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Dreams -O-Dreams

Dreams -O-Dreams

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Dreams are the most beautiful part of life, not because we sow them with so much care & see it growing a little every day overcoming hurdles into a tree.

I had a lot of dreams when I was too young, I never thought that I would love to give my words space into my notebook or diary. I used to weave dreams of becoming things higher to achieve or else, I used to get stuck on things a meddler would never dream of. I love to see myself in mirror dressing like an actress wearing lipstick & stuff. I used to get inspired by scientists & throughout the day, I held a magnifying glass to experiment with things with the dreams of being a scientist. I sometimes loved the fact of how astronauts work in space. Aprons would give me thoughts of being a doctor to serve mankind & sometimes I fascinated by becoming a nurse. I appreciated pilots for their daring day-to-day life. I watched the movies regarding patriotism & most of them consisted of the hardship & dreadful daily mission of our real heroes, our soldiers, as usual, I was obsessed with them too. Perhaps, this has inspired me a lot to love them, love others & love my country. My mind was full of dreams, full of free thoughts & I always make stories to get them delivered in front of my mom. She somehow tolerated my endless chirps.

The stage when I was just stepping to my teen-age, I realized my priorities might've been changed with the passage of time, but my dreamy mind has still into my imaginary.

I feel a lot as if the ocean is smaller than my brain weaves most of the time. Even though I love sharing them with my words & verses. I had experienced a lot in this short span of time, but only I know how much everything in my surrounding effects on my mind so intense that even a rust in the window feels like a depressed soul without a drop of urge for survival, a small bird making its nest collecting small twigs & leaves give me inspiration that a greater thing only comes to those who can keep patience to adjoin small efforts step by step. I feel the mild breeze touches my soul as if it whooshes the words of peace & a motionless life full of serene & love.

This is how I get inspired by my surroundings & sit indolently to notice them with all my heart. These things have made my words meaningful whenever I write.

I write for that little child dwelling in the street with his mother wearing torn clothes & begging for bread; I feel their pain & write their dreams.

I write for that homeless old woman abandoned by her own son who she fed with her hands & made him capable of doing what he does now & try to witness her pain through my pen.

I write for that sweeper carefully picks up the flag after the so-called celebration of so-called patriots in Independence Day who forget to show respect to their country’s flag after the celebration ends. I try to depict my dream through his eyes through my eyes.

I write for that peace which is almost gone from this noisy & competitive world of bloodsuckers. My words find the dream of a peaceful world becoming true in my diary.

I write anything & everything that directly touches my soul & constantly inspires me to touch the sky keeping the feet to the ground.

I have observed people always claim their pains overjoys to start up their writing sense. Neither I will deny, nor I will completely accept it. I can’t be such disrespectful with my words as they are medium for me only to justify my thoughts. No, not always, they have been a part of my life.

I have collected ideas both from a long novel of 300 pages & a short two-liner.

Then, I strongly trust that writing relates to learning new things from its head to toe. Experiences have catalyzed my writing process.

I really sort of words how I fulfill my thousand dreams through my write-ups. I feel so calm whenever words come out to cover my diary-page. It makes me as free as playing with toys. Yes, I play with words & verses!

I feel happy & emotional both at the same time when I hold a pen!

Writing makes me high & down at the same time.

The journey is lovable as I carry my words in my veins & it will stay with me forever.

I am clueless if I am going to see any change of this world through my writings but if I can contribute the tiniest part in it, I believe my dreams will succeed that day, obviously holding the hands of my poetry world.

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