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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

An Adventurous Love Song

An Adventurous Love Song

2 mins 294 2 mins 294

After a successful reunion of my tenth grade batch mates, Suhana and I got married to lead a happy married life. But nothing is perfect and so was our married life. We both fought with each other a lot over minute issues and it reached at a point where Suhana decided to leave me and go away. I tried convincing her not to leave but all in vain. She booked her tickets to Australia where her brother lived who also had told her that he would get her a job there as well.

“Listen dude, we will sort it out. You don’t have to hurry” said I .

“No. You always say this but you never do sort it” replied Suhana.

She came out of the room to the living area kept her bags and started wearing her footwear. She then went to the door and opened it to see a strange man with really long and curly hair and beard. He stood facing the floor and once Suhana opened the door, he lifted his face up and told “Don’t leave. Else your husband will die.”

“Who the hell are you man?” I asked and Suhana turned towards me while I told this. She turned back at the guest arrived at our door and suddenly he was disappeared. We both looked at each other perplexed as to what had just happened. Suhana looked out of the door to see if the magic man was to be seen somewhere. She looked back at me expressing a feeling of love and fear – love for me and the fear of losing me.

Suhana started sobbing and ignoring the magic man’s words, she took her luggage and left our home slamming the door real hard. No sooner did she leave, I got a phone call.

“Aarush, save me, it’s Suhana. Please sav….” the phone hung up.

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