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“Still not slept?” He was surprised.

“No” She looked at him feeling helpless.

“Should I try?”


Now, he was sitting on chair rocking the three months old.

“It’s 1:00am and she is anything but sleepy.” She complained to no one.

“I would give anything to be allowed to crash on bed.”

“I don’t understand. Why is she not sleeping?”

“Let’s do shifts. You sleep for now and I will wake you after two hours.” He suggested.

“You are my savior” She lied down and closed her eyes.

He continued singing lullabies and cradling the baby.

“I don’t believe I was this stupid.” She got up with a sudden shock.


“I had 3 espresso and 2 cappuccinos, then breastfed her almost immediately. She is caffeinated.”

They looked at their coffee mugs on the table while the baby gave a happy and playful laugh.

“You need to give up your love for coffee” was all he could say before giving up on trying to make the baby sleep.

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