J. D.

Horror Thriller


J. D.

Horror Thriller

Edith 3: Labyrinthus

Edith 3: Labyrinthus

4 mins

Thus walking through that empty road we had no choice but to finally stop. William was tired and so was Hugo, myself included.

"This won't do, I know a friend's house at a village, we can go there," Hugo said as we sheltered under a tree.

But we had no money. And even if we do go there we couldn't stay, Edith was going to eventually follow us down.

William said he had some hundred bucks in his socks where his mother kept them in case he got lost. We used the money to travel fifty miles away to a village where Hugo's friend Sammy lived.

We were kindly welcomed there and Sammy was the sort of person who seemed to be welcoming even strangers.

But when we made the same trip excuse with him he grabbed the accent about it.

In about another hour of vague lies and severe interrogation, Sammy was as involved in the matter as any three of us. But however, he had much more wise ideas concerning it. He told us that the local parson, Father Vonvolve, could evidently help us in the matter, and without thinking for another moment, we silently left for the village church.

Father Vonvolve took the matter so seriously that almost made us start for some uneasy happenings.

Father told us to be careful and said that he would come to Sammy's house in the evening. We left the church as silently as we had occupied it.

Reaching home we were restless, all four of us. Sammy started cooking and Hugo simply watched him doing so.

William took a book and paced with up and down the room neither reading nor observing but lost in his own thoughts.

The kid had lost his whole family in a single blow, which must be hard for him.

I without saying anything to anyone went upstairs and had a look around.

In one of the empty rooms, I found a working PC and immediately jerked over it to find out if it could satisfy my need s. Yes, it had an internet connection.

I immediately blogged out for a name called Edith. There were countless results to choose from, as I silently went down the scroll, a story struck me.

I was about to blog it out when Hugo called for me.

I went downstairs at once and there at end of the staircase stood Hugo with a cellphone in his hand. He asked when I told my mom that we were there.

I said I didn't and held out the phone.

'Mom, how do you know I am here.'

'Oh, you didn't tell me dear that you were tripping with Hugo and you took even William with you..'

'Mom, who told you that?'

'Why, Ben.'


And line cut. Hugo looked at me in horror and asked who was Ben.

With my voice shaking, I squeaked,Martha's husband..'

The phone rang again, I picked it up.

'Sorry, dear, actually Mrs.Phelps called, you remember, the new neighbor.'

'Mom, where is Ben?'

'Why, he downstairs and I up dressing, oh there he comes..'

'Mom!! Get away from the mirror!'

'Why, what's wrong with the mirror?'

'Mom! I said just get away from it!'

'Lyra, wait, it's not Ben, the reflection, Lyra, its some woman, its a faceless woman !! Its a faceless woman, Lyra!!!'

'Mom, get out of that house!!!!!'


And the line cut. After some timesome pictures were messaged on the phone. There was my mother hanging from the ceiling, all red with blood. The cellphone fell from my hands.

I neither spoke nor cried. I turned and fainted. I saw Hugo rushing towards me and closed my eyes.

I woke up two hours later with everyone around me and Father Vonvolve in the room. He had come to take us to his sister, Samantha Vonvolve, who he believed could evidently help us.

But I refused to go along with them.

'I am going nowhere without you,' said Hugo.

I told him I didn't feel good and that I would be okay. But he remained adamant.

After securing a promise from me that he should find me safe and sound when he comes back, he consented to go.

'I'd kill you if I find you were sneaking with trouble, 'he said before smiling and waving me goodbye.

But I very much had the intention to break the promise.

I opened the blog I was about to open. It told about a deaf, dumb, and blind girl who died on the very day of her marriage. I could very well visualize Edith's white dress as her wedding gown. I noted the grave's address. It was a nearby village church. I took Sammy's bike's keys and rode off to that place.

By now night had descended.

Reaching it, I decided to dig out the grave. I was indeed out of my mind with agony and painful anger.

My prime motive was to annoy Edith and I knew I was successful when it appeared in front of me. But it couldn't kill me I didn't fear it. I took a step towards it but suddenly it disappeared and I heard footsteps behind me. I turned and in the dark I saw a person who looked like Hugo.

'Hugo?,' I said.

But it wasn't. As the man reached me, I shouted with temper,' You!!! Eric Hudson!!!'

And the man looked cofounded at me.

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