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Jayanth Kumar Kaweeshwar

Drama Action Inspirational


Jayanth Kumar Kaweeshwar

Drama Action Inspirational

V CC Saanchi Skit

V CC Saanchi Skit

4 mins 349 4 mins 349

Characters : Guide (Master); Students-2; Advisor.

Guide: Good Morning children! Good morning!

Students: Good morning Master !

Guide : Have you visited any historical place? 

Students: No! Can You introduce any of such place to us?

Guide : Yes! First I will introduce such type of historical place and I will explain it's importance to you.

Student-1: Master - Which site you are going to introduce now? 

Guide : Now we are learning about the Buddhist site, which is situated at Bhopal

       in Madhya Pradesh. That was built and developed by Emperor Ashoka.

Student-2: Master , he belongs to which dynasty? What was the period of Ashoka?

Guide: Around 260 BC. Bimdusara the Mauryan king was ruling Our country. His son was Ashoka.

Ashoka the Great, was an Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty, son of Bindusara, who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent from c. 268 to 232 BCE. Ashoka promoted the spread of Buddhism across ancient Asia. Considered by many to be one of India's greatest emperors, Ashoka expanded Chandragupta's empire to reign over territory stretching from present-day Afghanistan in the west to present-day Bangladesh in the east. It covered the entire Indian subcontinent except for parts of present-day Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala. The empire's capital was Pataliputra (in Magadha, present-day Patna), with provincial capitals at Takshashila (later Taxila) and Ujjain. .

Student-1: Master, why and how did he built and developed the Buddhist site ?

Guide : Children Once Ashoka fought fought great war at Kalinga (in Odisha) he saw that war scene and felt guilty. from that time onwards he changed his life towards dharma and peace and doing benefits to the Society.

Student-2: Master, I heard that he built specific structures and inscriptions . What we can call them? 

Yes. what ever you heard is correct. these specific structures of Dome shape are called Stupas and Viharas etc. with beautiful gardens.

Student-1: Master, Which dharma did he follow? 

Guide : Buddhism followed by him after Kalinga war. Once Gautama Buddha's Disciple Ananda said like this " when I die, burn my body and construct a stupa over the Ashes of my body at a place where four streets meet." 

So, King Ashoka also followed that . 

Student-2: Master , What is Stupa? 

Guide : Stupa means dome like structure built , over that a square box like structure built with Three Umbrellas. That structure is known as Harmika . that is the symbol for Royal person laid to rest underneath. This is the Buddhist Practice.

Student-1: Master , Ashoka built many stupas, any important stupas you can tell about one of them. 

Guide: Ashoka built Many Stupas among them Sanchi and Saranath Stupas are most popular.

Student-2: Master , please explain about Sanchi Stupa.

Guide : When Ashoka was young , he had to go to Ujjain. on the way he halted at Vidisha. In that city he saw a beautiful girl of a Merchant. her name was Devi He liked and married to her and took her to his capital city. Then they blessed with one boy and One girl . Their Names were Mahendra and Sanghamitra. when Ashoka became Buddhist monk , he spread Buddhism all over the country and abroad. His son and daughter became preachers and they also propagated Buddhism even in Sri Lanka also. According to Buddhism Peepal Tree- saplings to be planted where buddhist stupas, chaityas and Viharas are constructed. 

Student-1: Master , What is Vihara? 

Guide: child , vihara means Meditation Place of Buddhist Monks. It is also known as Monastry. Devi built for herself that vihara/ Monastry for doing meditation at that place.

Student-2: Master after that what happened? 

Guide: When Devi died, Ashoka built this complete Stupa along with parikrama marga. It was very small, later on other Buddhist built a larger one with a beautiful garden.

Advisor : Master , I am having some waste packaging materials with decorative materials . Shall I bring?

Student 1: Why do you want to bring those materials? 

Advisor: We can make / prepare replica of Sanchi stupa. 

Guide : Very Good . Advisor you can bring them, we can we can prepare replica of Sanchi Stupa.

Students : Master , we will also help in doing that. 

Guide : we all will take part in this creative Activity. children you can see out line accordingly you can help .

Saanchi Stupa sketch.

Students : Ok master thank you , based on this out line sketch we can make replica with this advisor.

Advisor : thank you master & Students for your kind co-operation. we will meet in another meeting.

Students & Advisor : Dhanyavaad Master .

Guide : Dhanyavaad to all of you. we will meet in the Next cc period. 

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