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Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Thriller Action

Gang War: the conclusion

Gang War: the conclusion

8 mins

(Continuation of the story from Gang War: The Beginning)

After the death of Krishna Rajan Mudaliar and Hari Singh Patel, Mumbai rests in peace for 25 years since, there is no gang war and terrorist attacks and the people can be free now.

Akileshwaran, the son of Krishnarajan Mudaliar now lives in Coimbatore district with his relative Prakash, who has raised him non-violent, training him in the field of patriotism. In further, as told, Prakash doesn't want Akhil to follow the path of violence like his father.

But, in sometimes, Akhil becomes anger and violent, without his knowledge, on some circumstances, which makes Prakash to remember his relative at some period of times.

Presently, Akhil is a college student in Sri Krishna Arts and Science. In further, he dislikes the gangsters, terrorists and baddies in the country as a result of which, he wishes to join the Police force.

When he was in the college, his genuine behavior, calmness and social activities had attracted a lots of younger and senior students. One of his classmates named Haritha, followed him for three years in order to propose her love.

However, Akhil rejects her proposal since, her path of career and his path of career has a lots of difference. In further, Akhil aims to join the IPS force and he cannot think about anything else, which makes Haritha heartbroken, but tells to him that she will wait for him.

Akhil finishes his IPS training for three years in Dehradun, after which he had been posted as the ASP of Coimbatore district. However, after a very few days, due to his rude and ruthless nature, his senior police officer DSP Rathnavel Krishnan suspends him for two months, which leaves him frustrated.

Henceforth, Akhil decides to become a gangster which leaves Prakash shocked, when he learned about this. Fearing that, he might become like Krishnarajan, Prakash reveals the past of Akhil's father and his tragic life as a gangster in Mumbai. In further, Akhil also learned, how gang war made his entire family to meet a tragic path of life.

While conversing, Akhil's close friend ACP Syed Ibrahim dials him from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. He asks him, "Buddy. Where are you da?"

"I am still in Coimbatore only. It might take time for me to come for Uttar Pradesh" said Akhil.

"Okay" said Syed and he hangs down the call.

"What Akhil? Why are you going to Lucknow suddenly?" asked Prakash.

"There's an important work in Uttar Pradesh, Uncle. Henceforth, I am going. I will tell those things later on" Said Akhil.

Later, he goes to Uttar Pradesh and meets Syed Ibrahim and the duo discusses each other with some photos of gangsters mutually. Lucknow is controlled by crime boss Raj Singh Mehra, his three sons Uttav Singh Tagore, Ravi Singh and Amit Singh.

While Raj Singh and Uttav Singh controlled Lucknow and parts of Uttar Pradesh, the second son Ravi Singh controlled the parts of Uttarakhand and the last son Amit Singh controlled the parts of Kashmir.

Being a god fearing crime boss, Raj Singh Mehra has a running feud with his rival gangster named Gokul Reddy, who hails from Pedakakani of Andhra Pradesh and has settled in Uttar Pradesh with his mafia.

Raj Singh's gang are indulged in terrorism, murders and illegal gambling, which had become a big headache for the whole Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Kashmir. In further, Gokul Reddy's gangs are indulged in smuggling and trafficking business activities, that became a headache for Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. Since, both of them are politically influenced and powerful, the police department is unable to do anything against them.

In further, when Syed tried to take action against the duo, he is suspended by his senior police officer. He too has to settle a score with Raj Singh Mehra and his family. Because, his elder son had brutally raped his younger sister and had killed his whole family for taking action against their gangster units.

Syed reveals this past to Akhil also and the latter tells to him, "Syed. You know a truth?" for which Syed remains silent while Akhil continues, "I am not suspended by my senior cop. Indeed, he had transferred me to Lucknow prior to the orders of your senior cop. He and my senior cop has asked me to perform an undercover mission in order to nab down both these gangster units. We both are in that mission only."

Syed becomes happy and the duo decides to eliminate the gangsters in Uttar Pradesh. In further, Akhil reveals to Syed about his father's drastic past in Mumbai, which made him to show hatred against the gangsters and criminals. At the same time, when Akhil was living with Syed, he is touched with his hospitality, social service and immortal faith towards god especially, when he worshiped Hindu, Christian and Muslim gods as secular.

In further, he also learns from Syed that, many of youngsters like him were brainwashed by Raj Singh Mehra's Muslim henchmen(who wanted to destruct India, having being funded by Pakistan). Because Syed tried to eliminate this particular business of Mehra, they had brutally attacked his family in a way, which should instill fears in the minds of other police officers.

Akhil realized from Syed's words that, there are so many problems in India other than gang war and terrorism forms to be the main problem in the country. Henceforth, he decides to change the minds of Muslim people with the help of Syed, in their surroundings.

While Akhil was in this undercover mission, Haritha comes to Lucknow for her Journalist job where she is shocked to meet him and using this as a golden opportunity, she decides to woo him. Having been disturbed with her following, Akhil reveals his drastic past as well as his revenge against the gangsters, which leaves her shocked.

Haritha decides to help Akhil in his revenge, joining hands with Syed. However, she is unknown that Syed and Akhil are in an undercover mission and thinks, they are suspended officers. It is of late, she learns this especially, when the duo were creating awareness among Muslims, showing the video footages of Raj Singh Mehra, conversing with his henchmen about, how he had brainwashed the young Muslim minds and Hindus to make them indulge in terrorism activities and earning profits through the activities.(these were shot by Haritha, who was requested by Akhil to take the videos of the conversation hiding from somewhere near to the house of Raj Singh)

On hearing this, the young minds realizes that, they are being used as a sleeper cells and puppets for the gangsters and terrorists and henceforth, gives up their support for these units and instead joins hand with Syed and Akhil. With the newly formed group, Akhil destructs the gangster units of Gokul Reddy and also kills them, in final.

After Gokul Reddy's death, Raj Singh Mehra learns that, someone is behind their crime units and fearing for life, he packs up everything and decides to flee from Uttar Pradesh with his family to Khammam district in Andhra Pradesh. However, when the police officers(who learned his escape) surrounded him, he takes Syed and Akhil as hostages(who stood besides him as an ordinary man).

He threatens to kill the duo, if they doesn't takes their steps back and takes them with him, telling that, until he reaches Khammam, Syed and Akhil will be with him. However, before the duo can stand behind Raj Singh, they have loaded the gun with bullets and with that, they kills Raj Singh, his wife and some of his henchman in the car, after which his three sons stops the car and in the fight, Syed shoots and kills Uttav Singh, while Ravi Singh was killed by Amit Singh accidentally, when he aimed for Akhil, to kill him.

At the same time, the bullets in Akhil's gun goes empty. Amit now holds Akhil in gun point telling him, "Akhil. I am not worried about my family's death. Because, I wanted them to die in order to take my father's crime empire. Either join with me or die. That's up to you duo's choice"

"Amit. May I tell you a story? Like you, my father Krishnarajan Mudaliar too was a big gangster in Mumbai. His rivalry gangster wanted him to be eliminated in the place and as a result, a big war erupts between my father and his rival(Hari Singh). They killed my mother and henceforth, he had sent me to Coimbatore with one of my relatives, when I was 2 years old. After that, he was killed by police officers in Mumbai, once he killed Hari Singh. From that time, my relative Prakash raised me up non-violent and doesn't wished to see me as a gangster. In addition to that, I disliked the gangsters, terrorists and criminals. You knew! It was a trap made by me and Syed to finish you all and henceforth, we wantedly stood in front of your father and in the process, killed your whole family. We are undercover police officers, ASP of Uttar Pradesh" said Akhil and he takes his loaded pistol, pointed towards Amit after which, he shoots him and he died on the spot.

After this, Syed informs to his senior police officer that, the mission is accomplished while Akhil goes to meet Haritha, who is waiting for him in the railway station of Lucknow and he accepts her love. Additionally, Akhil informs the undercover mission to her and his uncle Prakash, at this point of time. He feels very happy about Akhil, for eliminating the gangsters and he smiles after hearing it.

Akhil and Haritha proceeds in the train while, Syed plans to rejoin officially in the IPS department after being asked to do so by his senior police officers.

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