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Meloba - A Taboo

Meloba - A Taboo

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The week was hotter than previous weeks, Melobha counted the pale ornamental flowers wavering in the hot air, her aunt Kathira awaited the milk man who disappeared for few weeks because of humidity, she started cussing him with loud screams “constantly that idiot pester us to pay for his watery milk, but he would take us for granted..never comes regularly” she shouted and went inside the purdhas.

Melobha suddenly distracted by her voice, again resumed her work. This time she noticed a nasty dog stumbling in the bushes, through her window. She saw its skin with disgust, the skin was torn and bitten by the other street dogs, those eyes were swollen, red yet it had a pathetic look.

“You are such an irresponsible pimp, your mom had given birth to you and burdened the sin upon us, even in this 35 years you're torturing us” again Kathira shouted from the purdhas.

Melobha reminisced about her life, beautiful, gentle, dusky young girl was in the care of her uncle's family as her dad left her in his brother's home and married a young attractive lady after her mother's death. She's just 13 years old when her aunt decided Melobha's marriage with Sameer, 36 years man. Kathira convinced her uncle by saying that “Sameer has molested her, she's now full of sins, there's no other choice left”.

She was in horror when she realised that the long bearded fellow who made her uncomfortable and scared by touching her private parts is going to be her husband and she ought to stay in his home forever.

Fear gushed her veins, but in the next few weeks she married him and went to his home, she thought hell would be a better place than her in-laws home. Adjusting is meant for women, and obviously it's also meant for Melobha and she lived, almost tolerated her married life.

At the age of 49, Sameer died out of syphilis. Melobha was confused when her relatives forced her to stay inside purdhas while the same relatives encouraged her father to marry another woman!

She longed for love and care, no one bothered to ask about her feelings, days went swiftly, after few months she fell for Chandhmuk, carpenter in neighborhood, everyone was shocked to know about this affair.

Kathira called the whole village to discuss about Melobha's affair, but she was delighted because since her childhood, she has encountered many discussions and feudal like this, she thought "when a girl gets raped in this village, they would make the victim as his wife the same decision people would take..when a woman truly loves a man”..she dreamt about her wedding with Chandhmuk, garlands, true emotions, concerts by folk dancers....

Melobha's whole world swirled topsy turvy when she heard Chandhmuk was forbidden to enter the village hereafter because he belongs to the lower sect of religion and its a taboo to marry her. Every woman got together and decided to tonsure Melobha's head.

Melobha covered her tonsured head with saree and waited for Chandhmuk to take her with him, longed for his arrival and peered always through the window... It's been ten years, her aunt grew feeble and old. Villagers started calling her BITCH when she stopped wearing white saree, started to braid her hair with garlands and came out of the purdhas, her uncle died few years ago, she and her aunt lived in inside those four bricks, her aunt usually stayed under purdhas and cussed her for looking attractive after her husband's death and waiting for another man, “BITCH” Kathira screamed every day, hour and second.

She was startled and came back to the present when she saw four dogs chasing the nasty one, eventually the nasty one went inside the bushes and sat firmly on the thicket to hide its vagina. Four dogs searched for it and finally kicked its butt. The nasty one cried out of horror...

Melobha whispered quietly to the window “Bitch has no other choice.. She has to give birth for their babies”.

The window hustled in the air as if nodding to her words.

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