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Jayanth Kumar Kaweeshwar



Jayanth Kumar Kaweeshwar


Culture Course Skit On Yoga Asanas: Kaweeshwar

Culture Course Skit On Yoga Asanas: Kaweeshwar

3 mins 242 3 mins 242

Characters : 1. Yoga Guru; 2. disciples - 3; 3. Helper 

Yoga Guru :- Good morning children ! good morning !!

Disciples : Good morning guruji.!!!!

Yoga Guru : How are You ? 

children : We are fine and doing well.

Dis-1 : Guruji what is Yoga? 

Guruji : It is a Sanskrit word, which means joining together of all the powers of man, his body, mind and Soul - directing to words god.

Dis-2 : Where do you find these practices Guruji ?

Guruji : We can see them in Upanishads. These practices were systamised by the first yoga guru Patanjali Maharshi.

Dis-3 : Guruji how many Yoga Sutras are there in our Upanishads and vedas? 

Guruji : There are 185 Yoga sutras are there . Patanjali maharshi wrote this "Yoga Sutras" book.

Dis-1: How many Steps are involved in the practice of Yoga Sutras? what are they ? 

Guruji : Yoga Asanas contains Totally Eight Steps (8) . Those are 1. Yama : self control, 2. Niyama : Discipline , 3. Asana : Physical Exercise, 4. PranaYama : breathing Exercise, 5. Pratyahara: Drawing the mind - in ward, 6. Dharana : concentration, 7. Dhyana: Meditation , and 8. Samadhi : State of Trance - to god's realisation - Which creates Peace of Mind. 

Dis-2 : How we can practice the Yoga to get strengthen one's physical Body and Mind(Ahara & Aharya niyamas)?

Guruji : Moderate food (Little/ almost empty stomach) Little sleep and Cotton / Loose & Light dress to wear.

Dis-3 : Guruji , What is Hatha Yoga? 

Guruji : Hata means Raja (the best) Yoga means Gaining good health from Asana . Practicing the Raja Yoga/ Hatha Yoga. And famous Rishis also wrote a book called "hatha Yoga Pradipika" 

Dis-1 : Guruji , what are the uses by doing these Yoga Asanas?

Guruji: by practicing Yoga Asanas, Purify - the body, remove diseases. they Keep body and mind fit. By regularly practicing those yoga asanas, we become spiritually Better. and other healthy benefits also according to the style of different Yoga asanas.

Dis-2: Who was the Adi guru for these Yoga asanas? And how many Yoga Asanas are there in Upanishads?

Guruji: God shiva was the first to teach Yoga Asanas . He quoted that, there are 84 lakhs Yogic Asanas. Among them only 84 are commonly known to the practitioners.

Dis-3 : At present how many important Yoga asanas are there ? 

Guruji: Among them four Asanas are more important those are Siddhasana, Padma Asana, Simhasana and Bhadrasana.

Dis-1: Still what are the other Asanas you know to practice popularly? 

Guruji: Chakrasana, Shirshasana, Tadasana, Bhujangasana etc. 

Dis-2: Guruji do you know any more Yoga Gurus Recently? 

Guruji: Late . BKS Iyengar, Ram Dev Baba are famous Yoga Gurus. { You can also collect some more Yoga Guru's brief Pictorial Biographies and Submit to me.}

Dis-3: Guruji can wo practice some of the Yoga Asanas now? 

Guruji : Yes, now we can practice Padma Asana, chakrasana, shirshasana, Bhujangasana, Vajrasana.

Helper : Guruji may I bring Mats? Can I join to do Yoga asanas ? 

Guruji : Why not, you can also join and I will give you Creative Activity works from waste and decorative materials to do some of these Asanas at least Two (2) poses of above said Yoga Asanas. {And You can also watch Yoga asana videos to learn them perfectly}

Helper : OK. Sir.

Dis-1: How to do this creative Activity Work Guruji? 

Guruji : Take a Little bit thick card 2.00 mm and draw and colour the one or two types of Yoga asana poses, then cut according to the shape and take thread/ Lace and add decoratives like ticklies, chamkies, fevicol etc. And Submit to me.

Diss. and Helper: Guruji, we will take each one or two of the Yoga asana poses and we will submit the finished product by next week. 

Guruji : OK you can bring them. Thank you children we will meet in the Next class. 

Children : Dhanya Vaad Guruji. 


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