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“Vandana beta, what’s your plan for dinner? Home or Hotel?” Dad asked.

“I will cook it, Dad. It's not good to eat out in the monsoon…” she said.

“Hmm. You sound like your mum.” He smiled and looked at the photo of his late wife.

Both of their eyes got a bit sad and silence remained for a while….

8.00 PM she severed the dinner on dining table.

The dinner was less salty and very spicy. The bread was more baked and the vegetables were half-uncooked.

“How’s the dinner, Dad?” She asked.

“Absolutely delicious, beta.. Your hand-cooked foods are the best…” He admired.

“Don’t butter me up, Dad. I know I am the worst cook.” She offended.

“I am not admiring the taste of food, sweetheart. I am admiring the sweetness of your hand-cooked meals.” Dad said with fatherly love.

A smile bloomed on her face.

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