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Jayanth Kumar Kaweeshwar

Drama Action Inspirational


Jayanth Kumar Kaweeshwar

Drama Action Inspirational

Culture Course Skit VII- Samskaras: Kaweeshwar 16.01.2022

Culture Course Skit VII- Samskaras: Kaweeshwar 16.01.2022

4 mins 36 4 mins 36

Culture Course Skit VII- Samskaras: 


 Characters: Guruji: Students 2: Parent: 

Guruji: Shloka:

         ||GururBrahma GururVishnu Gurudevo Maheswarah

        Guru saakshath Parabrahma tasmaishri Guravenamah||

 Students & Parent: Repeat.

Guruji: Good Morning Children! good Morning!!

Student 1: Good Morning Guruji! What is meant by Samskaaras?

Guruji: Samskaara means Purifying Process of The Ceremony,

        by which we can develop Our Traditional Values.

Student - 2: How do the people follow these Samskaaras? 

Guruji: In the ancient times, the Rishi's have prescribed

       various ceremonies from the Birth to the death of a Person 

Student 1: Guruji: What is an Object by following these Samskaaras? 

Guruji: By following these Samskaaras God loves us more. not only that,

     These Samskaaras help us to develop our charming Character accordingly.

student 2: Guruji, what are the Samskaaras present in our society? 

Guruji: The important Samskaaras are: Jatakarma; Namakarana;

 [ Saree & Dhoti functions]; Aksharabhyasa; Upanayana;  Panigrahana/vivaha; and Antima Samskaras etc.

Guruji: Parent, have you done these karmas to your children? 

Parent: Some of these Samskaaras have been done by us.

Guruji: What are they? And who made you to do those Samskaaras?

Parent: Jatakarma, Namakarana and Aksharabhyasa… Purohitha helped and made us to do so.

Student 1: Daddy, what is Jatakarma?

Parent: We know but you can get information from Guruji.

Guruji: as soon as a child is born, the father of the child goes to river and bathe and give away the gifts (Daana & Dharmas) to holy persons. This will please his Ancestors.

Student 2: Guruji, what is Nakshatra Nama? And what are the Rashi Phalas?

Guruji: There are 12 Rashis and 27 Nakshatras according to Astrology. The group of stars are forming the specific shape of the forms called Rashis like: Mesha-Ram; Vrushabha- Taurus; Tula-Balance; Virgo- Kanya etc.. Each Nakshatra contains 4 padas, with naming letters. Naksharas like Ashwini , Bharani, Krutthika etc. For example, Mesha Rashi contains Ashwini-4 padas, Bharani-4padas, Krutthika 1st Paada will be present each nakshatra contains 4 naming Letters like Ashwini – Chu, Che, Lo, La like these letters, names starting with these letters called Nakshatra namas exists.

Parent: Guruji, you are correct. I said Nakshatra nama in my child’s right ear.

Guruji: Yes, that is our tradition. You might have done this practice also. i.e., your gold ring dipped in the honey and touched to his (your child’s) tongue also.

So that your child’s intelligence and healthy life will improves a lot.

Student 1: Guruji, what is meant by the cradle ceremony to the baby boy / girl?

Guruji: It is the naming of the child. It is an another samskara. It is also known as namakarana or cradle ceremony. The name should be that of a deity like Rama, Krishna shiva along with Nakshatra naama. Even the name of the child’s Ancestors with Vyavahara naama also.

Student 2: Guruji, what are the next Samskaras to be followed by our family members?

Guruji: After this “Aksharaabhyasa, Upanayana, Vivaha / Paanigrahana, Antima Samskaaras etc. are to be followed by the family members.

Student 1: Guruji, what is Upanayana? Who can follow this ceremony?

Guruji: It is also called as cross thread ceremony. It can be done both for Boys and girls of 7or 8 years old. It is an introduction of Vedas & Vedic Studies and Puja performance at their home, for important and specific occasions.

Student2: Guruji, while wearing sacred thread, any mantra  being taught to them?

Guruji: Yes my dear, Gayathri Mantra is being taught to them. Rishi Vishwamitra envisioned this Rama and Lakshmana. It is prayer to god to give great intellectual powers and greatly improves memory power.

Student 1: After Upanayana, what is the next Samskaara (ceremony)?

Guruji: After Upanayana, those children complete their education and will come back to the home with Career development. then they will get ready for Vivaha or marriage. It is great samskara to carry the responsibility of running his family. The object of mirage in India is to perform Dharma and serve both society and our Ancestors.

Parent: Guruji, in my Marriage, I hold my wife’s hand that is also comes under this process?

Guruji: Yes, this is also known as Paanigrahana. Holding the hand of the bride by bridegroom and promises to make her life partner in his life. During this Occasion along with holy mantras, Purohita shows the noble stars of Vashistha Maharshi and Sati Arundhathi in the sky. because, they are Ideal Couple for this Samskaara.

Student 2: Guruji, what are the other samskaras after this Marriage?

Guruji: Yes, there are Baby shower function, Anniversaries, Funerals, Annual commemorating Ceremonies like Tatdinas , Aabdikas etc., also following. You can Learn them accordingly in your near future.Students and Parents: Thank you very much Guruji, Thanks a lot.


 “Om! Sahana vavathu Sahanou bhunaktu, Sahaveeryam Karavaavahe Tejaswinavathi tamassu maavidwishavahe Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthihi”

                          Dhanyawaad to all of you.  

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