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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Vaishnavi Prakash

Inspirational Others Children


Vaishnavi Prakash

Inspirational Others Children



2 mins

"Mother, please let me rest. I am having a terrible stomach ache. I cannot go to school, today." Rohit reply to his mother, one early Monday morning. 

"Oh, my dear son! When I was a little girl, I made the same mistake, the same excuse and I regret it, every day. You know what, I regretted?" Rohit's mother asked him.

"No, what did you regret?" Rohit asked. He was surprised, he thought 'Why did mother say no to my excuse of not going to school, today. Why is she telling me a story this early morning.'

"I regretted not taking my studies seriously, enjoying my time throughout my childhood days, thinking of a teacher as an outworn's eye under which the students spend their day. Do you know, how much your father and I am struggling, nowadays? Even if your parent's name are having a high reputation in the society. It does not count, what actually counts is your name. If you do not want to struggle in the future, you should do your work seriously."

His mother explained the situation and left the room.


Rohit was in his own thoughts 'Did mum and dad struggle that much during there are days? It is true, I've always wondered, How it could have been wondering if my mother and father had a much better future. But, does it mean I am making the same mistakes? Am I enjoying my time too much? Am I wasting my childhood days? Do I also have to struggle like mum and dad in the future?' all his thoughts came to a halt as saw the time in the clock.

After a few minutes. Rohit came hurriedly and prepared for the school day. 

Today, he was going to make a speech. It was Teachers day. He knew he didn't need to learn the speech. He knew it by heart. 

"A teacher is a great source of knowledge, learning, and information. They create a foundation for everyone which helps us throughout our life. They are the guiding light in everyone's life and broaden the horizon of how we see the world, mold our thoughts, and shape up personality. They are the light in the darkness. Teachers are the ones that help the young generation create a better world. They help the young generation to be the change they want to see.

My salute to every teacher for their hard work...

Happy Teachers Day

Jai Hind..."

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