How I Brought The Change

How I Brought The Change

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Before assuming someone as trash, throwing derogatory comments to pull someone down, & losing my mind completely on a negligible issue, I always look upon myself & survive them with my strength. Here're ten experiences that flashed back on my mind for how I've survived as a writer :

1)They say everyday is a new challenge without showing us the clear path to win or ways for a victory. Whenever nights & days used to collide before me & the stardust also gives me goosebumps of insanity, I used to run & calm my mind with word's grace. I had no way to left to survive except turning a writer.

2) Autumn comes every year & passes by. It used to be radiant before, but now-a-days after I was touched by adolescence, it too caught the tarnished syndrome of adolescence. And, the most of the days we passed hugging each other with mourning sadness. Then, The elixir of writing added spice to it. I had to survive this time & I proudly passed this exam as a writer.

3)Schoolground used to be concatenated with the tender minds cherishingly enjoyed their ownselves on their own possible ways. I couldn't forget the days I had spent with my hands full of gold & my memories full of glitters. I had to go back, cherish them & come back with oxygen to live in between the giant concrete of college campus. I had my diary & pen, & they did their jobs. Finally, I survived again with writing.

4)"Friends never betray", this statement is standing on a fake base. I had to realize it after my heart was broken; broken heart turned into pain, pain turned into lyrics, lyrics turned into music & atlast music turned into song. When the song kissed my ears, all I understood that it smiled & slowly whispered " Congrats, You're trapped in the spell of words!"

5) Forever is quite like the roads unknown. You don't know where to start & where to finish, but all you know roads are limitless & if you start, it won't let you end. I never believed in this 'forever' theorem until I was strongly determined to see the deity named 'poem'. I took an ordination to follow the rules of my soul & I peacefully found my soul breathing in the air of poems. I sighed & surpassed after surviving from the conclusion.

6) Wars we see are the wars laughing in glee. Wars are of 4 types, one between intellectuals, one between worshippers, one between commoners & one in illiterate. And, everyone indulging in the conflicts are mostly unlettered. None is busy saving from the claws of chauvin isolations, rather everyone is triggered to walk through this passageway. I couldn't agree more that the end of this world is in humans' hands. Running wouldn't help me, so I chose to be a rebel. A word rebel. Now, I too had a battalion of writings. But it is built with utmost compassion of stories, & motivation. I freed myself this time, only as a writer.

7)When dreams collapse & get vanished like it never existed, we stop dreaming & just the moment we stop, we visualize a vacant world infront of us. This world is full of puzzles & encircled with a ring of fire. We don't know how to get out of here. In those gloomy days, when neither angels fell from the crest of heaven for my rescue nor I met with a sudden pioneer to solve all my problems in a tea-conversation, I have owned my pen the most of the times. As a result, I succeeded boosting up my inner strength & luckily survived with my magic ink.

8) Stomach was filled with rice & curry of dinner.

Heart was in acute pain.

Eyes were in mood of stealing tears.

Legs were lagging behind too much to walk more.

&, I was counting the stars I could at a stretch.

I have faced dozens of anxious days suffering in depression. I would've turned into a moribund soul before I gave rebirth to my new version with the help of verses. They sipped my pain & turned into a moribund poem whereas I rescued turning into a soul of writer.

9) Bullies & mockeries are multifaced human beings who poke their sharp noses to cut deeper through a tender heart. Shape of a human being, colour of a human skin, height or even the way we talk, walk or smile are in the surveillance of their eyes. I assume how we breathe will be judged & laughed at behind our back in near future!

Black is probably good to be dressed but having an outlayer of black skin can be a serious issue of

our existence; same goes with your blunt nose, thicker lips, acne face or skinny body or overweight. It can take you to the several bullets of mockery or feud perfectionists are ready to spit their racist saliva on you as you have the most beautiful heart they can never earn. Glad that I'm not shaking my shoulder with the list of this epic criticizers. I'm glad that I accept all the flaws to be a better human being. I focus more being a human than being a plastic. I focus more of sharping my words than dipping my tongue in a bowl of vices. I am glad that I survived being sentenced to sentences!

10) In this world full of race, rush, speed & motion, I want to take some minutes & pause. I crave for stillness to observe. I don't want to participate in any kind of competitions or be considered as a living machine than a living soul. All I want to take break, notice, inhale the beauty of nature, exhale the sadness & negativity to be recycled & then start my journey towards gaining peace. This is all I want to do. I don't want to easily fed up & lag behind in the battle of life and the only companion I found was my love for writing. Colours are nothing but some different stories amalgamating & giggling in the last page of a novel. Yes, this is my mantra to live, I survived being as a writer, & I happily continue to do so!

Well, I have more stories to reveal. Till then, have a good bye. Now, take a artistic breathe & live a smiling life. Motivations won't come in your way, you have to make your way towards it!

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