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Vrushabha Chavadannavar

Drama Horror


Vrushabha Chavadannavar

Drama Horror

In Living Memory

In Living Memory

22 mins 700 22 mins 700

She hasn’t woken up in 3 days and I have not been able to be at peace since then. Doctors told me that she is just exhausted by everyday stress and her body needs rest. They believed it was common at times for a human body to rest for a long period of time due to exertion. But I don’t think I believe what they say. Something is fundamentally wrong. I do not know what is wrong though but hopefully, I will figure it out.

I walked over to a friend’s house. She is an impeccable form of human life I have ever met. She is a very amiable person and never denies to provide her shoulder to anyone who is in need. I have known her from quite young days. In fact, she was the reason why I even ended up meeting Veronica.

I knocked at her door and she was surprised at my sudden visit and welcomed me with open arms. “You finally decided to visit me after long wait huh?” she said. I burst out into tears and cried on her shoulder. She tried to console me and took me inside her home.

“Relax Felix. Tell me what is the matter.”


“What about Veronica?”

“She is unwell and hasn’t woken up for three days. Doctors seem to have given up on her recovery. They only are dillydallying with everything they are doing.”

“No worries, Relax. Can I see her?”

“Of course,” said I and we immediately drove back to my home. Veronica slept in the bedroom. Her body was twisted weirdly – her neck turned to three hundred and sixty degrees; her spine bent completely backward; hands and legs locked into each other as her spine was bent.

“My God!” I rushed towards Veronica and so did Suhana. We both tried to bring her back to normal but she was a hard nut to crack. After completely exhausting ourselves, we were successful in our task at hand.

“What is this Felix? What is happening here?” asked Suhana.

“If only I knew it, I wouldn’t have come to you” I replied. “Oh How I wish she was alright!!”

“But can you explain anything at all about this?”

“Yes, Of course” and I started telling Suhana the story.

“ We were walking along the shore of the sea. There was nobody around. It was just us. Held each other’s hands. It was a dark night with bright moonlight and the twinkling stars. The calming sounds of the waves added on to the romantic aura of us both. We walked on and on and on… without a destination. We only walked just to be beside each other always. Suddenly she stopped me and asked ‘do you love me?’. ‘Yes’ said I, ‘Forever’ and we both hugged each other. We didn’t want to undo each other. I Just wanted to hug her forever.

After a good night’s sleep, I woke up in the morning. She was still sleeping and she never looked as beautiful as she looked while sleeping. Just as the sun rose, the first rays fell on her face making her shine bright like never before. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her at the moment. After a while, she woke up too disturbed by the brightness of the sunlight.

‘Pull the window shades please Felix’ said Veronica

‘But why? You look so beautiful. Why did you wake up? You know I love you more while you’re asleep’ said I.

‘It’s been exactly three years into marriage and you still love me as you love me before?’

‘Yes. Indeed.’

‘I love you Felix’ and she hugged me.

I have hugged her a million times before. I hugged her that day too. But little did I know that I stood a million miles away from her and her soul that a few days later her situation was such a complete disaster. We had been to Bora Bora to celebrate our third anniversary and it was the same place we both went for our Honeymoon. We wanted to relive our moments all over again at Bora Bora – the crystal clear waters, picturesque mountains and the coral reef swirling with colorful fish.

After getting ready, we went out for the tour of Bora Bora. At a shopping center, Veronica liked a fancy earring with a shiny green gem embedded in it. We went into the shop to have a look at it and Veronica denied buying it stating it was too expensive. We then went on to carry on with our tour. After we returned to our motel, she lay on the couch of the room tired and exhausted. I decided to surprise her.

‘Close your eyes and I have to show you something’ said I.

‘Oh My God! Is this for real?’ she asked.

I quickly hurried to my bag pack and took out the earring she had seen at the store. She was astonished at the gift. Although she had told it was expensive, I still decided to buy it as it was our anniversary and I had to make my wife happy. It was not the money that mattered, it was the love and emotion that lay behind it.

‘My My. I love you so much for this. . . I mean it was too expensive. You should have asked me before purchasing it’ she started to give me a talking to. She, however, accepted the gift and put it on her. She too had a wristwatch for me and she gifted it to me. But from the time I showed her the earring, she seemed to be very upset about the same.

Things have been not so good between us since the time I gifted her the earring. She was kind of on a cold war situation with me. We came back home and things seemed to be going on fine. Until one day, where we were entering the chapel for our Sunday Mass and just before we entered the Chapel, the earring I gifted her stuck on the entrance gate and it almost tore her ears. We immediately rushed to the hospital and she had a few stitches. The doctor suggested rest for a day and she did so accordingly. We slept, as usual, being exhausted of our everyday work and that’s it, she hasn’t woken up ever since. ” I rest my story before Suhana.

Suhana being a Holy and religious person advised me to refer to the Holy books to find a solution to bring Veronica back. She told me that the ultimate answer for everything in human life is bestowed in the Holy books. She told me that it was time for teamwork to save Veronica and she wanted to immediately head back to her place because she has in her house the required material. I suggested that I stay beside Veronica to look after her as I was scared her body would take weird shapes as it had taken when we entered.

Meanwhile, I took out the Holy Bible and found Philippians 4:6-7 “Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. And God’s peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus.” I was thinking of heading to the chapel for offering prayers and suddenly, Suhana returned running and breathing heavily.

“What’s wrong Suhana?” I asked.

“There’s a dog. It was chasing me.”

“A dog?” I was baffled as to why did she run from a dog.

“Just as I was walking back home, there was a huge dog that came in between my way and did not let me go any further. I had no option but to run back.”

“Never mind, I think you were right, I found answers in the Holy Book. Can we go to the Chapel? I think that is where we would find answers to Veronica.”

Suhana agreed. Just as we were stepping out of our house, a dog was staying just outside our house. “It’s the same dog,” said Suhana.

“Relax Suhana. This is harmless” I replied. We just walked ahead towards the direction of the Chapel and the dog seemed to ignore us. Suhana seemed very relieved too.

We went into the Chapel and I burst into tears praying God to bring back Veronica. “Dear God. You gave me Veronica in my difficult times and you are withholding her from me now. Please don’t take away the love of my life.” Suddenly, I could see that the portrait of Jesus was bleeding from the toes and the palms i.e. the parts were Lord Jesus was nailed through the wooden plank before the crucifixion.

Immediately, Father Joesph came in observing “One of God’s child is in danger and God is bleeding for his beloved. What are your worries, my son?” He asked.

“Father, My wife, she is sick and hasn’t been able to wake up for 3 days. My friend here referred me to the Holy Book of Bible and here I am looking for answers.”

“You have come to the right place, my child. Your wife needs Almighty’s support. Whatever it takes, we will get her back. You stay strong.”

“But how Father?” asked Suhana.

 “If God has brought you till here, I am sure, he will guide us through the right path.”

Father Joseph took out the Holy Cross from his Holy Robe. Opened the Holy Bible, kept the Cross on the Bible and Uttered a few prayers. He then kept the Holy Bible on the altar. I did not clearly understand the meaning of the prayers, which was in Latin, but I did somehow understood that he was requesting God for direction, a way, a path to begin from. Almost an hour of prayers, the Holy Cross kept on the Holy Bible turned itself and fell on the ground pointing towards the entrance of the Chapel.

“That’s it, God hath sent his message” Father replied.

Suhana and I wondered what would a way out of the Chapel be of our help. We came here in search of help. But Father insisted that we listen to God’s words and help would be available from the entrance. Accordingly, we headed to the entrance of the Chapel and we found literally nothing. We looked all around, it was dark, really dark. Not a single ray of light was visible. Suddenly, the lantern we held shed some light on something that moved. We directed the lantern in its direction and the same Dog that chased Suhana back to my home was waiting there.

“Do. . . Do you think this is the direction, Father?” I asked.

“Yes. He said. We better get him inside Chapel, warm and hot. Come on in young man” and Father invited our new guest into the Chapel.

The Dog cried a long howl inside the Chapel and bent its head down in God’s presence. After he offered his prayers to God, he did a very unusual thing I have ever seen in my life.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” said he.

“You speak?” said Suhana and I almost in consonance.

“I am not surprised by this” replied Father, “I have seen many more strange things in my life.”

“I know what is wrong with Veronica. And I know the solution to it as well” replied the Dog.

“But who are you?”

“I am a well-wisher of Veronica. People call me Tom though.”

“How do you know about Veronica?” I asked.

“I think we have a bigger task at hand – to save Veronica from the clutches of the negative power, a destroyer, an evil spirit. We save the remaining conversation to after Veronica.”

“Can you guide us through then?”

“Of course. That’s why I am here for. Listen to me carefully. We do not have much time. Do everything as I say. We need to perform an exorcism to eliminate Veronica of the clutches of Evil Power. I am sure father Joseph would do that for us.”

“Yes My Lord, my duty is to save your beloved children” replied Father.

“That’s good. We all head back home and get ourselves ready for the exorcism. From what I have known, the spirit that has captured Veronica is a really strong one and exorcism will simply neutralize its power but it will still be inside Veronica. To get the spirit outside of Veronica, someone needs to take it out of her soul too. You take me beside her and I will enter Veronica’s soul and take away the spirit.”

“Will that cause no harm to you?” I asked.

“You need not worry about me. I am God’s child.”

“We shall head to your house then” replied Suhana.

“Remember, we need to get done with this within the next sunrise. It’s a full moon night tonight and evil spirits are always to be too strong on full moon nights.”

“May I know how?” I asked.

Suhana replied, “It is the sun that gives us all the energy. Sun’s energy is least on a Full moon night and so the power of spirits do go high.”

“This is the reason why I chased you back to Veronica when you were heading back to your home. The positive energy you possess could help Veronica decimate the evil spirit and stop her from harming herself.”

So, we set forth driving back home. It was dark. All of a sudden, the clouds turned dark grey with heavy thunderstorms and lightning. Driving became too difficult. Each flash of lightning blinded my vision completely. Meanwhile, Tom started a loud and shrill cry. He started howling like never before. Suddenly, a clap of thunder struck right onto the bonnet of the car and I lost control of the car. I drove it outside of the road and the car fell into the pit that ran parallel to the road. We all got out of the Car and Tom continued to howl.

“Why can’t he talk like he did before?” I asked.

“I don’t know. But I am sure he is telling us that we need to hurry up and sunrise is not that far” replied Father.

I checked the car and realised that it is not in a drivable state back home and the only way back was to walk. We were completely drenched in rain from top to bottom. We managed to walk through the dark roads with heavy rains and thunderstorms. While we walked back home, Suhana was struck by a lightning and injured her leg. “Ahhhhhh, Feliiiiixx.”

Father and I who were ahead in the convoy looked back at Suhana and hurried back. “I don’t think that so many things are coincidental. The evil spirit is trying to stop us all from reaching Veronica” said Father.

“Forget about me. It’s all about Veronica now. You all go ahead. I will be alright. God will take care of me.” I was heartened by Suhana sacrificing herself to save Veronica. I couldn’t leave her here. She was as important to me as Veronica was. The reason why Veronica happened to me was Suhana and I couldn’t let her die. I decided to take her in my arms and run back home. It wasn’t far away and Suhana would make it back.

Just as I approached Suhana to pick her up, Tom came around and licked around the part where Suhana had been hurt. He first licked her legs which were most hurt by the lightning. He then quickly moved onto her hands and to her forehead where she had some bruises. He then left all of us behind and started running. “Wait, where are you. . .” said I and he was disappeared by then.

I picked up Suhana and Father and I ran towards our home. I lay Suhana on the couch in the living room but she insisted that she be taken to the room where Veronica lay. I did so. Just as we entered the room, Tom stayed there just behind Veronica. He barked at us once we entered and continued.

“I think we better get started with the Exorcism,” said Father.

He then cleaned up his holy robe and wore a Holy strap around his neck that went down till his knee-length. He suggested that we tie Veronica up to something as he was worried that the evil spirit might run away taking Veronica with it. To support our cause, Tom added to hold her by stepping onto her while we performed the Exorcism.

Father Joseph began “All Hail the Almighty. . In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Our Father, Who Art in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give this day our daily bread and Forgive us our trespass. .”

Just then Veronica seemed to wake up. “Trespass,” she said.

“As we forgive those who trespassed against us.”

“Trespass,” she said again, “That’s what I am doing, trespassing Veronica’s soul and committing a sin. If that’s all it takes to take her away” and she started laughing in a loud voice – “Hahahahahahahahaha. Poor souls, you will not be able to save her. Don’t put your efforts in vain. Get off me, you pig” she got rid of Tom on top of her. She untied the knot Father and I had used to tie Veronica up. She then sat straight on the bed.

Father said, “The power of Holy Spirit Commands the Evil. Who are you?” Quickly, Veronica made a flower vase that was kept on the table next to the bed fly in the air and hit Father’s head. It shattered into million pieces and Father’s head was bleeding.

He, however, got up to resume the exorcism and in the meanwhile, Veronica started floating in the air and made a shrill cry, the intensity of which almost tore our eardrums and shattered all the window panes of the house. Suhana went unconscious after the Shrill cry.

I hurried to Suhana and realized that she was only unconscious. I went back to Veronica to pull her down onto the bed. Father ran towards her too and he hit her hands and Legs with the Holy Cross – “This is act as tranquilizers for her hands and legs and she won’t be able to move.” Immediately, Veronica spat on Father a white mucus. She tried to get rid of me too with growling sounds.

The surroundings were too haunted now. The Holy Cross hanged right in front of the door of the room turned upside down. Jesus’ portraits all through the house started bleeding at the points where he was nailed. The windows were dashing in and out again and again. It is still raining and thunderstorm. A loud thunderstorm just happened and nothing seems to be alright.

Father told me to hold Veronica still and he carried on with the Exorcism. While Father continued the Exorcism, the spirit spoke to me. “You fools are wasting your energy on nothing. You know I will take her anyways. Hahahaha. Do you want to meet her for the last? Huh? Here you go. Veronica closed her eyes and opened it again. She started crying. Father continued with prayers.

“Felix help me. She will take me away otherwise. Please help me.” I hugged her tighter than ever and then held her face on my palms.

“I love you Veronica and will go to any extent to save you back. But you need to help me first. Who is inside you?”

Immediately, the evil one took control. “Not so easily will I let out any information about me. You may try a million ways if you wish.”

After some time of reciting prayers, Veronica lay still in my arms and so did the evil one. Father Joseph now concluded his prayers and told that it was time for Tom to do his job. He had told that he had to take the evil one away from Veronica as mentioned at the Chapel.

Tom did not speak anything but he realized that it was time for him to come in. He got on top of Veronica almost hugging her and he slept and was in deep sleep. Father Joseph advised not to disturb Tom until he does his job. We decided to wait outside and see Veronica through the window pane.

Tom’s continuity of releasing Veronica from the Evil Power.

“You vermin. I always tried to get rid of you in person and you don’t leave her here too huh? Are you so loyal? I will let you know the cost of your loyalty” said the evil one and approached Tom to give him a kick.

The scene was now just with Veronica, Tom and the evil one conversing with each other.

“Stay right there. I have a hundred times more power than you do” replied Tom. She did so and Tom continued to enquire who she was. He uttered a few Latin Prayers which should have coerced the evil one to reveal her identity. But the evil power was more powerful.

Veronica came in crying and sobbing. “Hey, Tom. I love you so much. Thank you for being here with me” after a long pause, “This is Rosa, my friend.” Rosa tried to intervene and shoo away Tom and tried to interfere with him from knowing more details. Tom gave a loud bark and growled at her so loudly that Rosa was thrown away a little far into the place.

Veronica was chained to a pole by her legs. Tom hurried towards her and they both exchanged a hug. Tom spoke again, “I am here to save you Veronica, you have to be at peace.” Veronica wanted to Hug him more and cry her heart out but then she just gave into the comfort of Tom and fell asleep – tired as she was, her soul was trapped by Rosa.

Rosa then came to Tom and said “She was a friend and she always took everything. She took good grades in college, professors loved her and she had a well-settled life. I bore everything until she snatched Felix. I loved him but he never loved me. He was one in a million kind of a guy and Veronica was successful in taking him too. Then I decided that Felix can neither be mine nor hers. I killed myself to enter Veronica’s soul.”

“Shame on you, Veronica considered you a really good friend. This is how you repay your friendship to her?”

“You don’t know how much it pains from the inside. You just know how to be loyal. I very well know you were the one who tried to snatch her earring at the Chapel the other day. Nobody observed that you pulled it out through your paws while she was feeding you food on the way to the Chapel. But you were too late my friend. I had already entered her by then. I wonder how did you find out that the earring was my source of entry into her soul!”

“Well, I guess it is show time now and I have to do my job” and he jumped on Rosa and fell on her. He bit her rashly and injured her completely. Rosa screamed out loud in pain and after making her numb, Tom lay there. A white ray of light appeared from the sky. It was time. But Tom wanted to meet Veronica before he left. He went towards Veronica sniffing her. Veronica woke up by Tom’s sniffing and hugged him again. She saw the white light and Rosa’s dilapidated state.

“Is it over? Yes, it is. Thank you so much, Tom. You were a hero today. I will officially adopt you once we get back” said Veronica.

“I am afraid that won’t be possible. I will see you soon. . .Uhh. . . If possible.” He then walked towards Rosa and the white light. Stood underneath it.

“Wait. . bu. . why?” asked Veronica as she stood up and walked towards Tom stretching her arms towards him. She was unable to walk because of the exertion, so she limped and by the time she reached Tom, it was done and she lay there alone sobbing and thinking of Tom.

Back in the House

I have been roaming around to and fro in front of the door anxiously worried about Veronica. It’s near sunrise, in fact, a few more minutes and the Sun would be above the horizon and Veronica is still not back. I have been praying to God continuously about Veronica’s wellbeing. Suhana came to me limping with her damaged leg and tried to console me, restore faith in me that Veronica will be alright. The few minutes passed by and the Sun was above the Horizon. I burst into tears and hugged Suhana. Father Joseph also came to console me.

Just then, Veronica opened the door and came out of the room. I was stopped dead in tracks. I couldn’t control myself from rushing towards Veronica and hugging her tightly. Suhana’s tears out of joy flowed too. Father Joseph uttered, “Everything seems to be settled now.”

Veronica asked, “ Is Tom here?”

“He must be inside,” said I and looked inside but he wasn’t there. I went through my house to check if he is around somewhere but all in vain. I asked the gatekeeper whether he saw the dog that came with us while we entered our house. He was surprised and told us that no dog ever came into the house and he had been on duty since the last evening. He added that his shift was over and excused us to go to his house to take rest.

After my futile efforts in finding Tom, I headed back home and Veronica unfurled who was Tom. Every week when we went for the Sunday Mass, she used to ask me to go ahead to the chapel and she would be just behind me. She told me today that she used to shower love on him and feed something before she entered the Chapel. In the series of everything that happened, it was saddening that I almost lost Veronica but it was more saddening that we actually lost Tom. We decided that we rush back to where he used to stay (near Chapel) and find an everyday thing of his and keep it with us in his loving memory.

When we reached the destination, we saw that he was dead and he didn’t move. His body lay there, cold and frost. We decided that his last rites must be performed with due respect and honor. He was the one who saved Veronica, saved me, saved my family and he finally kept up to his loyalty. Bidding adieu Tom. Farewell!

Acknowledgment - I wrote this story in memory of my pet dog, Tom, who passed away due to aging and illness. The title of the story is significant is not a typographical error. It simply is to denote that he will always live alive in my heart and I would love him a lot.

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