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Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Action Thriller


Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Action Thriller



12 mins 445 12 mins 445

Note: I have wrote the story based on Cybercrimes by doing rigorous research and annotations. It took three to four weeks for me to write a strong story with deep characterisation of the main lead. Because the main lead is an anti-hero, which I am using as a full pledged move for the first time in my career of writing. No part of this story is meant for hurting the mind of readers. It's a kind note to all of my readers.


Near to Daravi of Mumbai, Five people consisting of: Gokul Singh, Muhammad Irfan, Rahul Raghavendra and Yogendra Singh are arrested by ACP Darshan IPS.

Since the five are involved in cybercrime across the district.


Five hours later, media people comes and raises questions to Darshan's senior officer ASP Sai Adhithya IPS asking, "Sir. How did you caught these cyber criminals? Who are behind this crime?"

"Wait, wait...We have caught these five people. When we interrogated these guys, 1,027 mobile phones, 1,577 SIM cards, 467 ATM cards, 23 laptops, 94 passbooks, 77 cheque books, 76 two- wheelers, 27 four-wheelers and other goods were seized from their possession. We arrested them on September 14, 2020 and then, on May 28, 2021 that is, before two days ago. Because they involved in the cybercrime activity of running 28 crores in addition to a large number of mobile phones and sim cards." 

Adhithya goes from the press conference by saying, "No more questions and no more comments."


Two days later, Darshan kills the five accused criminals out of uncontrollable rage and anger in a secluded place when the guys told him that: "They are numerous number of people in the city."

As a result of this, Darshan gets suspended by the police department.


Two months later, a police officer named Inspector Siddha Shasank Swaroop commits suicide. Because, he fell victim to the cyber criminals by losing his money, which he have been saving for his mother's surgery.

Henceforth, a police meeting is held by the DGP Harisingh Patel where ASP Adhithya and few other officers are there to attend.

"It's shocking gentlemen. Over 59% of Indian adults fell victim to the growing number of cyber crimes in the past year, said a report by cybersecurity software company, Norton Lifelock. The company surveyed over 10,000 adults in 10 countries - Australia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US). Of these 1,000 adults were from India." DGP Harisingh Patel said.

"Sir. According to the report, a whopping 27 million Indian adults were victims of identity theft in the past 12 months, and 52% of adults in the country do not know how to protect themselves from cyber crime. "In a year of lockdowns and restrictions, cybercriminals have not been deterred. More Indian adults fell victim to identity theft in the past 12 months and most are concerned about data privacy," said Ritesh Chopra, director sales and field marketing, India & SAARC Countries, NortonLifeLock." DSP Ravindar Patel said to DGP Harisingh Patel.

"Sir. If it's an open robbery, we could catch them easily. However, this is online hacking. It's very very difficult to trace how they do these kinds of crimes." ASP Sai Adhithya said.

"But, the one who became victim to this crime is our own department officer. Henceforth, there are pressures from high command. We have to catch the criminals, who are involved in this..." DGP said to them, to which Adhithya agrees. Because, he was given the duty of investigating this case.


Two months later, another four guys from the gang of Gokul Singh consisting of: Yash Patel, Rajveer Singh, Krishna Reddy and Chanti are planning to rob big amount worth 650 million from each robbing activities.

The said guys are working for an influential businessman Rajkumar Patel. He is owning a computer center and have a chain of mafia gang, with whom he have made a lots of deals.

But, the guys have different plans. Yash Patel wanted to get settled with the amount. Because, he have promised to his love interest Anjali about this..

While Rajveer Singh wanted to become rich with these amount by starting a showroom contract business instead of working in another company. Krishna and Chanti wanted to enjoy their life to the core by starting an agency business with this amount. They decides to cheat Rajkumar.

Taking advantage of the rising cases of Covid-19 in Mumbai, they decides to use this golden opportunity for their plans.


Rajkumar owns a theater across Dharavi, which he uses as a den for his criminal activities, including the cybercrime business using Year 2000 problem as his assets, where all computers were disposed due to various issues and reasons. Darshan gets introduced to Rajkumar by his girlfriend Amulya, whom he loves since college days.

Amulya is the foster daughter of Rajkumar. He have got her educated with his financial support. But, she is unknown about the illegal activities of Rajkumar. Though Darshan loved her, money becomes first priority for him at present.


Darshan comes to a bar shop near Daravi after meeting Rajkumar Patel. At that time, while having a drinks, he sees Rajveer Singh, Chanti, Krishna having a conversation about their planned online robbing and their plan to cheat Rajkumar.

Darshan recalls what happened before few hours before.


Few hours ago, Darshan met Rajkumar Patel in his theater and learned all of his illegal activities by raiding and observing his house. Darshan is further shown the guys, whom he killed and the other four: Chanti, Krishna, Rajveer Singh, Yash Patel. He further learns from him that, they all were the huge assets for him to do these cyber crime activities.

Because, they all are experts in computer knowledge. Darshan is promised a share from Rajkumar. Since, he is now struggling after getting suspended.


Darshan secretly records their conversation in his phone and moves from the place, with a pindrop silence. The next day, Yash Patel gets married to Anjali, in the presence of Rajkumar and his friends. They all have an enjoyment by taking a trip for Goa in order to enjoy the ceremony.


Ten days later, the guys have returned back to Bandra, where they resides in a big bungalow, that is given by Rajkunar for their stay. The next day, in a late evening, Darshan meets Chanti and gives him a glass of drink, after knowing his weakness.

Chanti tells about their online heist plan to Darshan, who already knew about this information. He learns the information in full detail at present, through Chanti. Darshan is surprised when he learned about the tricks of these youths and Rajkumar in the cybercrimes. 

They would take advantage of people's weakness by giving free advertisements, allow signal, which would actually allow these hackers and third person to watch and observe the daily activities. Further, they would hack the SIM card of the people, whom they targets. He is further surprised by those guys who tells him: "We also sell passports, visa, Aadhar card through the QR scan codes, that gives huge profits." However, those youths have now planned to fend for themselves and cheat Rajkumar.

With the recorded conversations in his phone, Darshan confronts the four guys and threatens them to reveal this to Rajkumar.

"What do you want us to do now sir?"

"Nothing much pa. I wanted you all to give me a share from the amount, which you rob through online fraudulent activities."

"We heard that you are a suspended police officer. What's the guarantee that you may expose us?"

"For how many days, I too would be good and honest. I also have to become a bad person right. Promise. I won't even expose your names. What you all are saying?"

The guys accepts to include him for the fifth share. Because, he have strong evidence against them in cyber criminal activities and additionally, they fears for their death under the hands of Rajkumar.

"Foolish guys. You all doesn't even understand my character. Hmm..." Darshan laughed and marked these guys in his red pen, back in his house.

Darshan have planned to take the entire money, which he is going to steal from the four guys with the plan of killing all of them in the process, to clear up traces and evidences.

For six months, Darshan's accomplishes rob the money from people of Mumbai by cheating them with fake offers and manages to collect 680 million rupees from these activities.

Meanwhile, ACP Sai Adhithya is alarmed with the increasing rate of growth in the cyber crimes in Mumbai. Henceforth, he holds a meeting along with his junior police officers.

"Gentleman. Thanks for coming to this meeting. The spike in cybercrimes and attacks has predictably targeted private citizens' wallets and personal data given the sharp increase in the percentage of India Inc.'s workforce remotely working as a result of the nationwide shelter-in-place measures instituted by the government." Adhithya said to his junior officers and asked them to be alert and careful, to which all agrees.


Two weeks later, Darshan along with Chanti, Yash and the other two goes to an abandoned house near to Chatrapathi Fort of Mumbai. There, all of them celebrate the victory of robbing money through online fraudulent activities. However, Rajveer is identified by one of Rajkumar's henchman, Shyam Dev Singh. He is caught red handed by him and gets cornered by Rajkumar, who learns everything, including the planned robbery with Darshan.

At the right point of time, Darshan arrives along with Chanti and manages to rescue Rajveer after taking Rajkumar as hostage. Having seen by Amulya and left with no choice, a heartless Darshan brutally choves Rajkumar out of the vehicle infront of her.

Threatened and puzzled with the events and learning about Rajkumar's illegal business activities, Amulya runs away from the place and finds shelter in Darshan's house. She is angry at him and confronts him regarding his ruthless activities.

Darshan remains silent. However, when she threatens to call the police and inform, an animal inside Darshan comes out. He makes Amulya unconscious and locks her in a secluded place.


Three days later, Darshan and Yash searches for the money in the abandoned house. But, they finds out that Chanti and Krishna have escaped with the money. The three are later confronted by Sam and Rajkumar's men, whom the three brutally finishes off to death.

Rajveer later turns against Darshan when Anjali gets kidnapped by Rajkumar, in exchange for the robbed money. To save his wife on one side and Darshan on the other side, Rajveer struggles and reminds off about his memorable times with Anjali.

Henceforth, he decides to reveal about these cybercrime to the police and meets ASP Sai Adhithya with the help of a local Sub-Inspector, who is his close friend. Sai Adhithya arrests Rajkumar and his men after rescuing Anjali safely.

"I have rescued your wife safely Rajveer. But, one condition."

"Yes sir."

"You have to turn approver and tell everything that's related to cybercrime and scams, which Rajkumar did for so many years in Mumbai."


Rajveer asks for sometime to think about it and as per his request, Sai Adhithya gives him a time of six hours and leaves him in the prison cell.

However, while he is about to exit the cell, his cell phone rings. It's a call from his wife Nisha.

"Hah Baby...Tell"

"Baby! Your wife is not safe. Where did you go baby?" Darshan asked him.

"Hey Darshan. Where is my wife da? Hey. What did you do da?"

"Money, money, money, is everything in this is what money does...Crowther told this, Adhithya. Why are you wasting your time by investigating these cybercrimes? You can leave it as such right?" 

"I won't leave this as such da...I would expose you all in front of the law."

Darshan slaps Nisha left and right. He then turns on his video and shows her to Adhithya.

"Can you see Adhithya? Gun is near to her. I am under suspension only. But, I didn't forget how to shoot!"

"What do you want Darshan?"

"I wanted you to kill Rajveer. If you want Nisha back, you should do this right now."

"No...impossible...I can't do so...He is under custody..."

"Bloody fu**k. This is my order, you suck. See what's your husband is telling. Ask him to kill that guy, baby...ask." Darshan said and slapped her...

"Baby. Please save me baby." Nisha said.

" save me baby...your wife is telling. Can't you hear it da?" Darshan said by laughing...

"Do what I say. 1, 2..." Darshan ordered him, after which a dejected Adhithya shoots Rajveer dead saying, "I will do it..."


Two days after the incident, Darshan comes to know from Yash that Chanti and Krishna are hiding in Andheri. With Adhithya and his police team on one side, the Sub-Inspector(Rajveer's friend) and few more on the other sides, a big chase ensues in the place.

In the sequence of events, Chanti and Krishna are brutally killed by Darshan, who tells the guys as, "You, Idiotic Prostitutes. How dare you cheat me." Afterwards of this, Yash gets killed by Adhithya. The only presons, left alive are Darshan and the Sub-Inspector.

The Sub-Inspector threw the gun at Adhithya and asks him to kill Darshan. He takes the gun and points out towards Darshan. Soon, he turns it towards the SI laughing.

"What Sub-Inspector? Are you shocked?" Adhithya asked.

"In this story, you all are the main Hero. However there should be a menacing and strong antagonist character in stories right. Hence, I am the main antagonist in your story, SI." Darshan said by pointing him with the gun.

"Doesn't you understand what's happening here. I and Darshan are close friends since childhood. We both took police training together in Dehradun. We served as ACP and ASP for several months in Mumbai. For the sake of promotion and to respect our honesty and sincerity, we took up this Cyber crime case." Adhithya said.

"At that time only, we learned that nine people are involved in this cybercrimes through Siddha. In addition, I learned that he is also a part of those gang. That's why Adhithya killed him and framed it as a suicide." Darshan said.

"Using that to our advantage, we got permissions from DGP to investigate this case in further. Then only, we came to know several shocking truths. Hence, I sent Darshan undercover to finish you all. While, I remained inside the police department."


"Yes Adhithya."

"Finish him also...because, the only culprit left in all these cybercrime activities is this SI."

He agrees and reloads his gun. Triggering the gun Darshan tells, "Usually, heroes would end the story's climax by killing the main antagonist. However, in this story, the main antagonist is going to end the climax of this story...Game Over."

Darshan shoots down the Sub-Inspector dead by laughing at him and tells, "The story started interestingly and abruptly ended as a tragedy, with all heroes dying in the engaging part of the climax. So strictly there is no rules and no regulations in this story. Hence, the game is over." He then goes along with Adhithya by holding his hands and apologizes to Nisha for troubling her.

Additionally, Amulya comes to knew about everything from Sai Adhithya and she reconciles with Darshan. Further, she forgives him after being convinced that he have done a good job by finishing off her foster father's illegal activities.


Adhithya and Darshan are applauded for their selfless acts. They gets promoted to DCP under the special permission of few politicians. Fifteen days later, to a media, Adhithya and Darshan tells that, "The recent cyber criminals, did by a few influential mafia and criminals are dead in an ensuing shootout, that happened between their rival mafia." 

One of the media man asked him, "Sir. What about the Cybercrimes? Will it continue or stop?"

"That we can't tell it exactly sir. Because Technogy have grown up and crimes also changes as per the situation."

"Then, these crimes would continue ah sir?"

"To be frank, Yes. Remote working infra is just one of the means for hackers to compromise organizations. Many hackers have tried to take advantage of the pandemic itself to compromise users' devices or accounts. These include phishing attacks that claim to inform users about vaccines or other covid-related measures. Security firm, Checkpoint Security, had recorded about 192,000 such attacks per week by May 12, 2020 alone. People should be careful. Police officers like us and few other government officers can just give awareness. But, we can't run behind these online criminals. Everyone should be vigilante and careful." Dharun and Adhithya said.

**Due Credits: Actor Ajith Kumar's character as Vinayak in Mankatha was the source of inspirations for this Anti-Hero character of Darshan, besides the few other stories of four notable authors of English.

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