Shivangni Saha

Comedy Drama Thriller


Shivangni Saha

Comedy Drama Thriller

Gamer's Luck: Ch. 4

Gamer's Luck: Ch. 4

8 mins




What just happened?

I don’t get it. I kicked his hand off of my hammer and was ready to pierce him to the ground. What could he have done right before that split second? 

That’s it. I have got to meet this guy. 


“Let’s meet.”

“I said no that last time you asked me.”

“Dude, I straight up don’t know what the heck happened during our single’s match. Like, I kicked your hand off Dino’s hammer and then, I think I lost?”

“You lost.”

“Yeah okay I know, that’s besides the point. You could be cheating for all I know. How can a video game allow an attack fast enough that I don’t even see it coming, not my avatar, but me, the avatar’s conjurer.”

“Man I don’t know, you’re just not good enough. Stop texting me.”

“Please. Fine look dude. Shit happened at school and now I’ve got these bullies, who are avid gamers like me, only they suck, behind me. I’m guessing you came across them in a match and very easily defeated them, crushing their ego, so they approached me to set up a meeting with you on their behalf and relay their demands to you. I’ve been getting threatening texts from them that if I can’t get you to show up, they’ll take my best friend into “hostage”, so please.”

(Thinking to myself, “pretty good, eh?”)

“This is not any of my business.”

“It is, because you’re involved in it. You can solve it. Please.”

(Sometimes, you gotta bluff a little to get what you want).

“Bro, I- I swear to god if you’re lying I’ll turn into one of those bullies the second we meet.”

“I’m not lying, swear on my family.”

(This guy… he’s gullible? For real? This video-gaming, monster-crushing, ice-cold beast?)

“Alright, fine. Park Road 21, at Playground Pocky, tomorrow 5 pm.”

“Oh you like swings?”

“I’m this close to changing my mind.”

“I’ll see you there then :).”



My mind keeps repeating the address of our rendez-vous. Park Road 21 Playground Pocky, Park Road 21 Playground Pocky, Park Road 21 Playground Pocky, Park Road 21 Playground Pocky. I cannot wait for tomorrow to arrive.

Bedtime comes and I’m tossing and turning like anything. Could it please be morning already? I hear my alarm clock’s arms ticking ever so slowly, every second feels like an hour. I need to sleep.

*Alarm clock violently chimes*

I lazily pick my hand up to stop its beeping. My dark circles are looking truly magnificent today. Yes, I did not sleep last night. I don’t know if it was the excitement or nervousness, or both. I’m finally meeting him.

School’s out and what felt like a year had come to an end. I’m already speed-walking- now sprinting, to Park Road 21. 

“Fuji whereya’ going? We have extra lessons now-”

Extra lessons? Yea right, that’s just a term used by the education system to fool our parents into thinking that we’re getting extra tutoring, when really, we’re getting more sleep.

I ignore everyone looking at me and call mom.

“I’m going to be late”

I don't know how late, but I’m sure this is gonna take a while.

“Um, why and where are you going and how la-”

I hung up the phone. Man am I gonna get a beating for this later.

I swing myself out of the school gate and head to the center hub of the city.

Tokyo. It sure is a cool place at this time. The flashing city lights. The speeding sports cars and bikes. The boys and girls. The scent of good ol’ street food mingling with the high-class 5 star skyscraper delicacies. I keep spinning around in the midst of the hustle like a crazy man.

“Park Road 21, Park Road 21, Park Road 21… excuse me, do you know where Park Road 21 is?”

“Why do you wanna know, kid?”

“Um, sorry, wrong person.”

Shit. This guy looks like trouble, should’ve known. Anyone as big as that, wearing an abstract hoodie with a thuggish look should be avoided- isn’t that common sense?

“Follow me.”

“Oh no, no no, it really is okay, I’m so sorry to bother you kind sir please spare me I have a fam-”

“Follow. Me.”


I’m gonna cry, I’m gonna cry, I’m gonna cry, I’m gonna cry, I’m gonna cry. 

The scruffy looking guy takes me into an alley that clearly looks like it’s used to commit murders and school bullying in groups. It’s dark, damp and silent. I bet no one comes here. Okay. So. I’m gonna die today. Damn, must’ve really not been in my fate to meet Purple.

“Borus. He’s with me.”


I turn around at the beautiful voice of my saviour and see a rather good-looking guy with bedhead, nerdy glasses, black hair with streaks of purple. He’s wearing a purple hoodie with gaming avatars imprinted on it. 

“Relax Purple, I was just gonna ask him if he wanted a smoke with me. You know how my eternal loneliness is, this stranger has kind eyes so I gave it a shot.”

Woah, hol’ up- Purple?

“Yeah well you don’t have his kind eyes at first look so I’m pretty sure you made him shit his pants.”

“Did I make you shit your pants kid?”

Wha- all of a sudden he’s talking with an adorable tone and now looks like an oversized baby to me?

“Uhh, umm, no?”

“You made him shit his pants, Borus.”

“Aw man, I’m sorry lil’ guy. I don’t why this keeps happening. I wouldn’t have forced you to smoke, I just come to this isolated place so nobody sees me cry out my virginity while I get high. That stuff’s embarrassing for us guys, ya’ know?”

Do I know? Hell yea I know. Getting laid is a whole other thing, the last time I gave valentine chocolates to my crush she said, 

“You’re really cute, Fuji, but… you seem kinda weird? I’m just saying this for your own good, some of the girls think you’re a creepy pervert, so you might wanna fix that, sorry.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA, “for my own good”, like fuck that. The only girls that I even have indecent thoughts about are 2D, so suck it Aya.

“Aite, stop wasting time and let’s go, that means you too, Void.”

“Wha- Purple. You’re really Purple. Holy crap.”

“Yeah, now let’s go dumbass.”

So much for being polite to strangers.

Big baby and I begin to walk behind Purple.

“I’m Borus by the way.” The giant walking baby mumbled to me with a surprisingly warm smile.

“Yeah- I heard.”

“That’s Purple. Considering that Purple knows you, I’m guessing you’re a gamer, right?”

“Yes sir, with a kill consistency of over 100,000 and a dedication to gaming for nearly every day for 4 years, that’s me, Void.” 

That came out better than I thought, I’m so proud of myself.

“Cool. So Purple there is a really good gamer. He…”

Did I… did I say something wrong? Isn’t this the part where he praises me? Ouch.

“You hear?”

“Huh? Sorry, I zoned out.”

“I was saying that we all call each other by our gamer names, even in reality, my gaming alias is Borelius, but everyone calls me Borus out here, so it’s a variation of my online name.”

“We call him Borus cause he tends to bore people with his conversations.”

“Woah that’s gotta hurt, huh Bor-”

I turn to my right and this dude really does look hurt. The fuck? I’m trying so hard to contain my laughter.

“It’s okay though I guess, anything for lil Purple.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Okay… lil Purple.” Borus stealthily mumbles.

Borus and I turn to each other while sneaking in a giggle, I like this guy.

Purple lets out an angered sigh.

“We’re here. Playground Pocky.”

“Oh, cute.”

“Wait till you see the actual playground.” Borus winks at me.

Umm, okay? 

“What about those guys by the way, do they still wanna kill your friend?”

“Hm? Oh, OH. Yes, yes they do. They’re happy since I got an appointment with you.”

“I ain’t some sorta doctor kid, chill with the “appointment”. All I’m gonna tell you is that I can’t tell you shit. But go ahead and give me their usernames and I’ll challenge them anyday. Beef with me is personal so they don’t have to involve anyone else, or I’m not gonna be challenging anyone.”

“Purple actually has a soft spot for sad people like, no matter how tough he looks.”

“Borus, shut up.”

“Okay.” Aww, the sad but accepting expression on Borus’s face- he really is such a baby.

“Got it?”

“Hm?” I look at Purple puzzled.

“What I just said, I just met you so that’d you stop bugging me online, do it again and I’ll report you. I didn’t do it this time ‘cause I can tell you’re a genuine kid and reporting you for trynna save your friend would just be inhumane.”

“Ah, right. But- how do, how do you do it? How do you always win?”

“Kid, I’m not telling you shit. Leave.”

“Aw come on, he’s famous among us. Sorry kid I didn’t remember instantly, but now that I realize, “Void” is the name of the guy who got in a hit on Purple’s avatar for the first time. You’ve gotta be amazing to do that, especially since you seem like a normal student and not some professional paid gamer. Honestly Purple, he came all the way here just to meet you, he’s determined, dedicated and has intense potential as a gamer, I think we should introduce him to A. Give him a chance.”

“No. We can’t trust him just ‘cause he’s somewhat better than average at gaming.”

“Uhhh…” I just watch them convincing one another with a blank look on my face. What are they talking about? Who’s A?

“Who’s A?” I murmur in the midst of the heated conversation.

“Not anyone you need to know.”

*Borus’s phone rings, a catchy gaming tune begins to play*

“Hello? Oh, okay. So… A wants him.” Borus glances at me.

“What?” Purple looks shocked.

“Let me talk to A.”

Borus hands Purple the phone.

“A… but- are you sure? How can you tell? Yeah yeah, funny. It’s your fault if you’re wrong. I know, bye.”

There’s a suffocating silence in the atmosphere.

“You’re coming with us.”


“Don’t ask. Just come, we’re not gonna kill you relax.”

Isn’t that exactly what you hear before you’re killed?

“Come on! It’ll be fun.”

Sigh, at least Borus is with me, so Purple won’t cremate me alone with his burning looks.

Oh god, this is not how I expected this to go,

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