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Shivangni Saha

Drama Thriller


Shivangni Saha

Drama Thriller

Gamer's Luck - Chapter 2

Gamer's Luck - Chapter 2

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CH. 2


“I’m heading off to school!”

I should really just drop out shouldn’t I? It’s frustrating. This is the only place I don’t like leveling up in. 

“Yo, Fuji.”

“Hey, Kenji.”

“Dude, your dark circles are truly something to take pride in.”

“Trust me, I do.”

“What game were you up playing last night?”

“Wands and Swords”.

“Did you win?”

“Did I?”

“Of course.”

“Final exams are coming up in 2 months dude. We’re seniors after that. Don’t you wanna graduate 11th grade?”

“I’ve made it this far haven’t I? I continue to procrastinate because in spite of it, I still succeed in leveling up.”

“Somehow, and please, no gaming terms here. My ears are pure and I hope to keep them that way.”

“You got it.”

I settle into class. The room reeks of ambition. I have ambition too, just, not for this kind of stuff. 

“Alright, today we’ll be talk-.”

The bell. That’s the bell. School is finally over. I didn’t fall asleep, physically. But I may have mentally, spiritually, emotionally and in every other way.

Aw man, this life’s more exhausting than I thought.

I get on my cycle and head back home. I just wanna level up in Wands and Swords today and maybe even beat that “Purple” guy in Adagio. I’ve really got to put him in his place. Void is invincible- nothing more, nothing less, and I’ve got to prove it to him fast.

Fast-forward 6 hours later.

“...Is what I thought, but… damn. Should I track him down and kill him in person? No, I can’t stoop that low, right?”

My head’s in a daze and my eyes are probably redder than an addict’s. I mean, I am an addict, but you know what I mean. This guy, this one, fucking guy. Who the fuck is he? No one’s been able to defeat me in 3 years and this guy does it in one to two matches? The fuck?? Nah, he’s cheating, he’s got to be cheating. 

The door opens.

“Fuji, go to sleep, mom’s gonna get mad.”

“He’s cheating he’s cheating he’s cheating he’s cheating he’s cheating he’s cheating…” I so profusely keep whispering to myself.

“...I tried.” 

The door closes.

I’m staring at the ceiling, my neck’s hanging down the back of the chair, facing up, without any movement. My arms are spread on each of the rests. My throat feels dry. Most importantly, my cold sweat is beginning to turn hot.

I need to meet him.


“Hey Purple.”

“Hi Void”

“You’ve been beating me quite frequently now.”

“That’s what it seems like.”

“Can we meet?”



“I should be asking you that.”

“I just wanna gain some tips. Maybe check out your tools.”

“Why would I give my opponent tips, let alone my tools?”

“Because your opponent’s worthy of it, trust me.”

“I’ll decide that for myself the day you beat me. Bye now.”


He sounds like some cold overpriced side-kick in a shounen anime with the whole “I am a man of few words” attitude. I bet he’s cringey as fuck in real life.

I then think to myself, 

“Look who’s talking”.

...hahahahaha... true.

My sweat is now officially evaporating.

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