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Drama Fantasy


Kavitha Sharma

Drama Fantasy

Veronica's Nightmare

Veronica's Nightmare

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She is there alone for almost five years, every time when she looks at the basement.. Something creepy scares her wit off. She wanted to tell this secret to someone else, but when she opens her mouth, words get jammed into faltering.

She crept slowly towards the basement, tomorrow October 31 ...the day..horrible day when the secret door opens... Every Halloween the door gets unbolted..the mystic masseur would come outside and visit Veronica, he would give her different task, she should complete it perfectly or else the punishments given by him would be terrible..he, once asked her to collect all the garbage disposal from the town and ordered her to sleep inside it... The history behind this secret door is enigmatic!

There was a mystic masseur who was living in this house before the independence, he started burying corpses of camel which was brought by Arabic traders, later when they found this out, they hanged him in the basement, unexpectedly the magical solutions got mixed in the commotion and the mystic masseur transformed into the deformed creature and fallen asleep in the basement.

Arabic traders tried to throw him out, but he weighed like a hundred sacks of iron.

From then onwards on every October 31 masseur visited the world by coming outside of the basement door. For almost fifty-two years no one bought that house...poor Veronica, unfortunately, bought this house from a wicked Arabic family.... She witnessed this horrible scene every year.. And tommorow is Oct 31..

She dozed off with fear.. “zzzszzz” wind swirled fiercely, “hampa ga jumpa” “ewww”...the cold mutterings were heard by her..conventionally, she wrapped herself inside the bedsheet...

The prickliness was felt by her skin..someone touched her feet slowly.. She woke up and witnessed the horrible scene.. Masseur stood there eating the stinking corpse of camel. For twenty-four hours he would be standing here!

If she moves.. He would linger slowly with her shadow.. 

Masseur started telling her a story.. He put forward a condition.. If something tragic happens in that story, she should laugh.. If something comic scene intrudes she should cry or else she has to eat all the rotten corpses of camel which was buried inside the basement fifty-two years ago. She has to tolerate this for 24 hours... Until the door gets closed... The masseur would be stretching the story.

He started telling the story..“once there was an old man living alone in the deep forest.. No one was there with him..he used to collect woods and sell it in the nearby village, there he befriended a small girl who is a waif.. He gives her some berries every Sunday.. She sings “naughty bounty crippled hunk”..old man sings back the same song”..the masseur sang with squeal.

Veronica felt like laughing but as per the condition, she should cry now!

She wept fervently. Masseur smirked.

He continued the story..“they became very close and suddenly one day the old man fell sick and the girl searched for him every Sunday in the village, he didn't come....the girl yearned for his love”

Veronica whimpered... But suddenly laughed hard... remembering the weird condition

“You clever twit!..but this is the last part of the story.. If you violate the condition.. You should swallow the whole meat”.

Veronica shivered and sat in the corner of the bed, he continued the story..

“Then unexpectedly, the old man came one Sunday..with huge basket full of berries and gifted the girl..she asked about his physical condition, he said that he has recovered and gave few flowers in her hand and went back...every Sunday he used to visit her regularly thereafter, one day she wanted to go inside the forest and visit him..she went surreptitiously with Beautiful flowers to gift him and saw his wretched wooden house..she searched for him thoroughly..

Suddenly she saw the beautiful garden behind the small house, she explored there.. Gracefully wondering about the beauty of the garden.

All of a sudden she stared with shock..there was a grave with the old man's picture showing that he died two weeks ago!

The little girl realised that it was a soul of the old man that visited her for two weeks..she cried hard... She placed the flowers in the grave and stood there weeping”

Veronica fought back her tears..but it rolled off from her eyes...

Masseur smiled cruelly and took the plate full of rotten camels... Veronica shut her eyes with disgusting fear......

“zzzzzssssss” the wind swirled around.. The clock stroked twelve...The secret door opened the masseur pulled inside by a paranormal force...he shouted aggressively..

“Veronica you escaped within the gap of narrow opening...next October 31 I would come and screw you off” he shouted and got inside the basement.

She opened her eyes with relief... “This Halloween passed away without his cruel punishment”. She thought and went to the basement and locked the door tightly.

But she started thinking about next Halloween task..!

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