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Every Indian wrote history in his own ways. Babasaheb Ambedkar (1891–1956) Indian polymath, major author of Indian Constitution. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (1931–2015) 11th President of India and a great Scientist. Jawaharlal Nehru (1889–1964) 1st Prime Minister of India. Atal Bihari Vajpayee (1924–2018) 10th Prime Minister of India. The list can keep on going. 

A cry was heard around the hospital on 15th August. It was nearly five in the evening and Neerja was born. Her parents were seeing her with a smile on their faces. 

Several years passed by, things started to change. Her own friends became jealous of her but her family stood her. She was perfect at everything. One day a piece of news came that her father has died in an attack. She knew her father died like a hero and she was proud to be called his daughter. Why wouldn't she be proud of her father was known as a great man, he was kind, helpful, loving, famous and a hero but deep down she didn't want to know as his daughter. She wanted to be known by her own name 'Neerja a proud member of the Indian force.' She wanted her family to be known by her name and not her parents. She promised herself one day "I will write history. Every Indian has written history and so will I."

Today, was her first day in training for Indian Forces. She knew it was just a start and had along the way to go. She knew that perfection was a part of her life but she couldn't be perfect every time and in everything. After years of training, she was standing in her pilot uniform. 

Today, she completed the promise she made to herself. Today, she knew her family was known by her name. Every attack she took a part in was perfect and everyone was happy because of it but she also knew perfection couldn't be done in everything and every single time. Happiness cannot last forever.

Years passed her mother was in her 50's. Neerja was like a pillar to Indian Air Force and was happy to constantly fight for the freedom for her country. 

One day she was going for with her team to defend against an attack when the phone ringed. She glanced at her watch at saw she had five minutes left, so she picked the call.

"Muma, what happened are all right? Why did you suddenly call? Did something happen to someone in the family? I was about to go for a mission."

"Neerja dear, everything is fine. No nothing happened to anyone, dear. It is just I have a bad feeling about something that is happening, today."

"Muma! I will be fine. I promise you. Nothing will happen to me or anyone, today."

"Please be careful, dear. Come back home alive and healthy. Do you know how difficult it is to not worry about you, every day convincing myself that you will be fine? Don't make promises that you cannot keep, child."

"Mother! Coming home alive is something which cannot be promised if you are fighting, something is bound to happen and sometimes things cannot be done as you want because they are just destined to happen but there is one promise I can make 'If something happened to me remember I will die saving thousands of lives. You will be known as the parents of Neerja. You will be someone that everyone wants to become.' Remember mother happiness cannot last forever. Light can never be seen if you don't see darkness. You will forget what happiness and enjoyment is if you forget what is regret, sorrow, and sadness."

"Such wise words, dear. Always remember no matter what I am proud of you."

"Muma! Live happily even if something happens. Family will always stand by you. Oh no! I need to go few minutes are only left. BYE!!"

"Bye, dear! Take care..." Came a half-hearty reply.

Hours passed by. The mission was reaching an end. Suddenly, a missile came towards Neerja. Now, she knew what was her mother telling her about. She thought 'No matter what my family is safe. Thousands of life, millions of dreams, and saving the land I was born on. I fulfilled my goal, my promise, and dream that I made to myself years ago.' Then, I allowed the darkness to take me.

~Few hours later~

The telephone rang at the Bhanot residence. Neerja's mother thought ''Oh! The telephone is ringing might be a call from the Indian Air Force. I hope Neerja is all right. Picking the phone I heard the biggest news a mother can ever will. My family helped me to overcome the shock and depression.''

The words Neerja said always ringed in my ears when I was said but deep down I knew my family is always there for me when I need them. All I needed to do was just ask.

Everyone was proud to be a part of our family. Everyone was known as a relative of Neerja in my family.

----------Several years later---------

"Look, Sonu I won the game. Don't be so unhappy about it, remember what auntie Neerja said to Grandma  "Happiness cannot last forever. Light can never be seen if you don't see darkness. You will forget what happiness and enjoyment is if you forget what is regret, sorrow, and sadness. Family will always be there for you." 

Faraway, Nitika smiled at her grandchildren. Neerja became an example for everyone. Her last words were something that was passed in their family for decades. They were such wise words that cannot be forgotten.

Nitika understood what her daughter wanted to say and so did her family. For she knew someone will only die when no one will remember them. Nitika was a proud mother of her daughter who wrote history in her own ways.

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