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Hecatomb - The Untold Story

Hecatomb - The Untold Story

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“Wake up darling, wake up! We're getting late, we shouldn't miss our flight.” said Veronica.

“Relax hon, there's plenty more time.” replied Felix.

“Alright, only five minutes more, and then I want you to wake up and get ready. We're running out of time.”

And then Veronica went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. She cooked only limited quantity of food as they were leaving for Bora Bora, a small South Pacific island northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia. It's the stuff honeymoon fantasies are made of - crystal clear waters, picturesque mountains and a coral reef swirling with colorful fish.

Having caught a taxi, they headed towards the airport after the breakfast. Every moment from this moment onward was a special one to both Veronica and Felix. They were married only a week ago but there was a huge tale before their marriage. They both first met when they were in high school. In the beginning, they were just friends. Later, as the time evolved, they realized that they were the soulmates of the latter. It was in a car crash that they realized life is like a matchstick, you never know if it'll burn till the end or someone will put off the flame in the middle.

It was the graduation night. Both of them were going back in Felix's Ford. As it was dark, the headlamps of the oncoming traffic blinded Felix and he ended up colliding head-on with an SUV. The airbags deployed and thankfully they both had worn their seat belts. As soon as they got out of the car, they both hugged each other for the first time and told it to each other.

Having reached the airport, they both checked in, collected the boarding pass and boarded the aircraft. After a non-stop journey of about 5 hours, they reached their destination. A cab was arranged at their arrival and the chauffeur took them directly to the motel, where Veronica and Felix checked into their suite.

Exhausted by the travel, Veronica told “I'm too tired to do anything honey, let's postpone our romance to tomorrow.”

“It's okay dear. After all, sex is not the only kind of romance.” replied Felix

“But I -”

“Shhh, it's a romantic moment when we look into each other's eyes and exchange looks, the tightest of hugs you give me, your phone calls when you miss me, when your heart yearns for me, all those special moments you've spent with me, these are the things that truly contribute to romance. Sex is just a part of life and natural. It's never really a romantic moment.”

Veronica hugs him and says, “Aww Felix, I love you so much! You're the best husband one could ever find.”

“Well, do you realize I started romancing with you from the time you woke me up this morning?”

“Yeah, yeah, I get you, Felix.”

After having a delicious supper, they kipped off in their suite.

It was around 3 am and both of them were fast asleep. Veronica had a vision of some kind of a ritual going on on Felix. There was a priest standing in front of Felix, and both of them were engaged in a discourse. After a while, Felix shouts - “yyyayahahhh” and suddenly Veronica wakes up shouting 'No' and realizes it's all a dream.

“What's wrong dear?” asked Felix in a half-asleep mode.

“Nothing. Just a bad dream.”

“Here, have some water.” He offered her a glass of water.

They kissed each other good night and went back to bed. Felix explained that they were supposed to get ready and leave for an outing the next day. Hence they dozed off to sleep almost immediately.

Almost three hours later, the sun rose beautifully. Veronica woke up by the first sun rays that fell on her face through the windows. She yawned and quickly woke up to realize it was the most beautiful sunrise she had ever seen. Her fun-loving husband beside her and the heavenly sunrise made her day an awesome one.

“Wake up darling, wake up. You're gonna love this!” Veronica exclaimed.

He wakes up and silently watches the beauty of the nature sitting along with Veronica. They both get deeply immersed into the Mother Nature that they almost forgot about the outing they had planned for.

Felix interrupts and says “Ok darling, let's get ready. I have an awesome day planned for us both.”

“Oh really! Alright I'll get ready right away.”

They first boated through Yukon - an almost empty river, with water as clear as the most expensive diamond. There were few other couples just like Veronica and Felix, who were on their vacation. The life of the species underwater was clearly seen. The fishes were jumping out of the water to inhale some fresh oxygen. This was clearly a hot spot for newly married couples.

Later, they went to Le Arabia, a fully furnished and posh restaurant to have their lunch. It was a delicious one, especially the ‘Paella de marisco’. The extraordinarily appetizing choco-chip dessert completed their meal. After their lunch, they made it back to the suite to freshen up and go for a night out party.

When they arrived at the motel and entered the suite, Veronica hugged Felix and thanked him for the wonderful time they spent together.

After a while,

“Honey, I'm all ready, you still haven't freshened up yet? I always thought it's the women who take the most time to get ready.”

“Okay, I'm on it.” replied Felix

No sooner did he enter the bathroom to wash his face, he started puking everything that he had filled into his stomach at the Le Arabia. He felt totally sick and just wanted to lie down for a while and he expressed the same to Veronica.

“Okay hon, let's cancel the party. Just get some rest and I'll find for a doctor at the reception.”

When she arrived back at the suite, both she and the doctor were surprised to see Felix’s shivering hands and shortness of breath. The doctor said it's nothing but a normal fever and a paracetamol was all that was required and nothing else. Veronica was reminded of the dream she had last night. She wondered if she has to call a priest. Nevertheless, she decided to wait until the next morning.

Morning, when Veronica woke up beside Felix, she touched his forehead to assess the degree of the hotness of his body and was taken aback by his rising body temperature. She immediately called the doctor and asked him to come to the motel right away.

The doctor re-examined Felix and suggested that he be taken to the hospital right away. He left the place by saying that he'd send an ambulance to bring Felix to the hospital. Veronica, assured by the doctor that everything is going to be fine once Felix is admitted to the hospital, felt relaxed.

She waited for almost an hour but the ambulance didn't turn up. She was worried and immediately got a call from the doctor that the ambulance was broken down and another ambulance was already on its way. Veronica took a deep breath and prayed to God that everything turns out fine. Sooner, she got another call from the doctor -

“I'm sorry Mrs. Willington, the second ambulance which I sent met with a crash and we'll have to arrange some other means of transportation and -- it -- imposs----” and the call hung up. Veronica tried calling back but all the lines seemed to have been jammed and there was no possible way to pass through them.

Veronica was now confused and unsure of what to do next. Her sick husband next to her, jammed phone lines, two ambulances broken down….. She wondered if it all was a sign conveying something, maybe her dream last night was a déjà vu.

“Should I go call a priest? Or maybe we both must go back to our hometown and get him proper medical attention?” She spoke to herself. Nevertheless, she found that the latter choice she thought of was an impractical one and she chose the former one. Although being a modern citizen, she gave into believing in spirits and ghost because she didn't want to lose Felix. She almost lost him once during the car crash on the graduation night and never wanted to lose him ever.

She came out of the motel unaware of where the nearest chapel is. She just walkeds down the street hoping to find a chapel miraculously. After walking for a while, Father Aeden randomly came to Veronica and started talking to her.

“Are you in any kind of distress, my dear child?” asks Father Aeden.

“Oh yes Father, I think I'm. But how do you know?”

“It seems like one of God’s child has been in trouble. Not every day we see the holy cross turned upside down in the chapel. And your face could clearly tell me something wrong has happened with you. So tell me what's the problem.”

Hearing this, Veronica was taken aback and didn't know how to react.

“My husband - he's sick.” and then she said everything to the father, about two ambulances breaking down and the jammed telephone lines.

Father Aeden suggested that they go back immediately to the motel and accordingly they set forward to go there. As soon as Father Aeden entered the suite in which Felix was lying down, he felt a strong power that almost forbid him to enter the room. Father Aeden started to recite the prayers because the evil spirit was not allowing him to enter the room.

“Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope. To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve: to thee we spend up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. The power of the Holy commands to let me enter this place. Allow me right now!”

The power of the spirit seems to have reduced to some extent and it let the Father, enter the room. Father Aeden continued to find out who the evil spirit was.

“Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and shall ever be, world without end. The power of the Lord commands your Identity. Who are you???......... I say who are you???”

Felix now started yelling at the priest, “yaaahhhhaahh”, just like how Veronica had dreamt the previous night. Veronica was taken aback to realize that her dream was actually a déjà vu.

“I command again, who are you? Why have you possessed this child?”

“Revenge, I'm here to take REVENGE!” replied Felix in a strange tone and dialect.

“Why? What is it that you want?”

“Ask the lady standing beside you. Ask her about the incident that occurred at Dubai.”

Veronica was shocked. She couldn't really believe that Felix was being possessed by the evil spirit of a rapist. Father Aeden asked Veronica about it and she replied -

“Almost a month ago, before Felix and I got married, we both went to attend a conference at Dubai. Eventually, when we went out to spend some time together, I got lost and Felix was searching for me. In the meanwhile a native Arab, called Muinz, had also come to attend the conference. When I was lost, he abducted me to a private place and tried to sexually force me to have an intercourse with him. Luckily, Felix found me out just on time and handed Muinz to the police. The law became so strict that the Monarch of Dubai ordered death penalties (public execution) to any person committing such acts, as it was against the policies of the Holy Book of Quran and also it was a threat to the country's tourism revenue as no tourists would visit that country if it was unsafe for people.”

Father Aeden now turned to Felix and asked, “You've been punished for what you've done. Just leave this clean soul and shoo away from these children's life.”

“Hahahhahahahah, Impossible! I've complete possession of this soul. Tonight is the most powerful nights for demons of my kind. A couple of hours and I'll take away this soul with me. You can't do anything but just to lament over it. Hahahahaha.”

Hearing this, Veronica went out and started sobbing. Father Aeden tried to console her and said

“It's not the time to lament my child. It's the time to stand up and fight against the wrong. Come on. Buckle up courage!”

“I know Father, but Muinz’s spirit says that Felix is already possessed. I don't know what to do. As far as I know, even an exorcism would be impossible to perform now because we don't have enough time.”

She sat there for a while. Father Aeden started scratching his brain to find a solution to this problem. Meanwhile, Felix, being under possession, was acting very weird and strange in the room. After thinking for a long time, Veronica entered the room and started talking to the evil spirit. Father Aeden followed her into the room.

“Whoever you're, an evil spirit, a ghost, a demon or whatever. I beg of you. Please let go of my husband. Please. I'll be your slave, I'll do anything for you. Please leave my Felix.” She told this in a very sad and sobbing tone.

“Everything is finalized now, the only way you can save your husband is if you come with me and I'll make sure your husband is safe down here.” replied the evil spirit.

Veronica was appalled at this and she told

“Give me a minute. I'll come back and surrender myself to you.”

She then goes out, walks back in after a while and says “I'm yours, take me away with you!”

Sooner, Felix's body falls on the bed and suddenly Veronica started acting in a weird way. Father Aeden now realised that this was the time and the end of it all. He walks out of the motel, arranges for Felix's medical care and to perform the last rites.

When Felix wakes up fit and fine after the sunrise, he found a letter beside him. And it read -

“Dear Felix,

I'm sorry I've to leave you. This is the only way I could have saved you. I love you and would forever love you. The moment I hugged you when we came back from our outing - I just felt your bodily warmth. I regret not having understood the deeper problems you had. I regret not having to dive deeper into your heart and feel you.

I believe Father Aeden would have already told you everything and I didn't find any other better option than to do this. Anyways, enjoy your life and thank Father Aeden for everything he did. He tried his best to set the situations right.

Hope to see you soon.

Your loving wife


Felix was filled with tears and Father Aeden told him the remaining bit of the story. Father Aeden also told that the last rights were being performed to Veronica and he can go and visit her graveyard.

Felix hurried to the graveyard and started sobbing at her grave. He thanked her for her biggest sacrifice. He told that he loved her a lot and would never marry anyone else. Since then Felix permanently moved over to Bora Bora starting a small scale business of his own. Since then, every day he visits Veronica's grave with a nosegay of flowers and offers it to her grave.

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