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sharanya r

Abstract Tragedy Children


sharanya r

Abstract Tragedy Children

Hi, Forgotten

Hi, Forgotten

5 mins 191 5 mins 191

"Mom! I'm bored! " cried 11PL4.

"Now, now, son, you've been saying this for over 500 years. Why don't you stop it ?" his mom cried back

'Because there is nothing which entertains me anymore, at least over here. About 1000 years back, we at least used to have one or two visitors every 50 years. Now everything has stopped. No one comes here anymore. I'm tired of staring into this empty, unending blackness. I want change !"

"Then you require nothing less than a revolution! Be contented with what you have. You are NOT going anywhere. Do you get that ?"

Although his words were suppressed, his mind already began making plans for an outward journey ."If I need a revolution, I shall have it! When mom goes to a nap, I will sneak out of this entity of darkness ." Such exciting thoughts ran through his head. When the precise moment came, he sneaked out.

After many swirling paths and wandering, he finally entered the outer realm of his house. For one last time, he turned back to face the black hole. He had many memories associated with it. When he was just a newborn rock, he and his mother had been sucked in by that huge black hole and never seen the face of light since then. Now, he was leaving his cosy nest and flying out. A flow of freedom, a feel of sadness, a fear of solitary and all those recollections engulfed him and left him still for a few moments. Gradually recovering, he began flying towards an unknown destination.

After covering a few light-years with ease, 11PL4 began tiring out. As he stopped to rest, he saw a lot of loner rocks around him. He had found a company! They all grouped and chatted for a long time. After all, the conversation had wiped out, they began nomading about together. Soon, they entered an elliptical entity of unending brightness. Many burning bodies stared at them ruthlessly. Such light and heat burned them out completely, and they soon began moving forward to a cooler place. As they entered further, they saw huge multi-colored bodies revolving around another fireball.

Due to inquisitiveness, they surged forward and crossed 4 rock systems, when a huge force began pushing and controlling them. They were immobilized, yet moving. They scattered about and after a lot of random movement, all of them formed a huge ring between two of those rock entities. But poor 11PL4 began flying about in an entirely outdone direction. Before he could realize it, he was being pushed into a green and blue rock planet. His poor body was pushed into a rugged surface. He felt himself rubbing and wearing out. He felt that he could not possibly survive this crash. When he rudely landed after a huge struggle, he was fixed on another rocky surface and he lay pinned there. He could no more wander about as he wished, nor could he even get up. He gave up entirely. He just glanced up and saw that very faint darkness had spots of white on it and this looked heavenly , helping him relax.

Slowly, this darkness was inundated with a flood of light. As time passed, he saw many objects wandering about. They were all similar in shape and structure and were draped in various colours. They, in turn, stared back at them and heard them whisper about.

"What a huge rock! "said one

 " Must have fallen from the depth of the sky !"

 "This must be god's gift for us!"

And many such conceptions were freely made until one person came about.

 "Such a big rock! This is exactly what I wanted. Now, I shall make a statue of our king with this. He shall surely be impressed !"

And then, the work began. After such a long journey of wearing out, poor 11PL4 was cut out and beaten hard into a shape like those weird people. He was then rooted to a huge stand, where he laid for millions of millennials and had people staring at him constantly. Oh! How many generations had he witnessed!

After all this, one day, that planet broke up. All the huge monoliths clattered and fell, and 11PL4's case was no different from this. He broke into very small pieces, and after the planet was fully crushed, he was flung into the boundaries of space, where he again began his return journey, in hope of finding his home and mother. He crossed the Asteroid belt and found his friends still clinging there. He further went out of that huge galaxy and began searching for his black hole. After millions of years of searching tirelessly, he finally found his home.

A homely bout took over him as he rushed inside. What he saw inside surprised him.

 A blank black had turned into a wall painted with all sorts of colours. The once vacuum atmosphere had several other bodies now. All sorts of space junk, rocks, asteroids, comets and others had found their way into his black hole. He simply could not find his mother among this rush. Deeply saddened, and diminished in size, no one could even recognize him. He knew that his time was up. After so many years of witnessing the rule of time, he understood that life meant nothing more to him. He simply went into the depths of blackness and was no more seen from then.

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