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Not By Chance, But By His Plan

Not By Chance, But By His Plan

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It was the year 2010 and I was in my second year of M.Sc. I had opted to do my masters in organic chemistry as I knew though the path would be difficult, the future is going to be bright owing to scope and opportunities various chemical industries, pharmaceutical companies, research and development laboratories would offer in years to come! M.Sc in chemistry was one of the few courses in the university which offered campus recruitment. The preparations for the campus placement were in full swing even as each one of us anticipated to get into the best firms across the nation.

Nevertheless, there were many among us who were determined to get into teaching profession and few who aspired to do their doctoral studies. No, I was not among them. I dreamt of getting into a big company, moving to a big city, amassing big money and so on and so forth. Me and my other hostel inmate friends burnt the midnight oil in the pursuit of our dream of getting recruited in good firms.

One after the other, renowned companies boasting of prosperous career came forward to scoop the best out of our lot. Sadly, I kept failing in my attempts. Either I would fail in the very first round, or I would not meet up to the expectations in the interview round. With frustration, feel of rejection and anxiety building in through every passing day, I was not able to figure out what was lacking in my preparations. For a student that I was, who was very hard-working and performing academically well all through my education, this was difficult to accept or digest.

Finally, there came to our campus a not-so-famous company from Mumbai. I did not let any stone unturned and nailed it this time. I had made up my mind to join this company anyways and after all, Mumbai being a big city with vast opportunities, I could always try for better organizations once I would get some experience from my first one. I heaved a sigh as I could now focus on my final semester exam preparations, which was just around the corner.

That weekend, when I went home from the hostel and placed the offer letter in my father’s hand and with a mixed feeling of joy, excitement and contentment told him, ‘Dadda, this is my life’s first job offer letter’. I expected him to reciprocate with a pat on my back and a smile as he would always do on any of my smallest accomplishments. But to my surprise, there was no sign of the usual joy or pride on his face or his voice that followed. In an unusual composed manner, dad asked me, ‘Beta, have I ever forbidden you from doing anything you want?’

Perplexed, I said ‘No dad, Never!’

Dad continued, ‘Have I ever restricted you from choosing any particular course or college of your choice? Or stopped you from hanging around with your friends?’

I was still confused at dad’s expressions as well as his series of questions and said, ‘No dad, you have given me all the liberty and freedom on Earth and have always trusted me. But why are you asking me all this?’

Dad said, ‘Beta, I don’t want you to take up this job. Rather I wish for you to get into teaching. I want you to share your knowledge with others. I don’t say working in a corporate sector is bad, but I have always seen qualities of a teacher in you. Am sure you will make a wonderful teacher and stay blessed, happy and content all your life through. Probably you would not amass as much wealth as in any other profession, but you will be having the supreme authority of touching precious lives. In return, you will be loved and respected greatly which are the best treasures that neither can anyone snatch away from you, nor will its value depreciate’

He added, ‘I have kept your resume ready to be posted in one of the neighbouring colleges. Take your time and let me know as to what have you decided. I don’t want to thrust my orders on you. I have told you what I wanted to’ I was speechless but managed to feebly say, ‘Ok dad, give me some time’

I headed towards my room with tears in my eyes and with a heavy heart. I didn’t want to give up on something that I had so much thrived for. At the same time, I didn’t want to disobey or hurt my dad’s sentiments. I really didn’t know what to do. Still with teary eyes as I looked up, a Bible verse frame which was hanging on the wall flashed my sight, ‘For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’ – Jeremiah 29:11.

I wiped my tears, knelt down and prayed, ‘Lord, am sure your plans are to prosper and never to harm, to give hope and bright future. I choose to obey my parents, for I know that would bring you honour. Thank you for your promises and thank you for being faithful to your promises thus far. My future is in your precious hands. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Wiping my tears, I headed to my parents and told them to post my resume in the neighbouring colleges. They hugged me in delight. A week after, I was called for my rounds of demonstrations and interviews which I easily cleared by God’s grace, despite a large number of applicants and competitors for the same post. I didn’t have to struggle to get this as I had to in the previous corporate job attempts. It was as though, the college was waiting for me! There was peace all through even as I could see God’s hands working amazingly through every step. That’s when I felt, probably this indeed was God’s plan in my life undoubtedly.

I started my career in a junior college as a Chemistry lecturer. It’s been almost six years into teaching profession and even now dad’s words still ring in my ears – ‘Probably you would not amass as much wealth as in any other profession, but you will be having the supreme authority of touching precious lives. In return, you will be loved and respected greatly which are the best treasures that neither can anyone snatch away from you, nor will its value depreciate’.

With every passing day, I realise how very true these words are. A teacher’s life is definitely not a smooth road. There are bumps and craters, challenges to encounter, situations to handle, sometimes appreciations to boost while sometimes criticisms to face. Despite all that, one thing is certain, a teacher can touch lives, ignite the imagination of young minds, influence and inspire in amazing ways.

I am into this profession not by my initial choice, but I believe by God’s plans, which are always perfectly designed for every individual. Teaching was never in my ‘Wanna be’ list. Nonetheless, I wish to stay here by my choice and would not trade it for anything else in life!!!

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