Harpreet Dhaliwal

Horror Thriller


Harpreet Dhaliwal

Horror Thriller

Edith: The Postman

Edith: The Postman

5 mins

When I started to know more and inquire about Edith, I never wondered that it might have been doing the same. So situated in my inquiries I became that I never realized that her name was a curse. The actual paranormal phenomenon started with the postman.

Every Saturday, a postman came to my door and gave me a letter from someone who wished to remain anonymous. The letter contained a chapter about Edith's deeds. Every weekend, a new happening was disclosed to me. First I believed that it was someone playing some foul prank on me as my interest in Edith wasn't hidden. But when proofs exhibited the vitality of the facts mentioned in the letters, the matter indeed became serious.

I asked the postman about the sender, but the poor old man simply had no clue. There was a mysterious look in the man's eyes like you could see through.

Now I set for the post office for a creditable inquiry about this stranger. What I found there was shocking. They denied sending any postman to my house at all. When I described them the features of the old man, one of the employees told me that it resembled much the old John, who died three years ago.

Out of fright, I galloped back home, there were the letters and the next day the postman did come. I asked him if he was dead. He smiled kindly and nodded. He said he knew I'd find someday. I asked him who sent the letters. He said its better if I didn't know. I asked him if Edith sent those letters. He evidently started and left without another word.

After five days, I had a dream, of a faceless woman in white standing in my garden.

Next day when the postman came, I told him about my dream.

He looked in horror at my doorstep and asked me what was written in the last letter.

I said,' I am coming.'

The postman told me not to go inside my house and forbade me to tell anyone about this.

Before going he said,' You might not fear her. She has no other sense, its just fear she can sense. Once you let it sense your fear then it will never let you go.'

And rode off his bicycle. I never saw that postman again.

But as I turned around towards my house, at the doorstep I saw a ghastly faceless spectre glooming at me.

Visibly freaked out, I never bothered about taking my things. I immediately silently walked away. It sensed fear, so I wasn't in the mood of any paranormal reason making me fear.

I headed for my classmate Hugo's house and when he opened the door, I saw that ghastly figure standing behind him.

I said,' Who is that Hugo?'

He smiled and said that it was a new maid.

I asked him to come out, for I wanted to tell him something important. He asked once or twice to come in but then consented and came out.

Immediately, I made him turn and look at the maid.

His eyes remained fixed for some time.

And then he freaked out that what the hell was that.

I told him to remain calm and gave the appropriate reason behind it.

Together we abandoned Hugo's house too and wandering all day, spent the night in a church.

Next, we went to my cousin Martha's house and said that we were on a trip and some robbers robbed us. She provided for us for two days.

But the third day, her husband saw a woman in the garage. They brought her in and we laid eyes upon it, we were evidently taken with fright. But we couldn't fear. It was Edith, her faceless horrible form.

As we were going to tell Martha, the spectre pushed its crawling hands through her husband's heart pulling it out for he had in the mirror seen Edith's actual form and therefore feared.

Martha screamed out and we held her and raced out of the house.

In her freaks, she cried,' William!! Lyra, my William !! He is inside. Up in his room!!!'

I stopped and thought. William was Martha's son. She had already lost her husband, but I had to save her son.

But how without getting myself killed. An idea struck my mind. Hugo said he'd go inside and get William. But I had another thing in my mind. After much insistence, Hugo agreed and I was to go in. I told Hugo to take care of Martha.

I entered the house and began to sing. We are not afraid when we sing. Alternating, I called for William and reached for the stairs. But at the fifth step of the staircase sat the spectre. William had reached the top of the staircase and I told him to sing with me and descend slowly down.

He began and I told him not to look at the woman but at me. As he was passing by its side the door swung wide and Martha sprung in screaming for William. But soon we both saw a hand passing through the belly and attaching her up the door.

I grabbed William and sprinted out of the back kitchen door before it swung close.

Hugo laid there on the ground, his head hit hard by some stone. Martha had done that because he didn't let her go inside.

I made Hugo wake and with William, we headed towards the north.

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