don’t scream! Dark lord will be here soon” the mice were talking to me, their voices heard like a song, a creepy song.

“Could you please, give me some water” I heard a woman voice like a bird twittering in the shivering cold. 

“You twit!” one of the mice yelled at her and smashed her with the red rod.

“She’s abducted four infants from the hospital where she’s working as a nurse, now she’s here dying in the hell and no one is here to quench her thirst” the large mouse cried and blared like a horn.

While the large mouse was telling about the woman's past life and the sin she has committed in her previous birth, I saw a large shadow hovering about. The face was covered with blood and teeth were black like a coal. It came near me and touched the invisible parts. Suddenly the parts were glowing. 

"How are you my dear young man" the large squeal made me afraid. The voice thundered inside my eyes, the eyes of the large shadow pierced inside my skeleton and penetrated the nerves inside the brain.

"Hail the lord of deaths!" the mice cried at the top of their voice.

The large elephant like creature gave the lord a glass of potion, the lord smiled "Hey little brat! How is your life in the world of shadows?"

I swallowed hard "Where am I? Who are you all?"

"That is one of the common questions I have heard here...hahahaha" he laughed like a demon..."And yet I am not tired of answering these questions...I am the lord of death and these weird, probably these are weird to the humans like you who violated the rules and died unfortunately. Yeah! this is the place for humans like you, do you remember how did you die? and when did you die? you died while speaking on a mobile with your friend, the courtier of death had warned you several times to switch your mobile off while travelling but you silly brat, kept on speaking on that filthy machine and you ended up here, yes you have ended up in the hell"

"But why? I haven't done anything wrong... I was just speaking on the mobile...I didn't do anything like that woman who had abducted many infants in the hospital" I justified my statement.

"Ha! you twit... you alone didn't die, you have also killed an old woman by talking in that filthy machine"..."But fortunately, the old woman is now standing in the heaven near you, but you cannot see her, you can only see the horrible creatures here and hear weird noises"

I discerned the harsh reality in the lord of death's words and tried to run away from their world, but I could not go outside and kept revolving inside the place. The black cloud above me came near and covered my body. The air was very hot and I was suffocated, I saw the lord of deaths laughed as I flew with the cloud. The cloud clutched me and crushed my body. I couldn't tolerate the pain.

"Oh my god! " I cried out of horror.

Suddenly, the birds were twittering inside my ears, the alarm rebuked me, I woke up from the bed and got relieved of the nightmare.

I got ready and rode my bike, while I was standing in the traffic, my mobile rang, I laughed at the dream I had yesterday and I thought of picking up the call, the cold air with hot breath went inside my ears and I saw the lord of death in the shadow and warning me with the whip.

The thought panicked me and I switched my mobile off, I saw an old woman crossing the road safely!

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